Saturday, May 4, 2013

CFSEU’s new Anti Gang Web Site

The CFESU, BC’s anti gang unit, released a nine-page newsletter to help the public identify gang risks. Why is it called Black Press Media Group? They are the ones that own the Surrey Leader and have started printing Godzilla’s ridiculous propaganda. They are the ones the Toronto Star own shares in but have written the value of those shares off to nil. They survive off of corporate funding. Many of those corporate funders benefit from money laundering.

It isn’t a gang member registry like we’ve been wanting. It’s a pdf newsletter at telling us what a great job they’re doing. It must be an election year indeed. We want a gang member registry. If all these shooting victims are known to the police, they should be known to the public. We are still waiting for them to release names of gang members.

Bill Fordy says the Police are to release names of gangsters and ask businesses to shun their dirty money. Does that mean Godzilla is going to give back the campaign contributions from Gateway Casinos? Gateway casinos doesn’t launder drug money but gangs do at their casinos which they profit from. Why is it that Bill Fordy has that Gordon Campbell look? It’s untrustworthy.

According to the report there are 188 criminal groups operating in B.C. Oh really? Unfortunately, that sounds like spin. We have the Hells Angels and their puppet clubs in complete control of the BC drug trade and who else? The UN are in prison. The Dhurry Dhak group have been exterminated. My concern about those kinds of statements is that it leads us down the road of misinformation. It doesn’t matter how many Hells Angels puppet clubs there are. If the Hells Angels are in control of them come right out and say it. Don’t run interference for them. That’s how we end up with ridiculous statements like the one made by Pat Fogarty before the Kelowna Hells Angels drug bust and their stolen car ring bust.

Here are the real numbers: Rob Shannon, Randy Jones and Larry Amero. Three separate huge cross border drug rings run by the Hells Angels. They sell the US BC Bud and bring back cocaine as payment to be sold here as crack. That is the problem. As is the money laundering the feeds it and the political campaign contributions that benefit from it. Those are the real numbers.


  1. "Here are the real numbers: Rob Shannon, Randy Jones and Larry Amero. Three separate huge cross border drug rings run by the Hells Angels. They sell the US BC Bud and bring back cocaine as payment to be sold here as crack. That is the problem."

    Solution: Legalize and regulate marijuana.

    I know, that's not the company line, but give us a fucking break. The public can only listen to the RCMP whine about the myriad of issues caused by prohibition so many times before they become aware that the RCMP are complicit in gang violence by virtue of their very public stance on prohibition.

    Marijuana busts pad stats numbers and keep a mess of otherwise barely employable high school grads on the public sector welfare payroll. Weed helps employ cops. If it weren't for self-preservation, common sense might actually play a role in creation of policy behind the red serge curtain.

  2. We keep hearing that suggestion over and over again but it is clearly in no way a solution. Legalizing pot will not stop the Hells Angels from selling pot in the US and bringing back cocaine to be sold here as crack. It will just make it impossible to arrest their grow ops they use to buy the cocaine.

    I do support the decriminalization of pot but I don’t support the legalization of pot. Way too many people here smoke way too much pot. Smoking pot while you’re driving is irresponsible but people do it all the time. I also have a concern with the use of the word prohibition. The people who use that term nine times out of ten want to legalize all drugs including crack and crystal meth which is just plain irresponsible. Next they’ll want to legalize child pornography and murder.

    Prostitution and pot are legal in Amsterdam but they still have problems with the Hells Angels taking over the markets and extorting everyone else in the business. The Amsterdam model is failing. I support the New York model – enforcement. Stop letting crack dealers sell crack in public and don’t worry about pot.


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