Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunshine, shorts and snowshoes

Today was what U2 would describe as a beautiful day. Don't let it slip away. Sunshine, shorts and snowshoes hiking on a massive melting snowpack. Gotta love that. I used to think winter was my favorite time of year. The fresh snow blanketing the landscape was rejuvenating. Yet now I think this time of year is the best. Melting snow in the sunshine, or head straight to the water or forests. Which will it be snowshoes, kayak or forest? Take your pick. Louis Armstrong was right, it is a wonderful world so it is. IZ saw it too. Mind you he did live in a tropical paradise.


  1. It is beautiful, you are right.

    Is Nature God...?

    I guess we won't see too many of your snow pics. until next year...

  2. Actually that snow pack will last another month. After that I head up to the glacier on Baker for my ice and snow fix. I don’t go late in the summer though. The crevices get too big and it’s not that safe. The kayak will carry me till next snowfall.


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