Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BC Election results Dark Times ahead

I am shocked and disgusted. This just goes to show you that if you repeat a lie enough times, the people will believe it. Remember Gordon Campbell? Remember the HST? The BC Liberals are the most corrupt political party in the history of this province. Air head commercials paid for by tax dollars? Advertizing on the super bowl? I am going to be sick. This election has diminished us.

The BC Liberals are NOT the free enterprise party. That is a lie. Stephen Harper supports corporate monopolies and the destruction of the free market. The NDP are not anti small business. The BC Liberal’s are. They have Stephen Harpers spin doctor. John Cummins was the free enterprise party. These are dark times. The BC Liberals created the BC Hydro scandal that rivals Enron and no one even cares. I support the democratic process but I will record my dissent. I do not support Christy Clark or the BC Liberals money laundering corruption. It is the destruction of Clayoquot sound.

On the cover of today’s Vancouver Province it cites the election results with the headline Stunning. It’s stunning because it contradicts all the polls. If it was electronic balloting, I would hold the results in serious question. Which to me shows how insane the idea of online voting is. Voter fraud was used in Florida. It was done in Russia. If you think they won’t try it in Canada you need to stop smoking crack and get out of the Jacuzzi before it boils over.

Since our elections aren’t electronic, I’m going to attribute it to fear and misconceptions. Repeating that same lie: “The NDP will tax and spend” over and over again until people really believe it when in reality that is exactly what the BC Liberals did. Translinks’ new motto is Tax and Spend.

My heart goes out to the Green Party. A lot of people out there really do care about the environment. Clear cutting old growth forests and using garbage incinerators to speed pollution and greenhouse gases is totally shameful in our day. We aren’t Neanderthals. We know what pollution does to the ecosystem. Preston Manning was right. Being environmentally responsible is being fiscally responsible.

I salute Adrian Dix for maintaining a positive campaign amidst the Kool aid Kid’s misconceptions. He took the higher rode as well he should. I liked the commercials of a couple walking through the forest saying somethings are too sacred to sell. The Province ran a photo of a woman with tears in her eye when she saw the election results. I feel for her. This isn’t just a hockey team you were rooting for that lost a game or series. It represents the hopes and dreams of many British Columbians crushed by the cruel greed that steam rolls over Canadian values. It’s a dark day for British Columbia. A dark day indeed.


  1. It's that Trudeau kid what done it! And Bob Rae, lol. Look at it this way, the NDP has not been a tried commodity for so long, I doubt they would be any better in the driver's seat.

    When are you gonna run for office Agent K?
    We need a leader we can believe in!

  2. Not likely. That would be a great way for me to get shot. I don't have the patients for politics. The stuff they pull drives me crazy. The purpose of my blog and web site isn't to promote me, that's why I'm anonymous. It’s to try and fix the mess we are in.

  3. I would really like to voice my concerns about the election process. this is the third election i would have worked went thru their training process and when we came to the end of the session it was noted for all the voting officers to pick up the ballot boxes and screen for their table 4 days before the election. In this ballot box contains everything you will need for your table so that includes the ballots that are citzens would choose which candiate as well as a list of names address of people in that area. What my concern is that these ballot boxes which are suppose to be kept safe and secured are now in homes across BC does this sound secure to you well it didnt sit well with me. No other election i worked did this. So I just want to put that out there and if there is anyone who could clarify to me how they could say that these very important ballots can be 100 percent secured cause they dont screen people at the time of hiring for voting clerks to ensure they are bondable at the least.


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