Wednesday, May 1, 2013

White Rock Hells Angels pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking

White Rock Hells Angel Brent Douglas Milne pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine Tuesday in Surrey provincial court. Brent was caught with just under a kilo of cocaine last May. Abbotsford Police drug investigators executed a search warrant at Milne’s Langley home after an investigation into cocaine trafficking in Abbotsford. The lawsuit alleges that over 13 years, Milne built his equity in the property with drug profits.

So here we have another White Rock Hells Angel charged with cocaine trafficking tied to Abbotsford which would have been in support of the Bacon Brothers drug trafficking network. Just like Larry Amero’s support of the Bacon Brothers. Larry has been charged with being part of a large cocaine trafficking in Montreal.

Randy Jones and his brother Trevor have been implicated in a cross border drug trafficking network in a US Indictment that implicated Tbarz. Randy had Tbarz registered in his mother’s name but now claims it’s under new management. Not.

What we see here is the revolving door of the White Rock Hells Angels drug trafficking network.


  1. how come you never post an article about all the indos who are being wiped out in the lower mainland? is it because your embarresed that a major group like the hells is easily picking them off one by one and laughing at the same time. the indos dont stand a chance and will soon be wipped from the whole mainland gangster scene, there whole lives are soap operas. no chance they could stand up against the hells and the ktown hit was a huge mistake. you really should report all drug related killings on your blog if your gona have this website

  2. You know k for the most part I love the information you put out on your site, even though sometimes it seems a personal attack on the hells angels. They are bad people we know that but indo gangs are in no way BETTER. You are constantly making statements that are greatly biased in favor of indo canadians. For example you posted a bit on the surrey mega casino and how the seek community put the kibosch on the whole thing when the truth was most every surrey citizen wanted the idea scrapped for obvious reasons, we have enough scum in surrey. And its represented by the majority population of the city. Yes indo seek. everywere you go in surrey you can see what is going on. Young indo canadian males in 100 000 dollar cars running around mean muggin every one who wont bow in there ignorant presence. You ask any REAL canadians and you'll get the real story from the mouths of the people who have been displaced. The people who pay there taxes and are not living in a single family home with illegal sweats that are not represented in there taxes. I lived in one of these when i was in hard financial times. Everytime I would check the mail there were stacks of government checks. You know the kind for ei disabilities ect. constantly.... And to top it off a junk removal business and lawn care business all off the books. Put yourself in canadians shoes and think how you would feel if your home town or city or province in india ws being over run by canadians who stressed and abused every system within it while you payed higher and higher taxes and recieved less and less. your people play a huge part in the political pollution in this country aswell as the criminal pollution. Me personally.... I'm happy knowing the end of this stupidity is close. And we can all see the insanity thru rational eyes. And just to make it official liberal ndp conservative what ever it is they are in it for the same reasons. So i ask you how would bc be better if the hells angels disapeared and indo groups took over???????? And not only the hells angels import and sell drugs. I remember some people i used to know indo's i might ad who imported heroin and hashish from india in expesive loads of rugs and in building stones and supplies from india. And i also remember hearing of lots of Indo's being killed by indo's. Im sure many ended up in the fraser. daughters killed by there own family because they loved someone there family did not agree with personally and religiously. Anyway I can throw facts at yah all day but its your blog and im sure ill just be bullied into submision much like seek woman.

  3. I think you misunderstood my statement on the Surrey Mega Casino. I quoted Barinder Rasode who claimed it was the Indo Canadian community that influenced City Council to turn down the proposal in White Rock. Which they have since approved for Newton, which makes her statement totally hypocritical. She was the one that said the Indo Canadian community influenced council. I simply pointed out that if that was true then they better chose another representative because she voted for it. I’m very aware many others came and spoke at the public meeting. I was there.

    The Hells Angels control all the BC Bud and are sending it to the US and bringing back cocaine to be sold here as crack. If that stopped, we’d all be better off. Their last ring was a billion dollar empire. That is why I focus on the Hells Angels. It’s clear and I’m not going to argue about it. There’s no bullying involved. I just don’t have the time of day for it.

    The Hells Angels always use those same racist arguments. What if we let the Indo Canadian gangs take over? They use the Indo Canadian gangs. That’s why Randy Naicker was shot. They say the same thing about the Triads. If it wasn’t for the Hells Angels the Triads would take over. The Hells Angels have used the Triads since before the Loft Six shooting. It’s pretty obvious why I focus on the Hells Angels. They are the ones responsible for Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic murder not the Indo Canadian gangs. That kind of extreme violence needs to stop.


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