Friday, May 24, 2013

Jay Hall on Crystal Meth

Jay Hall from the Renegades in Prince George is in the news. He was caught in possession of crystal meth while driving the getaway car for a 40 year old shoplifter named Jason Hebert. In court Crown prosecutor Geoffrey McDonald said it appears Hall has hit rock bottom in terms of his addiction and has fallen so far in stature in the criminal drug world that he was severely beaten while in custody after he was arrested. The court heard that Hall's bout with addiction began when a retail clothing business he was operating went under last summer.


  1. Thought you would like look at Kim's last tweet!

  2. Thanks, I’m still working on that one. I didn’t realize Kim Tweeted it. Someone sent in a link to that article in the National Post.

  3. I know Jay Hall pretty good! He used to be a pretty good guy,when I was fucked up and addicted to Dope(Coke and Junk)he used to help me out all the time! He was always against Drugs back in those days tell me to quit and offered me help sending me out to some Cabin out in the Bush(Wilderness in Northern BC) where their Club sending guys to clean up if they got fucked up on Dope or booze,or had to hide out! I guess after Wise Guys closed down he got messed up! Still hard for me to believe that coz he was always a Health nut,he was into Body building,Vitamins,Organic Foods! Well I really hope he'll make out OK coz as I mentioned he was always real good to me and helped me out with Cas,smokes,free shit from Wise Guys ETC

  4. It's nice to hear stories like that showing the other side of people like Jay. It's a familiar story of how he showed compassion helping a friend get off hard drugs. It makes the profit people make by selling those hard drugs even more problematic.


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