Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pivot Legal aiding and abetting the Hells Angels

After such a wonderful long weekend I come back to the same old insanity repeat itself here at home. There are still several stories to catch up on but these next two clearly show how real the struggle between good versus evil really is. One conflict is obvious. It’s coming from the outside. The other is even more disappointing. It comes from within. Pivot Legal is suing Abbotsford because they don’t support needle exchanges. Now I know Pivot Legal mean well. I know they are sincere in their beliefs. It’s pretty hard to get lawyers to donate their time for a legal cause. Yet if you pause to connect the dots, this is really the wrong cause.

VANDU has been making noise in Abbotsford trying to get a chapter going out there. We do realize the Bacon Brothers were involved with the drug trafficking in Abbotsford under the direction of the Hells Angels. After Jonathon Bacon was shot and the other two were in prison, the White Rock Hells Angels were still involved in the drug trafficking in Abbotsford. Helping promote the drug trade in Abbotsford is helping the Hells Angels drug trafficking profits and their violent control of the drug trade. Legalizing all drugs won’t stop the Hells Angels. It will just make them unstoppable.

VANDU, the Vancouver Drug User’s Network, is a criminal organization. Their group has absolutely nothing to do with harm reduction. Their mandate is to promote drug use and drug abuse. They throw away the four pillars program and just scream harm reduction over and over so they can promote drug addiction. This clearly supports the Hells Angels drug trade.

The idea behind needle exchanges started off as a sincere attempt at harm reduction. Two changes to that program made it fail miserably and become a major tool for drug promotion. The first change was throwing the idea of a needle exchange out the window where they just started handing out free needles. The original idea was hand in a used dirty needle and get back a new clean needle. I agree needles are cheap but this has caused three huge problems. Changing the program to just handing out free needles created the obvious problem. Drug users would use the new needle and cast it aside knowing they would get another new one. This means the used needles were ending up all over the place including in schools and playgrounds.

The other change which violated the criminal code was to allow drug dealers to sell crack and heroin near the needle exchanges. That policy is illegal and has created the forest fire epidemic we now see that is fueling the gang war. On the cover of Time Magazine is an article about the Me generation. The generation of spoilt brats who feed off misconceptions of entitlement. They think it’s their legal right to sell and use hard drugs in public. They think it’s their legal right to have taxpayers buy them free needles and crack pipes. Ultimately, they think it’s their legal right to have taxpayers buy them drugs which is exactly what is happening at Insite under an extended version of a pilot project gone bad.

Using harmful drugs is not a charter right. Forcing taxpayers to buy needles and drugs for addicts is not a charter right. As passionate as I am about what the Charter of Rights really is, that is not it. Sometimes we see volunteer groups become consumed in political agendas. Abbotsford is known as the Bible belt. Some people take offense at other people’s freedom of religion when they include morals in their beliefs. As a result they passionately fight against anything moral. Which is insane since we have already established all our laws are based on morals.

It is wrong and illegal to steal. It is wrong and illegal to commit murder. It is wrong and legal to commit rape. Everyone has morals so destroying some people’s freedom of religion just because you are uncomfortable with their standards is unconstitutional. That is a violation of the Charter of Rights they so quickly quote and distort. God help us if a judge awards in their favor and further distorts the Charter of Rights into the insane concept of forcing communities to hand out free needles at taxpayers expense if they chose not to. We know their next step will be to try and force tax payers to buy addicts free drugs like they are doing right now at Insite. That would bankrupt our medical system faster than anything. You can’t get an MRI but you can get free heroin at Insite. That kind of insanity has to stop.

Unfortunately it won’t stop because the threat of legal action has Abbotsford City Hall caving in to the spoilt brats who want to bankrupt our scared medical system and feed the Hells Angels drug war. Our real charter rights are once again being thrown out the window in favor of organized crime. This is not the New York Model. It’s not even the Four Pillars Program. It’s the promotion of crime at taxpayers expense. Dirty needles all over town is a health hazard.

Free needles killed that girl at Ocupy Vancovuer who over dosed on heroin with a free needle from the city. Free needles didn’t save Ashley Machiskinic or Janice Shore. It helped cause their death. Helping people use poison has nothing to do with health promotion or access to medical care. It's time to stop perpetuating that same old lie.

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