Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Winds of Change

The seasons continue to change. It's noticeably cooler. The leaves are starting to change color like the spawning salmon and it's getting darker in the morning. When I ride in to work it's no longer sunrise. It's noticeably darker and Venus is high and bright all on it's own. When I got to work this morning I could see Venus in the east then turned behind me and saw the full moon to the west. Beside it was a single star which I believe is Jupiter. I can feel the winds of change.

I am once again reminded of the poem Desiderata. "Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence." There is a whirlwind of insanity in the world right now and sometimes it's nice to take a break from the chaotic confusion of misery and ponder the peaceful solemnities of silence. People are free to do whatever they want. As are we.

"Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit." Arguing with trolls is pointless. They don't listen they thrive for attention so they can mislead others in the deception. The one guy in a recent video nailed it. Parents need to be more aware and involved in school board elections. That is how the circus freaks are working their way in to into the school system so they can lead our children astray. We need to be involved in that process now more than ever.

Bonnie Henry is a circus freak and David Eby has lost his mind. The seasons are changing but so is the tide. The tide is finally starting to turn in BC and the BC Conservatives are a way out just like Texas and Florida led the way out of the pandemic. These clowns will exploit every opportunity they can to grab more power and remove more freedoms. We need to vote in elections. The Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong on that issue. Very wrong. We can all see that. Our vote matters. That is why they are so obsessed with disinformation to sway our vote.

Truth and reconciliation involves exactly that: truth and reconciliation. It involves telling the truth without denying history or misrepresenting it. The truth is Hong Kong had far more freedom under British rule than under Communism. That is the truth. We can all see that. I am not a fan of imperialism but we are here and we need to move forward. Candace Owens spoke about victimization. How the left tries to rewrite history and turn us all into victims to they can enslave us. We need to rise above that. We all need to be proud of our heritage. All people are equal.

Aboriginals are no better than the Asians who come here or the Muslims or the Sikhs. We are all equal. As Chief Seattle declared we all share this planet. Residential schools sucked but the intent didn't. Education is good. Feed a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. As one First Nation coworkers said, not every Aboriginal kid wants to spend his entire life hunting and fishing. Don't get me wrong, those are important life skills but as the world evolves​ we need to adapt and learn new life skills.

England came to Canada with the spirit of negotiation. The Spanish came to Central America with the conquistadors. They conquered with the gun and sword. They didn't make treaties. England was far from perfect but they were a lot better than the conquistadors. Reconciliation means bringing things together not tearing them apart. We have every right to be proud of this nation.
This no pride in genocide slogan is very offensive. This was not Cambodia. This was not the Gulag. This was not East Berlin. The same freaks trying to rewrite history and make us ashamed of our heritage where civil liberty is protected by law are the ones trying to turn all of us into slaves. The Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism are Communists trying to destroy the Charter of Rights because they support the WEF's brand of slavery.

Look at how they treated the Wet’suwet’en and viciously fought against their democratic decision to support a natural gas pipeline. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. The fake environmentalists are determined to use what ever excuse they can to implement communism. If a hereditary chief opposes them, they will remove the hereditary chief.

Before the white man came to the west coast slavery was practiced within the First Nations Communities. The First Nation community in Fort Langley got along well with the English fur traders because they had guns and protected them from other tribes who would raid them and kidnap slaves. Likewise the First Nation commjunity in Tofino were able to repel a much larger American tribe from invading them because the British gave them guns to defend themselves.

A cultural genocide is very different then a real genocide. When English students take French immersion they're not allowed to speak English. That helps you learn the language faster. That was the intent behind residential schools. The political agenda behind falsifying our history has nothing to do with reconciliation. It is about bringing back slavery in the name of social justice.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Muslim Association of Canada rebukes Justin Trudeau

MSN is quoting a Nation Post article by Rahim Mohamed entitled Trudeau doubles down on disparaging Muslim Canadians. The article states that "Things somehow managed to go from bad to worse for the flailing Justin Trudeau on Monday when he was slapped with a stinging rebuke from the Muslim Association of Canada. In a sharply worded statement, the 55,000-member faith-based organization condemned the prime minister (among other politicians and groups) for making statements that it claimed mischaracterized last week’s 1 Million March 4 Children and, implicitly, the involvement of members of the Muslim community in the protests. (Muslim organizers like Calgary’s Mahmood Mourra were highly visible in the protest’s leadership).

“On Wednesday, September 20th,” the statement read, “thousands of Muslims, joined by other faith-based groups, protested to raise their concerns, calling for their rights as parents in relation to their children’s education. Their intent was to be heard, not to sow division. …"

“The statements from Canadian leaders and school boards increase the potential for Muslim children to face increased bullying and harassment in schools, both by educators and peers, a trend that’s already distressingly escalated. The statement’s authors called on the relevant parties, beginning with Prime Minister Trudeau, to retract their deeply inflammatory and divisive statements about the protests and issue an apology to the thousands of Canadian parents who were hurt by their remarks."

After the Million March for child protection notably organized and attended by Muslim Canadians, Justin Trudeau denounced the protest and said Islamophobia has no place in Canada. That's right, so he should leave for refusing to recognize the valid concerns of Muslim parents.

The Rise of All-Ages Sex Shops

Gays Against Groomers is reporting that "In August of 2022 the Wink Wink Boutique, a self proclaimed Woman-Owned, Inclusive, Not Creepy, sex shop made national headlines. Why? Because this store goes out of its way to advertise to children. Yes, they proudly advertise as 'age-inclusive.' To add to the controversy, Jenn Mason, one of the owners is the School Board President for Bellingham School District. Not only that, but she and other sex 'educators' teach sex ed classes IN their sex shop to children as young as nine years old." Bellingham ?!

This freak is listed on the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Program's web site.

Just like how the freak that wrote the book promoting pedophilia got a job on the the Johns Hopkins center for the prevention (or promotion) of child sexual abuse.

Update: Gays Against Groomers is reporting that "Yesterday, our Washington chapter protested an 'all ages' sex shop called Aphrodisia Boutique. It was a successful event and Representative Jim Walsh even showed up to join our team! The fact that anything like this even exists is abhorrent and we will fight to get them to change their ways. We will not let up!"

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Liberals scapegoat House Speaker for honouring Nazi

Stephen Moore: The malignant narcissism of Justin Trudeau

True North is reporting that "The Canadian government honoured an actual Waffen-SS Nazi volunteer in the House of Commons on Friday. Every single MP, Senator and guest in attendance at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to Parliament on Friday gave Nazi solider Yaroslav Hunka a standing ovation. In fact, even worse, Speaker of the House and Liberal MP Anthony Rota described Hunka as a Canadian hero and a Ukrainian hero.”

After he found out the guy fought on the wrong side of the war and was actually a Nazi who fought for hitler the house speaker apologized. Yet the Liberals are trying to scape goat the House Speaker when they were the ones that invited him in the first place.

True North is reporting that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a confusing apology on behalf of Canada after a Ukrainian veteran who fought under Hitler’s regime was invited to the House of Commons and recognized as a war hero.” Then he has the audacity to say “I also want to reiterate how deeply sorry Canada is for the situation this put President Zelensky and the Ukrainian delegation in.” AYFKM? Then he has the audacity to say it was the Speaker of the House’s responsibility – and not his government’s. That is an offensive lie.

They timed his invite with Zelensky's visit. All this scape goating shed light on the real issue. Some Ukrainians are Nazis. Chrystia Freeland's grandfather was. He ran a propaganda newspaper for Hitler's Nazis. Zelensky's star troops are Nazis trying to purge the Ukraine of all Ukrainians of Russian ethnicity. That is what this conflict is about.

Air India Bombing on BBC

The BBC is reporiitng that "Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country was investigating credible allegations that could link the Indian government to the murder of a Sikh separatist leader in British Columbia. India has denied the allegations, calling them absurd. Since then, several commentators in India have brought up the 1985 attack."

It's somewhat bizarre that they would even mention that bombing without stating that CSIS provided the explosives for that bombing. That's a pretty important detail to omit. The fact that they did shows their bias. Surjan Singh Gill worked for CSIS. He founded the group and provided the explosives. Not a word about the government of India withholding water from farmers in the state of Punjab. NONE of the people I saw at the Khalistan referendum in Surrey were terrorists.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Surrey man injured in Penticton shooting

The Penticton Herald is reporting that "Mounties are appealing for witnesses and surveillance video following a shooting Saturday night in Penticton. The victim, a 21-year-old Surrey man, was in serious, but stable condition following the shooting around 9:30 p.m. near the Super Save gas station on the 100 block of Green Mountain Road, according to police."

Fatal shooting in Richmond

CTV is reporting that "Homicide investigators have identified the man gunned down in Richmond, BC, over the weekend as 'Jackie' Giang Giang Tran. Richmond RCMP officers found the 29-year-old fatally wounded after responding to reports of gunfire near Cooney and Anderson roads early Sunday morning."

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Calgary Police seize guns, fentanyl and crystal meth

CTV is reporting that "Calgary police seized fentanyl, methamphetamine, guns and vehicles, and charged two individuals as part of a five-month organized crime investigation. Calgary police said the Organized Crime Operations Unit launched the investigation in April 2023 after receiving information about two men believed to be involved with drug trafficking and in possession of firearms. Two men were taken into custody on Aug. 24 without incident. Officers also executed search warrants in four southwest Calgary residences."

"During the search, officers seized five handguns, one rifle, one shotgun, 664 grams of fentanyl, 928 grams of methamphetamine and $24,000 in Canadian currency. In addition, drug production equipment and paraphernalia and four vehicles were seized."

"As a result of the investigation, police have charged Leslie Babajid Cole, 32, of Calgary with 31 firearms-related offenses, and one count each of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime. Abel Dawit Teshoma, 32, of Calgary has also been charged with four counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of drug trafficking, and one count of possession of the proceeds of crimes. Both Cole and Teshoma were released on bail and will appear in court on Sept. 25, 2023."

Project HAARP and the Weather Modification Act

A few years ago someone sent me a link to Canadian legislation about weather modification and I said what the hell is that? It was an act of parliament that states if you are going to perform weather modification experiments you need to notify the government. It didn't ban them it just said you have to notify the government. I'm not sure what the consequence is if you conduct a weather modification experiment and don't notify the government but the fact that the legislation exist implies that the technology exists or at least people are conducting those kind of experiments.

Tuns out there is provincial legislation as well as federal legislation. The BC legislation is called the Weather Modification Act while the federal legislation is called the Weather Modification Information Act. So let's talk about means and motive and look at what India is doing to the farmers in the Punjab. The government of India is withholding and diverting water away from farmers in the Punjab. Diverting water is one thing. Withholding it is another.

For example, one of the things they are doing is withholding water by building a dam. They hold back the water and create a drought so the land becomes parched. Then they release it all at once to intentionally create a flood. What do you think they would do if they had the technology to alter the weather? What do you think the World Economic Forum would do with the technology to alter the weather? We know they're trying and are conducting experiments.

I've heard of cloud seeding. They disperse chemicals into clouds like silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) to induce rainfall. I've also heard of HAARP the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. That's a research facility in Alaska that sends high frequent radio waves into the ionosphere.

The US Air Force handed over the facility to the University of Alaska August 11th 2015. So now the university performs the research for the military. "Located on a site near the town of Gakona, Alaska, HAARP consists of 360 radio transmitters and 180 antennas, which are used to generate radio waves that heat up the ionosphere by accelerating electrons, allowing scientists to conduct experiments." They claim that is was used to send and intercept radio communications in the ionosphere yet there appears to be many different experiments going on there.

"The most prominent instrument at HAARP is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere. Other instruments, such as a VHF and a UHF radar, a fluxgate magnetometer, a digisonde (an ionospheric sounding device), and an induction magnetometer, are used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region." So what does happen when you send high frequency radio waves to excite a limited area of the ionosphere? I dunno. I guess that's what they are studying.

What do we know? We know the military is studying weather modification to use in times of war. That's what we know. What would the World Economic Forum do with that technology? Would they use it to alter the climate so they can rationalize implementing their twisted brand of Communism? In a heartbeat. If they had that technology, they would use it for that purpose.

What are earthquake lights? I don't know. Sounds fishy. I've never heard of that before. The fake news narrative claims some mad scientists suggest they may be electrical discharges in the earths crust but that doesn't make sense. Electrical discharges from a mobile HAARP weapon? That's hard to believe but we do know if they had the technology, they would test it.

Ridge Meadows Police officer killed on duty

Update: Nicholas Bellemare, 25, of Coquitlam charged with first degree murder

No known criminal record and a publication ban is already in effect.

Dwayne McDonald, the Commanding Officer of the BC RCMP is reporting that "It is with a deep and profound sadness that I must advise the public of the on-duty death of an RCMP Ridge Meadows member Cst. Rick (Frederick) O’Brien early today. This is an extremely difficult and tragic day for the members of the Ridge Meadows Detachment, Coquitlam RCMP where the incident occurred, and the greater BC RCMP and RCMP family. With respect to what happened, there are a few details we can provide, mindful there are two active investigations underway."

"I can confirm that at approximately 10:00 am Ridge Meadows RCMP were executing a search warrant on a residence near the intersection of Pine Tree Way and Glen Drive in Coquitlam, B.C. While there, the attending officers became engaged in an altercation with a man which resulted in multiple officers being injured - including our member and the suspect being shot. Emergency Health Services transported all injured to hospital, but our officer did succumb to his injuries at scene. The injured male suspect is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries."

"The Independent Investigations Office of BC (IIO BC) is now investigating the incident as it relates to police actions. A concurrent investigation into the homicide of Cst. O’Brien and the injuries to our two other members is also underway and will be conducted by the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT)."

I don't know what happened so I can't really comment other than offer my condolences. He looks completely genuine and totally sincere. O'Brien is of course and Irish name. Clinton Jaws posted a video about it. I'm going to try and balance the extremes.

I'm my interview with Tamara Lich I mentioned how for the most part police have a bad rep. Everyone likes fireman and soldiers because they risk their lives for others but not everyone likes cops even though for the most part they do the same. If someone is trying to kill you, the police risk their lives and rush right in to help you. That is noble but not all cops are noble. There is good and bad in every organization. Rick O’Brien looks like he was a good cop and a good person.

Dwayne McDonald was the Surrey Police chief before he became the commanding Officer for BC. We had high hopes for him when he came because he had done such a great job on that joint task force busting David Giles and the stolen car ring in Kelowna. We were kind of disappointed when he came to Surrey because he kind of turned into a limp fish. Turns out he was a company man that did what the company wanted. The problem with a company man is when the company becomes corrupt so does the company man.

IHIT was an inherit disaster of police misconduct. Yet Rick O'Brien was not involved with any of that. Like many other idealistic recruits he aspired to something higher.

There's been a couple of highly suspicious mass shootings in Canada. One in Nova Scotia, the other in Sanaach. I remember another one locally where an Alberta man stole a mustang from a dealership on Metro Vancouver and shot a cop with a long gun. I thought that was very strange. We often have gang related shootings in Vancouver but they don't normally shoot at the cops. They usually just shoot at each other.

We did have one incident after a gang shooting at the Vancouver airport. Police gave chase and the suspects shot at the police. With illegal guns I might ad that were never registered or lawfully obtained. Yet that was a new turn for local hitmen. Makes ya wonder just how closely involved the intelligence community is with local gang violence. They go after rivals just like the gangs do.

Domestic violence situations are always volatile. There was a border agent who shot his ex with his service revolver then killed himself over in Prince Rupert. That kind of thing is always messed up. There is no justification for it. Yet it does happen.

Jason Whitlock on January 6th political prisoners

Police escorted Q Nut through the halls on January 6th

Large Regina rally in support of parents' rights

Ottawa Parents speak out against gender ideology

Forest Fires: Planned Ignition versus Planned Cuts

I just want to reiterate the obvious. We've talked about how BC's response to fighting forest fires has changed for the worse and how it is difficult to believe that these changes are simply negligence. It's hard to believe it's not intentional since they coincide with the WEF agenda.

Two examples that come to mind this summer are the Shuswap fire and the Kelowna fire. The Shuswap fire was made much worse by a planned ignition and the Kelowna fire never should have got that close to the town. It's on a lake. Water bombers can fill up right there. The NDP's negligence in that fire looked like they were simply trying to burn down a rival riding.

Two years ago the local media asked why giant water bombers were sitting idle while BC burns. Then the BC NDP responded with their ridiculous rationalization. They said we need smaller planes and helicopters that are more maneuverable. That is insane. Maneuverability has nothing to do with it. When you fight a fire the more water the better. A helicopter with a bucket is not it.

When you're fighting a fire which is better. Throwing a single bucket of water or turning on a fire hose? The fact that the BC NDP is refusing to use the large water bombers and put them up for sale is a scandal far worse than fast ferries. Using helicopters to light fires is another aspect of it.

Let's talk about planned ignition. The theory is, if you set a fire on the outskirts of a fire, by the time the original fire gets there it will be out of fuel and have nothing to burn. However, there is an inherit problem with that theory.

Let's do the math. Say we have a fire moving south. We light a fire south of that fire so it will run out of fuel when it gets to that point. Why is the fire moving south? It is because the wind is blowing south. If we light a fire south of that fire, why would that fire move north? It wouldn't. The logic is inherently flawed and they don't care because ultimately they don't want to fight fires they want to exasperate them to justify their agenda.

The fake news isn't covering the scandal because they want the drama. They want to show horrific images of destruction from fires so they can blame in on climate change and usher in the New World Oder. Climate change is no reason to throw away civil liberty and usher in the WEF's twisted brand of Communism. Neither is arson or negligence.

Let take the reasoning behind planned ignitions and apply it to a different solution. One that would be much safer and much more cost effective. Say we have a fire moving south. Instead of lighting a fire south of that fire which would probably move south, let's do a narrow clear cut south of that fire. Forest fires move fast don't ya know. Ya I know but so does machinery. Machinery cost money don't ya know. Ya I know but harvesting the trees would pay for it. Just sayn.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

The CIA's connection to Organized Crime

As I said in my previous post, it's interesting to see how closely the CIA is tied to organized crime. I think we should take a look at that. Recently the New York publisher sent me another book. This one is entitled Operation Underworld How the Mafia and U.S. Government Teamed up to Win World War II. I'm not going to do a book review now because I haven't read it yet but I am going to quote a few passages and use that to illustrate my point.

The book is about how US Naval Intelligence teamed up with the Mafia during WWII. It's very interesting and very factual. It was also the first step down the slippery slope that has lead us to where we are today. U.S. Naval Intelligence teamed up with Charles “Lucky” Luciano and the La Cosa Nostra to secure the New York City docks from invasion. They even helped with the Allied invasion of Sicily which kind of was a turning point in the war.

Last year New York sent me Gangsters vs Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in Wartime America. I've already done a blog post on that book but I just want to point out the parallel. It's about how the Jewish Mob helped fight Nazis infiltrating America during the war.

OK now define Jewish Mob. I'd kind of have to say organized crime. Predominately drug dealers. The Irish Mob was big in New York back in the day. Every community has criminals.

WW II came to an end in 1945. The CIA was created in 1947. I suppose US Naval Intelligence cooperation with the mob in a way facilitated the CIA to carry on down that slippery slope.

Operation Northwoods was signed in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis but it was thankfully vetoed by JFK. However, Operation Gladio and Operation Mongoose was approved. That's where the CIA teamed up with the mafia against Cuba. I guess there's two points to make here. False flags and cooperation with the mafia. Operation Mongoose contained false flags in Cuba.

The CIA claims to fight Communism. They then claim that the end justifies the means. That's why Iran contra never stopped. The CIA sell drugs to fight Communism. Only IMO they're not trying to stop Communism they're simply trying to hijack it. That's why they are supporting the WEF.

The CIA sabotaged the Bay of Pigs invasion and they didn't assassinate Che until the revolution in Cuba was complete because Che actually believed in social justice. We can't have that now can we. IMO Castro was the one who gave Che up. His people wouldn't have. IMO the CIA helped Castro get into power. Just sayn. Do the math bro.

The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World

Friday, September 22, 2023

Another Khalistan supporter murdered in Canada

The IndoCanadian Voice is reporting that "Manitoba's Winnipeg Police Service on Thursday announced that its homicide unit had identified the victim as 39-year-old Sukhdool Singh Gill and notifications to family members had been made. Interestingly, Indian Police had already informed media in Punjab about his murder on Wednesday as Canadian Police apparently contacted their Indian counterparts in order to inform his family members before releasing his name here."

That was the first thing that came to my mind. The instant a guy is killed in Canada, the India news is all over it. The exact same thing happened when the Surrey Temple president was killed. I find that suspicious. The second thing that came to mind is the picture.

It doesn't really look like a gang member. It looks more like a hunter. A brown guy wearing a baseball cap. You don't really see that too often around here. A camo hat to boot. There's no trendy logo on it. It looks more like a hunter. Now this may well have been a gang member who liked to hunt but already this murder seems suspicious. Black and white family pictures on an old piano. Looks pretty rustic. Doesn't look very gangster.

The third thing is even if this guy was a gang member that doesn't mean all the Khalistan supporters are. All those flags I saw in Surrey at the referendum on September 10th were not gang members. There are a lot of fishy things going on here and I can tell you CSIS is at the root of it. India's intelligence agency is on a pretty focused defamation campaign.
CBC is reporting that "Gill, also known as Sukha Duneke, appeared on a wanted list released via the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) this week by India's National Investigation Agency — a specialized counter-terrorism law enforcement agency." Things that make ya go hmmm...

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that "Winnipeg Police Service spokeswoman Const. Dani McKinnon would not comment on the veracity of widespread media reports in India on the slaying Thursday, claiming Gill was a gang member wanted in Punjab, an Indian state bordering Pakistan, for a slew of crimes. The Indian news outlets further alleged a rival gang faction in that country has taken credit for killing Gill, which they reported as a shooting." Oh really?

He was shot 10:00 AM on Wednesday the 20th. Indian Police had already informed media in Punjab about his murder on Wednesday, the same day he was shot. That's pretty much instantly. 3:27 AM · Sep 21st India's terrorist agency makes a post on Twitter placing him on a wanted list - right after he was shot. The timing of all this is a little bit shady.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that "Police are investigating the slaying of a 39-year-old man in a northwest Winnipeg neighbourhood Wednesday that could have international implications." Do you really think that CSIS and India's intelligence agency aren't working together? The CIA was directly involved on both sides of Operation Blue Star.

India's Intelligence Agency is reporting that "Sukhdool Singh was murdered to avenge the killing of Gurlal Brar, a close relative of US-based gangster Goldy Brar, according to sources."

I don't think so... Take a look at the murder of Gurlal Brar. India's intelligence agency claims he was murdered with datars and kirpans. Sorry I'm going to have to cry bullsh*t on that. Punjabi gangsters would not use religious items for a gang hit. The CIA and India's intelligence agency paid someone to do that to justify the ban on kirpans in India. Then they kill an activist in Canada after blaming him for a crime they committed. That's the way I see it and that's how I call it.

After all, they've done it before. Before they killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar they hired two gunmen to kill a Hindu priest in his home town and blamed it on him. The tragic thing is they actually killed someone and blamed it on him.

Here's the kicker. If Justin Trudeau believes the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a political assassination, then he must also believe he was not involved with the murder of the Hindu priest. That means the murder of the Hindu priest was a false flag executed by the intelligence community. I beleive that in a heartbeat but for Justin Trudeau to publicly admit that is new territory for them. It opens Pandora's box. If they did that then, what else did they do? A lot.

OK so what do we know? Locally we know they killed Gary Kang. Then they killed Anees Mohamed. Only they tried to make it look like Anees was killed by a rival in retaliation for Gary Kang when in reality, they killed them both. That's what we know but it doesn't end there.

Likewise they killed Jimi Sandu in Thailand. Then they killed Juvraj Jabal in Surrey and tried to blame it on a rival in retaliation for Jimi Sandu when in reality they killed them both. Just sayn.

CTV is reporting that Sukhdool Singh Gill was killed just hours after being put on India's most wanted list. Actually, if you look at the post on Twitter, that was made right after they killed him. "42 Gangsters and Khalistanian terrorists." That is a false defamation campaign. Just because you are a Khalistan supporter doesn't make you a terrorist or a gangster. The real gangsters are the ones raping Muslim women in India and diverting water away from farmers in the Punjab.

It's amazing how closely tied the intelligence community is to organized crime.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Kelowna Convoy YouTuber vindicated

BC court dismisses Kelowna RCMP officer’s case against independent journalist

Kelowna RCMP officer's suit against protester tossed by judge

OK this is the case of good cop bad cop. We've just heard about Donald Best and Helen Grus, now let's talk about Conrad Erbes over in KTown. May 5th I reported on a YouTuber in Kelowna that was harassed for covering a Convoy support rally in Kelowna. Turns out he races sports bikes. That gopro video of him on the hill climb gives me the heebie jeebies because I know how much he must be leaning to make those turns. It's like the saying what could possibly go wrong? Well, at those speeds, a lot could go wrong. I'm just an old slug on a cruiser.

Well his first ticket was voided and the defamation suit was dismissed. His next court appearance is October 30th for a second ticket he was given long after the fact when he showed up at court to dispute the first ticket. His second ticket claimed his license plate was not visible yet the police Wraith Report shows a picture of it so I'm not sure what's up with that.
The second ticket was also a fine for not giving his name and address. That's kind of petty since he wasn't charged with an offense. Section 73 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Act specifically says on a highway. I'm not sure if that means any road or highway but it says highway. Section 73 (1) says if you are driving the motor vehicle and a police officer stops you. He wasn't driving the vehicle he was parked minding his own business. Obviously the concern is about harassing someone for covering a political protest. His name is Marcel Irnie and he also has a cool Rumble channel.

Donald Best Interview on Police on Guard

Police on Guard interviews Donald Best. He's a valiant blogger and former police officer.

Another former police officer also runs Prime Time Crime. I support law and order.

One Million March for Children

Opinion: I’m a lesbian and the queer activists don’t speak for me.

True North is reporting that "Protests against gender ideology in publicly funded schools will be taking place in communities across Canada Wednesday, as more parents grow frustrated with controversial sex-ed teachings. The marches are being organized in part by Muslim parents, who have been increasingly disillusioned with school teachings on gender and sexuality."

Yesterday these marches to protect children from sexualization, grooming and indoctrination were held across the country. In many areas they were led by the Muslim and the Sikh community. In Ontario, Jagmeet Singh was on the wrong side of this march. Jagmeet wasn't marching with other Sikhs, he was marching with the ANTIFA counter protesters demanding the sexualization of children. This is what I mean when I say his policies contradict the teachings of the Sikh temple.

I have a lot of friends who are Mormon. I oppose Mitt Romney not because he's a Mormon but because he's a bad Mormon just like Jagmeet is a bad Sikh. Glen Beck is a patriot, Mitt Romney is not. Mitt Romney is a globalist. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. An enemy from within so to speak. Ezra Taft Benson was a passionate supporter of the Constitution. Mitt Romney is not.

The Muslim community in Canada are upset about two leaked audio recordings when Canadian teachers were chastising Muslim children for not attending school during Pride celebrations. They were derided for their religious beliefs and were told if they don't abandon them they don't belong in Canada. That is so untrue. That teacher who refuses to respect the religious freedom in the Charter of Rights is the one who doesn't belong. That is discrimination on prohibited grounds.

I just want to mention two things. 1) How the media is misrepresenting these protests and 2) The hateful vengeance of the counter protesters. The media is lying about the protests claiming they are anti LGBT which is simply not true. Gays Against Groomers are not anti Gay. They are anti child grooming. I interviewed Robert Wallace from the Arizona chapter of Gays Against Groomers. He is a really good person. Matt Rey is also from the Arizona chapter of GAG. He is transgender and is having a lot of health problems from the transitioning and detransitioning process.

Children are too young to make the decision to become life long pharmaceutical patients. They need to wait to make that decision until they are old enough to vote. Grooming them to transition without their parents' consent is child abuse. Blair White is transgender. She also believes children need to be protected not groomed and feels they need to wait until they are adults to make that decision. So claiming these concerns are anti LGBT is simply not true.

I also interviewed Pierre Barns from exposing SOGI 123 .com What they are teaching the children is not appropriate. Promoting incest has nothing to do with LGBT. The books they are reading young children are not appropriate.

The book A Long Dark Shadow promotes pedophilia. It strives to normalize and stigmatize pedophiles by referring to them as MAPS - Minor Attracted Persons. One of the books in the Chilliwack school library that Action4Canada was complaining about called Identical promotes incest. It's about two young sisters. One is being sexually abused by their father, the other isn't. The one that's not being sexually abused becomes jealous of the one who is. That is insane.

The other point I'd like to make is the demeanor of the counter protesters. As one commenter pointed out they are indeed filled with hate. They are consumed with hate. It's like the ANTIFA protesters in Ontario that were verbally abusing that senior citizen using a walker. They were preventing her from crossing the street at the crosswalk and were screaming in her face "Nazi scum get off the street." Her husband fought the Nazis in the war.

What they did was shameful land that is their MO. I remmeber Drea saying she had to hire security because the counter protesters were so violent. In recent footage ANTIFA thugs were screaming leave drag queens alone. No one is going out of their way to harass drag queens. Parents are objecting to the grooming of their children in school. That is their right.

Drag Queens are free to be Drag Queens. Just don't force your lifestyle on our children. You wouldn't want us to force our religion on your children. We expect the same respect for our children. Leave the children alone. Taking young children to any stripper is not appropriate.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

India's Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic

OK I came across a shocking discovery yesterday when Googling India Constitution. I found the preamble which declares India to be a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. I was like OMG where have I been? Why did I not know that. That is insane. Literally.

North Korea calls itself the Democratic People's Republic of Korea but we all know it is not a democracy and it is not a free republic. Yet not even they use the terms Secular Socialist.

The government of India's website describes the Preamble as the soul of the Constitution. They state that "The Preamble does not grant substantive rights and is not enforceable in the courts, but various Indian courts have engaged with the Preamble and have treated it as guiding light in the interpretation of the Constitution."

This means two things. It means the promise of the freedom of religion is not enforceable and the founding premise that India is Socialist and Secular becomes the guiding light in interpreting the Constitution should the freedom of religion become abolished.

I find it shocking because India has many different religions and a huge number of citizens who are devote followers of those religions. The current government of India is predominately Hindu. This is Modi's second term. Before Modi India elected a Sikh Prime Minister for two terms.

The current conflict in India is the fact that the Constitution is not being followed and not protecting the religious freedom of minorities. Sikhs ans Muslims are being persecuted in India.

Update: Congress claims ‘socialist and secular’ removed from new copies of Constitution

This new revelation is somewhat timely because Live mint is reporting that "Congress leader and Lok Sabha leader of Opposition Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has claimed that the new copies of the Constitution that were distributed to the MPs in the new Parliament building have no presence of words like 'socialist and secular' mentioned in India's preamble."

“The new copies of the Constitution that were given to us today (19th September), the one we held in our hands and entered (the new Parliament building), its Preamble doesn't have the words 'socialist secular'. We know that the words were added after an amendment in 1976 but if someone gives us the Constitution today and it doesn't have those words, it is a matter of concern", Chowdhury told news agency ANI."

OK so that happened yesterday and is being reported today. It's interesting to note that the words Secular and Socialist were added by way of amendment in 1976. I support the withdrawal of that amendment. I support the amendment to the amendment so to speak. The terms Secular Socialist sound far too much like Cuba's attempt to form a Marxist Leninist Atheist State. That means there is no freedom of religion or civil liberty for that matter.

The Live Mint is reporting that "The terms ‘socialist’ and ‘secular’ were inserted into the preamble as part of the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution in 1976 during the Emergency imposed by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The words secular and socialist were added to reassure the nation that minorities would be safe and the moneyed class would not dominate the economy."

Adding the term socialist secular is not going to protect religious minorities. It's going to justify their persecution. It's interesting to note that those two weaponized words were added during the manufactured emergency of 1976. Sound familiar? Canada Convoy 2022.

Remembering the Emergency: Dark Days of Free India

India Today is reporting that "The Indira Gandhi government imposed Emergency citing breakdown of the law and order situation of the country owing to massive protest by the opposition parties alleging corruption by the Congress regime. People say trains ran on time during the Emergency, the suspension of fundamental rights, however, is remembered with alarm by observers and constitutional experts. Indira Gandhi had then President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed impose Emergency every six months for a period of 21 months from June 25, 1975 to March 21, 1977. During the Emergency, Indira Gandhi bestowed upon herself the power to rule by decree. "

"During the Emergency, Sanjay Gandhi gained prominence as a politician, advising his mother on all fronts. Sanjay Gandhi played an important role in the arrest of senior opposition leaders and during the subsequent General Elections in 1977." This is a page right out of Justin Trudeau's play book. Hence the politicized trial of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber.

"Opposition leader George Fernandes before being arrested by the Indira Gandhi regime during the Emergency. Fernandes was instumental in organising protest marches against the government alleging election fraud in the 1971 General Elections and mass corruption."

Jagmeet Sing supports the weaponized words Socialist and Secular. The Sikh temple does not. Jagmeet Sing supports gender based abortion. The Sikh temple does not. Jagmeet Singh supports the legalization of ALL drugs. The Sikh temple does not. Jagmeet Singh supports the sexualization and indoctrination of children in school grooming them to change their gender without their parents support. The Sikh temple does not. Sikhs and Muslims are important allies in the war on morality the globalist have brought us. Diversity makes us strong.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

CIA bribed six analysts to deny Wuhan lab leak

The House Oversight Committee is reporting that "Staff on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have heard testimony from a whistleblower alleging that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offered six analysts significant monetary incentives to change their position on COVID-19’s origin."

"The whistleblower, who presents as a highly credible senior-level CIA officer, alleges that of the seven members assigned to the CIA team tasked with analyzing COVID-19 origins, six officers concluded that the virus likely originated from a lab in Wuhan, China. The CIA, then however, allegedly offered financial incentives to six of the experts involved in the investigation to change their conclusion in favor of a zoonotic origin." The didn't sell bats at the seafood market in Wuhan.

We know that Dr Fauci funded the gain of function research on bats at the Wuhan lab but why is the CIA funding the cover up? Because they are on the wrong side. An enemy from within.

The CIA lie and deny the allegation while ABC fake news promotes the lie. Then the fake fake checkers on Yahoo claim scientists doubt the claim. What scientists? The scientists in China that perform organ harvesting on political prisoners. The CIA have no public accountability.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Canada expels Indian diplomat after accusing India of murdering Sikh activist

True North is reporting that "Canada has expelled a senior Indian diplomat hours after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the Indian government of being involved in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. 'Any involvement of a foreign government in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty,' said Trudeau in the House of Commons on Monday. Poilievre echoed the call for transparency and cooperation from India."

OK so let's dial it back a bit and set the stage. Justin Trudeau recently attended a G20 summit in India. While that was happening, on September 10th the Sikh community in Surrey held a referendum on the state of Punjab breaking off from India and forming it's own government called Khalistan. I was there. I covered the referendum in Surrey which was very well attended.

The fake news was completely misrepresenting it just like they misrepresented the Convoy. However, I was there with boots on the ground filming it live just like many other activists did during the convoy. What people saw in live video footage was very different from what they were being told in the fake news. There was a huge grass roots support for an independent state of Punjab. Why is that? Because of all the persecution from the government of India including but not limited to the literal Sikh genocide. The people have had enough. They want out.

Several independent media outlets were gloating over the fact that India was trashing Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy. It's like when Justin Trudeau was in Europe trying to talk about democracy in the Ukraine. People were like STFU. We saw how you treated the largest peaceful protest in Canadian history. You have no right to tell us anything. Well India was kind of saying the same thing. Rightfully so. Justin Trudeau is a hypocrite. However, I agree with him allowing Canadian Sikhs to exercise their right to free speech in a referendum.

This new publicity stunt is a bit of a shock but I welcome it. The CBC has been forced to run with it which I find amusing. One minute the CBC is trashing the referendum and the next minute they're reporting Justin Trudeau is accusing India of a political assignation in Surrey.

CBC is reporting that "'Canadian security agencies have been actively pursuing credible allegations of a potential link between agents of the Government of India and the killing of a Canadian citizen, Hardeep Singh Nijjar,' Trudeau said Monday in a speech to the House of Commons." He mentioned CSIS. That means we're going to have to talk about this.

CSIS provided the explosives for Air India. We cannot talk about anything CSIS says without talking about that but before we do we need to talk about the situation in India.

The government of India is persecuting the Sikhs in India as well as the Muslims. For context, let's dial it back. Google claims the original Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu extremist who thought he was being too conciliatory towards the Muslims. Fast forward to Indira Gandhi.
Indira Gandhi was Hindu. Why would she hire Sikh bodyguards? Do you think she didn't want what happened to the original Gandhi to happen to her? Do you think there were people in her own party she didn't trust? I do. The fact that she hired Sikh bodyguards was a bold statement showing she wanted to include everyone in her democratic state. Modi doesn't.

I do not believe Indira Gandhi approved Operation Blue Star. I believe that was an intelligence operation and when she objected to it, she was killed. "The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all of the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past." Irish Proclamation.
However, I will point out the obvious. The government of India are indeed without question suspects in Hardeep Singh Nijjar's murder. After all, they did put up a reward. Yet they are not the only suspects. CSIS is equally suspect. Especially given their direct involvement in the Air India bombing and the CIA's direct involvement in both sides of Operation Blue Star. Everything they say is a lie so if they start saying something, it should be automatically questioned.

The government of India accused Hardeep Singh Nijjar of plotting the murder of a Hindu priest in his own home town. I do not believe he was involved with that. Yet someone was because it did happen. This is why we need to question the conduct and the motive of the intelligence communities. The Irish Proclamation declares they fund extremism so they can create division. We reject them and the division they strive to create by supporting the civil liberty protected by law in the Constitution. India has a Constitution too. As Dr Sandu declared in my interview with him, the government of India is violating it's own Constitution. That is what we must address.
Holy f*ck. Check out the preamble. Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic? WTF?

Then it turns around and guarantees the liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. Perhaps their definition of a Secular Republic simply means a separation of Church and State.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

BC Wildfire Service has lost its way

Kamloops this Week is reporting that "As a lifelong resident and a professional forester in B.C. for more than three decades, with a 40-year wildfire suppression background, and previously recognized by the B.C. Wildfire Service (BCWS) as a wildfire specialist, I am angered by the present state of wildfire management in our province." Bruce Morrow op ed.

He makes several important observations and quotes the Shuswap preignition which made the fire much worse. When you look at that along with their long list of bad practices, it's hard to believe that it's simply negligence and isn't planned. Like cutting off the water supply in Hawaii during the fire or setting up police roadblocks preventing people from escaping. Something very shady is going on here and we can all see it.

Forest fires are certainly not new in BC but these new bad practices are. I have two points to make: volunteers and water bombers. In BC every community has volunteer firefighters. These are trained professionals who have regular jobs and are on call when a fire breaks out. One of my managers at work is one. He has a regular job and when a fire breaks out he takes a leave of absence to fight the fire. This is very helpful and important. It's also cost effective.

The BC's new forest fire promotion commission stopped allowing trained volunteers to assist fighting fires. They are even banning community members from protecting their own homes. That is George Orwell. They are more interested in enforcing evacuation orders than they are in fighting fires. That reveals an agenda. It's the same old problem, reaction solution paradigm.

They create a problem, wait for the reaction and then present their preplanned response to their manufactured emergency. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. No lie can live forever.

New pilots who want to get their commercial pilot's license need to get hours in flying. Often they sign up for water bombing during forest fire season to get those hours in. This was a common process. The WEF's NDP stopped this. They have created a problem and intentionally made it worse because they have a sinister agenda just like Justin Trudeau. Stop them.

Why is an Island-based water bomber sidelined as B.C. burns?

Never accept Hate or their False Narrative

Last week I woke up to my alarm for work and a commercial came on from the Broadcasters Association of British Colombia. It was going on an on about opposing hate pushing the same old false narrative. These anti hate circus freaks are the most hateful people on the planet so we're going to do a deep dive illustrating it and the root cause of it.

Brando Straka is the leader of the Walk Away movement. His landmark testimonial said he originally he left the right because he opposed their hate. Then the left changed and became far more hateful than the right so he left the left and started the Walk Away movement encouraging LGBT and everyone else to leave the Democrat party because of the hate. He nailed it.

Gays Against Groomers don't hate Gays. They hate child grooming. They hate the sexualization and exploitation of children as we all should. Hate the sin love the sinner. It's OK to hate the sin. I'm not talking about hating people who have a different opinion than you but there's nothing wrong with hating child molestation. That's why Blaze persistently falsely accuses people who disagree with his far left liberal lies of being child molesters.

He falsely accuses people of things to try and discredit them to hide his own misconduct. Yet while he's falsely accusing people of being child molesters he is at the same time promoting child molestation by claiming if you are anti SOGI you are anti Gay. Blaze even had the audacity to recently call me hateful. That freak is the most hateful person on the planet only he doesn't hate sin he hates morality. Sound familiar? That's what this all boils down to.

ANTIFA are filled with hate yet they claim they oppose hate. That is a lie. They promote hate by promoting lies just like the Broadcasters Association of BC. ANTIFA call themselves Anti Fascists. They hate Fascism. We all do. Only they claim everyone who disagrees with the World Economic Forum's twisted brand of Communism is a Fascist. Let's face it, ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. They were Communists who built a wall to keep people prisoners but they claimed it was to keep the Western Fascists out. Everything about their position is a lie. They promote lies so they can promote hate and this brings us back to the Father of all lies and the root of the conflict. One side hates sin and slavery. The other side hates morality and freedom.

It's like the BC Law Society. They were passionately opposed to law students from Trinity Western University being accepted into the bar. Remember the Charter of Rights protects the freedom of religion. You can't ban Muslims or Christians or Jews or Sikhs from becoming lawyers just because you disagree with their morality but that's exactly what that conflict was about.

It was humorous to hear the Law Society complain about Trinity Western University's moral commitment for their students. After all, you wouldn't want a lawyer with morals. That would be a conflict of interest. Lawyers become judges for heaven's sake and we can't have judges with morals. That would ruin everything.

The rainbow flag used to represent inclusion. Now it represents hate especially the new version of that flag. It no longer represents LGBT. Now it represents Q + which includes any and every perversion known to man and any we haven't even thought up yet. It represents pedophilia, sadomasochism, beastuality and even Satanism. One of the Drag Queen groups grooming young children in school to change their gender without their parents consentt were Satanists.

Even that clown that was selling transgender gear though Target was a Satanist. Then the media lied and said Conservatives falsely accused him of being a Satanist. The media lied. He is a Satanist. He even wore a shirt that said Satan respects pronouns. The term Q + is infinite. It means we not only accept and protect MAPS - Minor Attrackted Persons, we hate anyone who doesn't. If you don't accept and protect pedophiles then you are a Fascist. That is ridiculous.

We all have to draw a line somewhere. I draw my line at LGBT. I reject Q + because it's infinite. It includes pedophilia, bestiality and Satanism. People have a right to be Satanists but they do not have a right to push their religion on my kids or my grand kids in school. Satanists hate morality. They hate traditional family values. They are obsessed with destroying the family so they can destroy society and create order amidst the chaos - their order and that doesn't include freedom.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Rebel News is hosting a Caribbean Cruise

That's a great idea. The base price is quite reasonable. Let's hope the CIA doesnt blow it up.

Theresa Tam is circus freak

No lie can live forever. We all know when viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. That is the science. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. That's why they're not calling it Omicron any more they went back to calling it Covid even though it has replicated yet again after Omicron so is even weaker. These lunatics are criminally insane. Theresa Tam is a circus freak. So is Bonnie Henry. Race has nothing to do with it. Dishonesty does.

Instead of wearing a mask, Theresa Tam should just start a GoFundMe for her desperately needed orthodontic work. I doubt Justin Trudeau's Communists would freeze and seize that.

The Symptom Burden of Post-Covid Vaccine Injury Syndrome

mRNA Vaccine Toxicity Free download

Friday, September 15, 2023

Health Canada's secret Covid Vaccine contracts

First of all the Covid RNA vaccines are not effective. Everyone knows that. The evidenced based data shows that you can still get Covid even if you have been vaccinated. In fact the data shows you are more likely to get Covid if you have been vaccinated so basically the vaccine doesn't work and we should demand all our tax dollars back.

They rationalized this fact by claiming if you've been vaccinated you don't get Covid as severe which is another falsehood. That may have been true with the traditional flu shot but is certainly is not true with the genetic Covid RNA shot. Vaccination showed an increase in infection because they were injecting people with live viruses not dead ones like they do in traditional vaccines.

Second, the Covid RNA vaccines are not safe. The dramatic rise in all cause mortality is evidence of that. Myocarditis never used to be a thing before RNA vaccines. RNA vaccines bypass the immune system and takes the virus right into your heart and organs. Athletes with heart problems never used to be a thing until the Covid RNA vaccines. They do more harm than good.

Drone show in Vancouver

Kid Carson is reporting that " Hey Guys... Happy Friday! Who's going to the drone show tonight? Pixel Sky Animations is putting on a synchronized LED drone show over False Creek. There'll be live performances by Ray Kash and Dezza, some mind-blowing visual art pieces, and, of course, some refreshing cocktails from Bootleggers. Sounds cool. - **Date & Time:** September 15, TONIGHT 5-11 pm - **Location:** Science World and False Creek - **Tickets:** They're priced between $49.26 to $96.12. I'm not buying tickets... I'm just going to bike over with my 2 sons and look up. I mean... come on. Hope to see some of you there!"

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Venus Rising: the Morning Star

The seasons are changing. I can no longer see the sunrise on my way to work in the morning but I can see Venus. It was very bright above an orange sky over a foggy horizon. Venus is called the morning star because it's the lastt star we see on the horizon before sunrise. It's also the first star we see on the horizon after sunset. Mercury is pretty hard to spot but you can see it this month in the northern hemisphere. The next small planetary alignment takes place on January 27, 2024.

Update: The next day the same thing. this morning your could see Venus rising above an orange horizon. It was high and bright. Normally it's a bit lower on the horizon. It was all alone. Yesterday was the new moon. When the planets do align you can see them line up with Venus and the moon along an axis. So right now we can see Venus rising in the morning sky all on it's own.

I'm sure there's an astrological significance to that but it looks cool. This morning the fog was pushed down below the horizon so you could see the landscape of mountains from the freeway. When I got to work the fog was blocking the view of the mountains on the horizon but you could see them from a distance. I'm sure there's another allegory in there.

There was a bright orange horizon at sunset tonight with a red setting sun providing a backdrop to the city towers in Surrey. I'm still trying to find a nice place in Surrey to watch the sunset. It's hard to get above the trees without leaving the city. Sunrise, sunset. The morning breaks...