Friday, September 1, 2023

Neil Young and the Next Generation of Blues

Neil Young: Old Man - Heart of Gold - Hey, Hey, My, My - Rockin In The Free World

Amanda Ventura: The Way - Harmonica Blues Indiara Sfair: Improv - Good Feelings


  1. Neil Young - "The Needle and the Damage Done". Drive slowly from Hastings/Main, down Hastings to Cambie while listening to that song.

    1. Remember when Neil Young removed all his music from Spotify because of Joe Rogan's anti-vaxx misinformation? I remember! Must feel weird to know your musical heroes think you're a fucking moron huh Dennis?

    2. No two people agree on every issue. Neil Young is not my hero. I like some of his old songs that is all. The point was illustrating the next generation of Blues on the harmonica. I don't care about an obscure comment he made 40 years ago.

      I did not agree with his position on Joe Rogan yet if he wants to remove his music from Spotify he is free to do so. What I personally find mentally deranged is the obsession with anyone who disagrees with anything you believe. That's what the cancel culture leftists do.

      It's like your obsession with the shingles vaccine. I chose to take it yet I would oppose making it mandatory. The whole point behind the freedom to choose is the freedom to choose and it does bring us back to your obsession with the flat earth theory. I reject the flat earth theory and that's something I can't help you with. People have the right to disagree.

    3. If you don't believe in flat earth theory you're a communist libtard brainwashed by Justin Trudeau and the WEF.

    4. Exactly. Thank you for proving my point. There's really nothing else to discuss.


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