Monday, September 11, 2023

9/11 and the Air India bombing

There was a disturbing documentary about 9/11 that came on in the lunchroom today at work. It was on the History Channel. I say it was disturbing because what happened that day was horrific. The documentary went over the lives of some of the victims of 9/11 which was of course heartbreaking. Yet they kept pushing that insane narrative about planes being hijacked with box cutters. That never made sense from day one. It's somewhat shocking that the fake news is still trying to use that horrific event to rationalize giving up freedom.

Now it's a new narrative. They've thought up new excuses to take away our freedom but they all have a common thread - motive. When I was interviewing a Director from Sikhs for Justice yesterday the subject of Air India came up. He mentioned motive and intent and I mentioned means and motive. I said CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing. If they hadn't provided the explosives it would not have happened. The suspects had no means to commit that crime. To my astonishment, he was not aware of that fact.

This shows you how the fake news buries true reports that are damning to the narrative. A shocking atrocity is revealed and everyone forgets about it because the fake news buries it. 10 years ago I made a blog post about it. The CBC did a documentary about the trial. This was before the fall of the CBC back when they were passionate about investigative journalism. Times have certainly changed but there was a time when they weren't fake news.

In the documentary they showed interviews and court transcripts. In the trial the RCMP stated that CSIS had a handler that not only helped plan the attack, he actually provided the explosives. That's not a conspiracy theory, that's a historical fact. It was something I was shocked to discover. It's not something I made up. My blog post linked to the documentary.

After I linked to it, it was taken off YouTube so I found another copy and linked to that. After I linked to it, the second copy was also taken off YouTube. Or at least set to private so no one can see it. Perhaps they got it taken down by citing the Air India Inquiry mandate.

The Director I interviewed yesterday was familiar with the Air India inquiry. I think he's actually a lawyer. He said that the Inquiry was given a strict mandate. First, they were not allowed to find responsibility. Like WTF? One would assume that would be an important part of the inquiry. The other directive was if they did find evidence of any foreign interference that would damage Canada's relationship with other countries, they were not allowed to publish it. That was insane. Those two directives clearly shows you something fishy is going on.

Kind of like the instructions the judge gave to the jury in the Robert Pickton trial. After Janice Edwards testimony, the judge told the jury that they could convict Willie if he wasn't the only suspect. The judge even went so far as to say the jury could convict him even if he wasn't the main suspect, just an active participant. Those instructions came after the court heard that Dianne Rock was gang raped on the Pickton farm before she was murdered. Obviously, a gang rape would implicate more than one suspect.

Likewise with the Mission Women inquiry. As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned, Wally Opal shut down the inquiry and turned it into a "less adversarial" panel discussion so he could more easily censor evidence. His rationale was the inquiry's purpose was not to find other suspects. Just like the Air India fake inquiry.

The Corbett Report still has the truth posted about CSIS's involvement with the Air India Bombing. The report states "the fact remains that a mole of the Canadian intelligence service founded the group that ran the bombing, helped organize and pull off the bombing, and escaped without charge." Surjan Singh Gill, the person who planned the attack and provided the explosives worked for CSIS. An old CBC article they haven't taken down yet confirms he worked for CSIS. The Air India Inquiry wasn't allowed to report that but everyone else is.

"The documents are transcripts of an interview conducted by the RCMP with Ajaib Singh Bagri after his arrest in October 2000. Officers laid out the case against him and then said one of the members of the alleged conspiracy was an agent for Canada's spy agency. That person's name was Surjan Singh Gill, who at the time described himself as the consul-general of Khalistan."

The fake news said Ripudaman Singh Malik was the bomb maker. That is not true. He didn't make the bomb. CSIS provided it. Malik was shot dead in Surrey last summer. A year later the Temple president was executed. There are a lot of shady things going on here.

We cannot talk about the Air India bombing without talking about CSIS's involvement. Likewise, we can't talk about 9/11 without talking about the CIA's involvement. 15 9/11 hijackers came in from Saudi Arabia. Their visas were denied but the CIA overruled the passport office and made sure the hijackers visas were approved. That is not a conspiracy theory, that is a historical fact.

There are two excellent 9/11 documentaries we should all watch on this anniversary of that horrific event. One is Loose Change 9/11. The other is 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out. Loose change talks about Operation Northwards and Explosive Evidence talks about thermite. As for Air India, there were Sikhs on the plane. Sikhs wouldn't kill Sikhs. Not only is the narrative false, it doesn't even make sense.

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  1. Awesome post, man. Agreed CBC has gone to shit. Have you scene the 5th estate about Swiss air? Raises a lot of questions. The episode of Mayday about Swissair also strangely mentions someone from WEF was onboard. Another good doc
    Is “7/7 Mind the Gap” about the tube bombings in London. The assertions they make in that film are extraordinary

    1. I didn't even know about the Swiss Air one. As for the London bomb on on the tube, from what I recall the evidence showed the bomb blew up from under the train it wasn't from a bag left on the train. The motive for the Lockerbie bombing was clear.

    2. Ya check out the 5th estate about Swiss air for sure. In Mind the Gap the film makers suggest that the bombers thought they were taking part in an antiterrorist drill with fake bombs. One guy’s train was late by like 45 mins. When he heard the news that the other people actually blew up real bombs, he ditched his bag and made his way to a media outlet where he was killed by a sniper before he could tell his story. It’s a good watch if you can find it

  2. Right on!

    Bullshit and Lies.

    The minute we stop accepting the bullshit is the second it ends.

  3. A must watch documentary on 9/11 is called Empire Unmasked. You won't find it on Netflix like Loose Change and YouTube deleted it long ago. It's on Rumble. It has a lot of details to back it up.

  4. Regarding 9/11 you want to read up on "Operation Able Danger".


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