Friday, September 15, 2023

Health Canada's secret Covid Vaccine contracts

First of all the Covid RNA vaccines are not effective. Everyone knows that. The evidenced based data shows that you can still get Covid even if you have been vaccinated. In fact the data shows you are more likely to get Covid if you have been vaccinated so basically the vaccine doesn't work and we should demand all our tax dollars back.

They rationalized this fact by claiming if you've been vaccinated you don't get Covid as severe which is another falsehood. That may have been true with the traditional flu shot but is certainly is not true with the genetic Covid RNA shot. Vaccination showed an increase in infection because they were injecting people with live viruses not dead ones like they do in traditional vaccines.

Second, the Covid RNA vaccines are not safe. The dramatic rise in all cause mortality is evidence of that. Myocarditis never used to be a thing before RNA vaccines. RNA vaccines bypass the immune system and takes the virus right into your heart and organs. Athletes with heart problems never used to be a thing until the Covid RNA vaccines. They do more harm than good.


  1. "basically the vaccine does work and we should demand all our tax dollars back."

    Should probably be "does not".

    If it doesn't work, then what was it's purpose? Control and for the liars to get rich.


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