Thursday, September 21, 2023

One Million March for Children

Opinion: I’m a lesbian and the queer activists don’t speak for me.

True North is reporting that "Protests against gender ideology in publicly funded schools will be taking place in communities across Canada Wednesday, as more parents grow frustrated with controversial sex-ed teachings. The marches are being organized in part by Muslim parents, who have been increasingly disillusioned with school teachings on gender and sexuality."

Yesterday these marches to protect children from sexualization, grooming and indoctrination were held across the country. In many areas they were led by the Muslim and the Sikh community. In Ontario, Jagmeet Singh was on the wrong side of this march. Jagmeet wasn't marching with other Sikhs, he was marching with the ANTIFA counter protesters demanding the sexualization of children. This is what I mean when I say his policies contradict the teachings of the Sikh temple.

I have a lot of friends who are Mormon. I oppose Mitt Romney not because he's a Mormon but because he's a bad Mormon just like Jagmeet is a bad Sikh. Glen Beck is a patriot, Mitt Romney is not. Mitt Romney is a globalist. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. An enemy from within so to speak. Ezra Taft Benson was a passionate supporter of the Constitution. Mitt Romney is not.

The Muslim community in Canada are upset about two leaked audio recordings when Canadian teachers were chastising Muslim children for not attending school during Pride celebrations. They were derided for their religious beliefs and were told if they don't abandon them they don't belong in Canada. That is so untrue. That teacher who refuses to respect the religious freedom in the Charter of Rights is the one who doesn't belong. That is discrimination on prohibited grounds.

I just want to mention two things. 1) How the media is misrepresenting these protests and 2) The hateful vengeance of the counter protesters. The media is lying about the protests claiming they are anti LGBT which is simply not true. Gays Against Groomers are not anti Gay. They are anti child grooming. I interviewed Robert Wallace from the Arizona chapter of Gays Against Groomers. He is a really good person. Matt Rey is also from the Arizona chapter of GAG. He is transgender and is having a lot of health problems from the transitioning and detransitioning process.

Children are too young to make the decision to become life long pharmaceutical patients. They need to wait to make that decision until they are old enough to vote. Grooming them to transition without their parents' consent is child abuse. Blair White is transgender. She also believes children need to be protected not groomed and feels they need to wait until they are adults to make that decision. So claiming these concerns are anti LGBT is simply not true.

I also interviewed Pierre Barns from exposing SOGI 123 .com What they are teaching the children is not appropriate. Promoting incest has nothing to do with LGBT. The books they are reading young children are not appropriate.

The book A Long Dark Shadow promotes pedophilia. It strives to normalize and stigmatize pedophiles by referring to them as MAPS - Minor Attracted Persons. One of the books in the Chilliwack school library that Action4Canada was complaining about called Identical promotes incest. It's about two young sisters. One is being sexually abused by their father, the other isn't. The one that's not being sexually abused becomes jealous of the one who is. That is insane.

The other point I'd like to make is the demeanor of the counter protesters. As one commenter pointed out they are indeed filled with hate. They are consumed with hate. It's like the ANTIFA protesters in Ontario that were verbally abusing that senior citizen using a walker. They were preventing her from crossing the street at the crosswalk and were screaming in her face "Nazi scum get off the street." Her husband fought the Nazis in the war.

What they did was shameful land that is their MO. I remmeber Drea saying she had to hire security because the counter protesters were so violent. In recent footage ANTIFA thugs were screaming leave drag queens alone. No one is going out of their way to harass drag queens. Parents are objecting to the grooming of their children in school. That is their right.

Drag Queens are free to be Drag Queens. Just don't force your lifestyle on our children. You wouldn't want us to force our religion on your children. We expect the same respect for our children. Leave the children alone. Taking young children to any stripper is not appropriate.


  1. The only ones spewing hatred, violence and aggression is the trans group. Put it right back at them, don’t see us parents/child protectors calling trans people names, do you?
    Huge disappointment in Eby’s statement as premier and whoever that person who is the “commissioner of human rights.” Boy have they drank the koolaid. Eby is not getting any votes next election, he has just tanked the NDP. Shame on those two! They’re parents!


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