Sunday, September 24, 2023

Forest Fires: Planned Ignition versus Planned Cuts

I just want to reiterate the obvious. We've talked about how BC's response to fighting forest fires has changed for the worse and how it is difficult to believe that these changes are simply negligence. It's hard to believe it's not intentional since they coincide with the WEF agenda.

Two examples that come to mind this summer are the Shuswap fire and the Kelowna fire. The Shuswap fire was made much worse by a planned ignition and the Kelowna fire never should have got that close to the town. It's on a lake. Water bombers can fill up right there. The NDP's negligence in that fire looked like they were simply trying to burn down a rival riding.

Two years ago the local media asked why giant water bombers were sitting idle while BC burns. Then the BC NDP responded with their ridiculous rationalization. They said we need smaller planes and helicopters that are more maneuverable. That is insane. Maneuverability has nothing to do with it. When you fight a fire the more water the better. A helicopter with a bucket is not it.

When you're fighting a fire which is better. Throwing a single bucket of water or turning on a fire hose? The fact that the BC NDP is refusing to use the large water bombers and put them up for sale is a scandal far worse than fast ferries. Using helicopters to light fires is another aspect of it.

Let's talk about planned ignition. The theory is, if you set a fire on the outskirts of a fire, by the time the original fire gets there it will be out of fuel and have nothing to burn. However, there is an inherit problem with that theory.

Let's do the math. Say we have a fire moving south. We light a fire south of that fire so it will run out of fuel when it gets to that point. Why is the fire moving south? It is because the wind is blowing south. If we light a fire south of that fire, why would that fire move north? It wouldn't. The logic is inherently flawed and they don't care because ultimately they don't want to fight fires they want to exasperate them to justify their agenda.

The fake news isn't covering the scandal because they want the drama. They want to show horrific images of destruction from fires so they can blame in on climate change and usher in the New World Oder. Climate change is no reason to throw away civil liberty and usher in the WEF's twisted brand of Communism. Neither is arson or negligence.

Let take the reasoning behind planned ignitions and apply it to a different solution. One that would be much safer and much more cost effective. Say we have a fire moving south. Instead of lighting a fire south of that fire which would probably move south, let's do a narrow clear cut south of that fire. Forest fires move fast don't ya know. Ya I know but so does machinery. Machinery cost money don't ya know. Ya I know but harvesting the trees would pay for it. Just sayn.


  1. Hey i got no comment on anything 2 do with this story. I live in Europe & just want u 2 give a look into how with a war Ukraine, how do po professional sports still continue in a war torn country??not only 8n the country but ther national teams ,football swimming etc. Still compete? Better yet how do they fly out of a war zone?? A friend of a friends friend is married 2 a Ukrainian woman, she & ther children still lived ther at the outbreak of the war. With all these horrific war scenes & videos released at the beginning of it. He lived in Thessaloniki flew home got into his vehicle &drove directly 2 the Ukraine 2 save his wife &children. Wen got ther he was so scared of being killed captured God only knows wut?? But wen he got closer to the Ukraine border he nvr seen smoke fires destroyed buildings. Instead life as usual. He asked his wife nd people wits wrong with u? Are u not scared of being killed? The people asked from wut?? He said Russia invaded u!! The only response he got was laughter. Peolle in bars using public transportation like i said life as usual. Google Ukrainian Athletic games & competition scores & events during this savage war & do ur thing. I do kno the Ukrainian national football & swimming teams team competed during the war. Pretty amazing isnt it 2 fly in & out of war zone? I have no intrest in being published or known. Just want 2 see ur investigation.

    1. That's a good question. I'll see what I can find. We know there is a lot of money in aid going to the Ukraine that is being laundered elsewhere. To my knowledge Russia basically went in to protect the Donbas from bombing. I'm not sure how much combat is ongoing but I understand the Ukraine is running out of recruits.

  2. That's because athletes get an exemption from the law forbidding Ukrainian men 18-45 from leaving the country.


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