Saturday, September 2, 2023

Ensign Ranch Washington State

Thursday after work my clutch cable was delivered so I took it to the shop and they were able to fix my motorcycle that night. Perfect timing because I had Friday off work and signed up for a conference at Ensign Ranch in Washington Sate. Taking the bike down saved a lot of money on gas. I stopped at a rest area on the way down and they had an ad for That looks pretty cool. It's just south of Olympia. They also had an ad for State parks at It's good to find out where the State Parks are.

Ensign Ranch is nice. They have a climbing wall and canoes on a lake. The lake is really cute but very small. It's run by the LDS church but anyone can camp there when conferences aren't on. It's kind of hard to find as it's not well marked. I blew past the turn off several times as Google was giving me conflicting directions.

If you're coming from Canada you take the I5 to Seattle then take the I90 towards Spokane. Ya go through the Snoqualmie Pass, past Easton and take the Golf Course Road exit. Turn left, then left at the sign beside the fire station. I guess you can get there from the Nelson exit as well. I must of had it flipped around. I'm not sure. If you get to Cle Elum you're gone too far.

There was a ton of people there I didn't know and I found it a bit overwhelming so I bailed and came home early. I wanted to beat the rain and the rush at the border from the long weekend. I've met a lot of really nice Americans this summer. It's nice to see families camping with their kids. That's normal, healthy and wholesome. It was a clear night and the moon was so bright it cast a shadow like when I was at Bowron Lake. This is the sun rise this morning at Ensign Ranch.
Speaking of surfing standing waves in a kayak, I found a brochure about a wave pool beside Lake Chelan in Washington State that lets you surf a standing wave called Lakeside Surf. That looks really cool. That looks like a great way to practice surfing in a safe environment.

I also found a brochure for boat tours in Seattle that take you through the locks to Lake Union. They have doughnut boats there like the barbeque boats outside Granville Island in Vancouver.

I understand that there's an Ensign Ranch in Utah that has a long distance gun range and course. I'd like to see that. I'm told the one in Washington has a gun range and a black powder range. When I inquired about it they said it wasn't going to be open for this conference and to leave your guns at home so I forgot to check out where it was on site. I'm told they use to have a zip line and horses on site but got rid of them over liability concerns which was sadly unfortunate.

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