Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Logistics of Means and Motive

Update: Means and Motive Part Two: Mass Shootings

We've talked a bit about 9/11 and Air India. Now I want to dive a little deeper into the logistics of means and motive. Every crime has a means and motive. This is what we need to examine if we are going to try and solve a crime. In the Surrey Pressure Cooker Entrapment case, without the RCMP the targets had no means or motive to commit the crime. That is why it was deemed entrapment by the court. Likewise with Air India. CSIS provided the explosives.

If they had not done so the horrific tragedy never would have happened. CSIS' targets had no means of committing the crime. We'll talk about motive later. The point is Surjan Singh Gill worked for CSIS. Interesting to note that the sworn testimony of Dave Hayer's father Tara Singh Hayer conformed that the CSIS agent, Surjan Singh Gill was the one that provided the bomb. Ripudaman Singh Malik did not make it. CSIS did.
On the matter of motive, let's take a look at the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 outside Lockerbie, Scotland. The primary event that occurred during that bombing was the murder of Major Charles McKee and his team who were on their way home with evidence of the CIAs drug trafficking in Lebanon. Moammar Gadhafi had no motive to kill him and prevent him from testifying against the CIA. The only ones that had a motive to kill him was the CIA.

Now let's talk about the assassinated Indira Gandhi. Before we examine the list of suspects, let's set the stage. The CIA and the State run media assures us that two of her Sikh bodyguards murdered her. OK let's dial it back a bit. Don't you think it's a bit strange she had Sikh bodyguards? I mean if she was the one that approved Operation Blue Star wouldn't she replace her Sikh bodyguards first?

She's surrounded by Sikhs with guns and she authorizes a military attack on the Sikh leaders in the Punjab and an invasion of their most sacred holy site the Golden Temple. Something doesn't quite add up here. If she authorized that operation, she would have known that would have created a whole lot of tension with her bodyguards. I don't think she did and I'll tell you why.

Why would she hire Sikh bodyguards in the first place? That tells me two things. That tells me she didn't trust some of her own people and it shows she was definitely trying to include the Sikh community in her democracy. Do you think that might have pissed off some of the extremists in her own community? The original Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu extremist because he felt Gandhi was being too conciliatory towards the Muslims in India.
Do you not think the Hindu extremists who murdered the original Ghandi were also upset she had Sikh bodyguards? I don't think she approved Operation Blue star. I think that was an intelligence operation and when she objected to it they killed her just like they kill Kennedy when he vetoed Operation Northwoods. Her son Rajiv was assassinated 7 years after she was.

Last Sunday when I was interviewing Sikhs outside the Khalistan referendum I heard testimony that not only was the current government of India persecuting Sikhs in the Punjab, they were also persecuting Muslims in India as well. The current government and the extremists that support it, want to purge India of other religions and languages. The intelligence community is supporting that because it is a step towards the WEF agenda. First you eliminate all religions but one then you eliminate that one final religion and Mission Accomplished.

Interesting to note, at the time the Soviet press hinted broadly at CIA involvement in the assassination of India's prime minister Indira Gandhi. The Economic Times quoted the CIA and said "USSR lost closest ally with Indira Gandhi's assassination, but would maintain ties with son."

So if Indira Gandhi and her son were both close allies with Russia then the CIA are definitely suspects in their murder. Outlook India reported that "The Jain Commission's final report focuses on a larger international conspiracy, and the CIA-Mossad-LTTE link, in the Rajiv killing."

Beyond Headlines confirms that "The final report mentions Amos Radia and Giorce Betchar as agents operating for the Israelis in India." Mossad and the CIA are joined at the hip.

Now just because Russia claims the CIA assassinated Indira Gandhi, doesn't mean they did but the fact that she was a ally with Russia means the CIA are clearly a suspect. Big Brother is not always right but Big Brother is not always wrong either. If it wasn't for the Russian spy sub that stumbled across the attack on the USS Liberty we would never have known the truth as that vessel would have been sunk according to President Johnston's orders.

What are the fact we can prove? We can prove the USS liberty was attacked. That fact is not disputed. It was attacked by an ally. Israel claimed they didn't know it was an American naval ship. That was a lie. One of the Israeli pilots that was ordered to fire on the vessel later stated he saw the American flag and refused to fire at it. He said that is an ally. He was threatened with court martial if he didn't fire on the vessel. A US Aircraft carrier heard the distress calls of the USS Liberty and dispatched air support. President Johnston recalled that air support. Those are facts.

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