Wednesday, September 13, 2023

BC Liberal MLA crosses floor to join the Conservatives

True North is reporting that "BC United MLA Bruce Banman is crossing the floor to join the BC Conservatives, True North has learned. The Abbotsford South MLA will announce the move Wednesday morning. This marks the second sitting MLA to leave the BC United caucus, formerly called the BC Liberals. With two sitting MLAs, the BC Conservatives will now have official party status in the legislature." Now that's what I'm talking about. That's better than the PPC.


  1. I know Bruce he is a good man and his skills will be of better use in the BC Cons.

  2. If there is a full slate of B.C. Conservatives running in the next provincial election, people who are center right and right again, voters will have a choice if they don't want to vote Green or NDP. iT MAY balance things out a bit in the provincee

    1. People who aren't left of the Berlin wall and don't support sexualizing children in school will have a choice.


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