Thursday, September 21, 2023

Kelowna Convoy YouTuber vindicated

BC court dismisses Kelowna RCMP officer’s case against independent journalist

Kelowna RCMP officer's suit against protester tossed by judge

OK this is the case of good cop bad cop. We've just heard about Donald Best and Helen Grus, now let's talk about Conrad Erbes over in KTown. May 5th I reported on a YouTuber in Kelowna that was harassed for covering a Convoy support rally in Kelowna. Turns out he races sports bikes. That gopro video of him on the hill climb gives me the heebie jeebies because I know how much he must be leaning to make those turns. It's like the saying what could possibly go wrong? Well, at those speeds, a lot could go wrong. I'm just an old slug on a cruiser.

Well his first ticket was voided and the defamation suit was dismissed. His next court appearance is October 30th for a second ticket he was given long after the fact when he showed up at court to dispute the first ticket. His second ticket claimed his license plate was not visible yet the police Wraith Report shows a picture of it so I'm not sure what's up with that.
The second ticket was also a fine for not giving his name and address. That's kind of petty since he wasn't charged with an offense. Section 73 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Act specifically says on a highway. I'm not sure if that means any road or highway but it says highway. Section 73 (1) says if you are driving the motor vehicle and a police officer stops you. He wasn't driving the vehicle he was parked minding his own business. Obviously the concern is about harassing someone for covering a political protest. His name is Marcel Irnie and he also has a cool Rumble channel.


  1. Irnie just keeps on winning 😎

  2. I think we all support law and order without supporting control freak cops. "Officer discretion", come on, use it guys. The first line of defense can also be the first line of oppression.


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