Sunday, September 17, 2023

Never accept Hate or their False Narrative

Last week I woke up to my alarm for work and a commercial came on from the Broadcasters Association of British Colombia. It was going on an on about opposing hate pushing the same old false narrative. These anti hate circus freaks are the most hateful people on the planet so we're going to do a deep dive illustrating it and the root cause of it.

Brando Straka is the leader of the Walk Away movement. His landmark testimonial said he originally he left the right because he opposed their hate. Then the left changed and became far more hateful than the right so he left the left and started the Walk Away movement encouraging LGBT and everyone else to leave the Democrat party because of the hate. He nailed it.

Gays Against Groomers don't hate Gays. They hate child grooming. They hate the sexualization and exploitation of children as we all should. Hate the sin love the sinner. It's OK to hate the sin. I'm not talking about hating people who have a different opinion than you but there's nothing wrong with hating child molestation. That's why Blaze persistently falsely accuses people who disagree with his far left liberal lies of being child molesters.

He falsely accuses people of things to try and discredit them to hide his own misconduct. Yet while he's falsely accusing people of being child molesters he is at the same time promoting child molestation by claiming if you are anti SOGI you are anti Gay. Blaze even had the audacity to recently call me hateful. That freak is the most hateful person on the planet only he doesn't hate sin he hates morality. Sound familiar? That's what this all boils down to.

ANTIFA are filled with hate yet they claim they oppose hate. That is a lie. They promote hate by promoting lies just like the Broadcasters Association of BC. ANTIFA call themselves Anti Fascists. They hate Fascism. We all do. Only they claim everyone who disagrees with the World Economic Forum's twisted brand of Communism is a Fascist. Let's face it, ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. They were Communists who built a wall to keep people prisoners but they claimed it was to keep the Western Fascists out. Everything about their position is a lie. They promote lies so they can promote hate and this brings us back to the Father of all lies and the root of the conflict. One side hates sin and slavery. The other side hates morality and freedom.

It's like the BC Law Society. They were passionately opposed to law students from Trinity Western University being accepted into the bar. Remember the Charter of Rights protects the freedom of religion. You can't ban Muslims or Christians or Jews or Sikhs from becoming lawyers just because you disagree with their morality but that's exactly what that conflict was about.

It was humorous to hear the Law Society complain about Trinity Western University's moral commitment for their students. After all, you wouldn't want a lawyer with morals. That would be a conflict of interest. Lawyers become judges for heaven's sake and we can't have judges with morals. That would ruin everything.

The rainbow flag used to represent inclusion. Now it represents hate especially the new version of that flag. It no longer represents LGBT. Now it represents Q + which includes any and every perversion known to man and any we haven't even thought up yet. It represents pedophilia, sadomasochism, beastuality and even Satanism. One of the Drag Queen groups grooming young children in school to change their gender without their parents consentt were Satanists.

Even that clown that was selling transgender gear though Target was a Satanist. Then the media lied and said Conservatives falsely accused him of being a Satanist. The media lied. He is a Satanist. He even wore a shirt that said Satan respects pronouns. The term Q + is infinite. It means we not only accept and protect MAPS - Minor Attrackted Persons, we hate anyone who doesn't. If you don't accept and protect pedophiles then you are a Fascist. That is ridiculous.

We all have to draw a line somewhere. I draw my line at LGBT. I reject Q + because it's infinite. It includes pedophilia, bestiality and Satanism. People have a right to be Satanists but they do not have a right to push their religion on my kids or my grand kids in school. Satanists hate morality. They hate traditional family values. They are obsessed with destroying the family so they can destroy society and create order amidst the chaos - their order and that doesn't include freedom.


  1. Not hating the evil doer is great but sooner or later it's going to be time to smite them hip and thigh. "Jawbone of an ass" and all that. Defending ones self and children from evil is just self defense.

    1. Yes. I will admit that it is sometimes very hard for me to distinguish between the sin and the sinner especially when the sinner is so arrogantly defiant in committing abominations. I realize everyone has sin but I also realize there are varying degrees of sin and not all sin is equal.

      When someone consistently lies and false accuses to steal liberty from others, I don't have the time of day for that. When someone defiantly promotes pedophiles and the sexualization of children, I don't have the time of day for that. I do not love that sinner. That's why I'm me. Yet if someone leaves that behind and changes, I can accept that.

      Oh and don't get me started on self defense. "Any man who will not fight for his wife and children is a coward. One thing uglier than war is cowardice and the refusal to defend one's loved one in the breach." Sailor's rights. Protection of persons and property. There is a time for all things. A time for war and a time for peace.

  2. Commies never change. Globalists never will either. This is because their ideology is their religion, for them it has replaced their faith in God, if they ever had any. They see themselves as the paragons of right and virtue. Usually they are personally deficient in some way and this is the way they compensate for that so they can tell themselves that they are not.


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