Friday, September 22, 2023

Another Khalistan supporter murdered in Canada

The IndoCanadian Voice is reporting that "Manitoba's Winnipeg Police Service on Thursday announced that its homicide unit had identified the victim as 39-year-old Sukhdool Singh Gill and notifications to family members had been made. Interestingly, Indian Police had already informed media in Punjab about his murder on Wednesday as Canadian Police apparently contacted their Indian counterparts in order to inform his family members before releasing his name here."

That was the first thing that came to my mind. The instant a guy is killed in Canada, the India news is all over it. The exact same thing happened when the Surrey Temple president was killed. I find that suspicious. The second thing that came to mind is the picture.

It doesn't really look like a gang member. It looks more like a hunter. A brown guy wearing a baseball cap. You don't really see that too often around here. A camo hat to boot. There's no trendy logo on it. It looks more like a hunter. Now this may well have been a gang member who liked to hunt but already this murder seems suspicious. Black and white family pictures on an old piano. Looks pretty rustic. Doesn't look very gangster.

The third thing is even if this guy was a gang member that doesn't mean all the Khalistan supporters are. All those flags I saw in Surrey at the referendum on September 10th were not gang members. There are a lot of fishy things going on here and I can tell you CSIS is at the root of it. India's intelligence agency is on a pretty focused defamation campaign.
CBC is reporting that "Gill, also known as Sukha Duneke, appeared on a wanted list released via the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) this week by India's National Investigation Agency — a specialized counter-terrorism law enforcement agency." Things that make ya go hmmm...

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that "Winnipeg Police Service spokeswoman Const. Dani McKinnon would not comment on the veracity of widespread media reports in India on the slaying Thursday, claiming Gill was a gang member wanted in Punjab, an Indian state bordering Pakistan, for a slew of crimes. The Indian news outlets further alleged a rival gang faction in that country has taken credit for killing Gill, which they reported as a shooting." Oh really?

He was shot 10:00 AM on Wednesday the 20th. Indian Police had already informed media in Punjab about his murder on Wednesday, the same day he was shot. That's pretty much instantly. 3:27 AM · Sep 21st India's terrorist agency makes a post on Twitter placing him on a wanted list - right after he was shot. The timing of all this is a little bit shady.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that "Police are investigating the slaying of a 39-year-old man in a northwest Winnipeg neighbourhood Wednesday that could have international implications." Do you really think that CSIS and India's intelligence agency aren't working together? The CIA was directly involved on both sides of Operation Blue Star.

India's Intelligence Agency is reporting that "Sukhdool Singh was murdered to avenge the killing of Gurlal Brar, a close relative of US-based gangster Goldy Brar, according to sources."

I don't think so... Take a look at the murder of Gurlal Brar. India's intelligence agency claims he was murdered with datars and kirpans. Sorry I'm going to have to cry bullsh*t on that. Punjabi gangsters would not use religious items for a gang hit. The CIA and India's intelligence agency paid someone to do that to justify the ban on kirpans in India. Then they kill an activist in Canada after blaming him for a crime they committed. That's the way I see it and that's how I call it.

After all, they've done it before. Before they killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar they hired two gunmen to kill a Hindu priest in his home town and blamed it on him. The tragic thing is they actually killed someone and blamed it on him.

Here's the kicker. If Justin Trudeau believes the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a political assassination, then he must also believe he was not involved with the murder of the Hindu priest. That means the murder of the Hindu priest was a false flag executed by the intelligence community. I beleive that in a heartbeat but for Justin Trudeau to publicly admit that is new territory for them. It opens Pandora's box. If they did that then, what else did they do? A lot.

OK so what do we know? Locally we know they killed Gary Kang. Then they killed Anees Mohamed. Only they tried to make it look like Anees was killed by a rival in retaliation for Gary Kang when in reality, they killed them both. That's what we know but it doesn't end there.

Likewise they killed Jimi Sandu in Thailand. Then they killed Juvraj Jabal in Surrey and tried to blame it on a rival in retaliation for Jimi Sandu when in reality they killed them both. Just sayn.

CTV is reporting that Sukhdool Singh Gill was killed just hours after being put on India's most wanted list. Actually, if you look at the post on Twitter, that was made right after they killed him. "42 Gangsters and Khalistanian terrorists." That is a false defamation campaign. Just because you are a Khalistan supporter doesn't make you a terrorist or a gangster. The real gangsters are the ones raping Muslim women in India and diverting water away from farmers in the Punjab.

It's amazing how closely tied the intelligence community is to organized crime.


  1. When ever india has an enemy thats against the interest of india aka khalistan. They label them a terrorist or gangster.

    Remeber alot of charges are allegations are fabricted.
    Many thousands of sikhs have finished their prison sentences but dont get released. And not many people see this due to indian media being owned by the indian gov.

    Its prob one of the longest on going genocides in the world maybe aside from palestine.

  2. Why do you think half of the Sikh's live in Canada?

  3. Another warm welcome for the Turd!

    "A stain on this nation" as one protester so eloquently voiced.

    1. Justin Trudeau is a clown and Zelensky is a criminal but i don't support all the creaming and swearing. Desiderata - Go placidly amid the noise and the haste:

  4. There is a time for decorum, we've long since passed that.

    One can make a very strong argument western societies have been polite to a fault.

    1. I completely disagree. One could legitimately argue that claim is made by agent provocateurs sent in to discredit the resistance just like the flat earthers. We are different than ANTIFA. We are better than them.

      During the Convoy a representative form the Veterans 4 Freedom spoke and said we need to rise above the F*ck Trudeau flags. I agree. It was funny at first but became extreme. Our whole argument is that the Convoy was a family friendly positive event with bouncy castles for kids.

      During Tamara Lich's recent trial, video footage was released of her at the Convoy also saying we need to rise above the F*ck Trudeau flags as kids are around. Our whole argument is that the sexualization of children is wrong. It's a bit hypocritical if we start screaming and swearing in front of kids. It's not only hypocritical it is suspicious. That's exactly how Agent Provocateurs get their foot in the door. I do not support it at all. It looks cheap and crazy.

    2. I'd like you to provide a historically accurate example of people complying themselves out of tyranny?

      I am not talking anything to do with violence, but soley compliance and civility.

    3. I'm not going to continue this conversation. If you want to promote flat earth or screaming and swearing like an idiot, you're going to have to do it somewhere else. My position is clear. There's a time for war and a time for peace. There's also a time to protest in a noble and dignified manner. Martin Luther King used Gandhi as a role model. These agent provocateurs are not role models. They are trying to lead people astray just like the flat earthers. You do your thing, I'll do mine.

  5. Here is what informed citizenry looks like.

  6. Perspective of the calamity.


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