Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Air India Bombing on BBC

The BBC is reporiitng that "Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country was investigating credible allegations that could link the Indian government to the murder of a Sikh separatist leader in British Columbia. India has denied the allegations, calling them absurd. Since then, several commentators in India have brought up the 1985 attack."

It's somewhat bizarre that they would even mention that bombing without stating that CSIS provided the explosives for that bombing. That's a pretty important detail to omit. The fact that they did shows their bias. Surjan Singh Gill worked for CSIS. He founded the group and provided the explosives. Not a word about the government of India withholding water from farmers in the state of Punjab. NONE of the people I saw at the Khalistan referendum in Surrey were terrorists.


  1. Our beloved political elite always looking out for us commoners.

  2. If they can gloss over the fact that CSIS provided the explosives we really can't expect anything after that.


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