Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Game comes to Vancouver January 12th

604 Now is reporting that "One of rap’s heaviest hitters is coming to Vancouver this winter. Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name The Game, will be performing at the Harbour Event Centre on Saturday, January 12th, 2019. He is best known as a rapper in the West Coast hip hop scene and for being one of Dr. Dre’s signees under Aftermath Records."

The Game, famous for G-Unot as well as 300 bars and running is a legend. When my daughter was young we were all about G Unot. She wanted the Game's running shoes called Hurricane because it had a map of Compton on the tread. Brazil and Wimbledon yo.

Bad Blood, a dramatization of organized crime in Montreal is now on Netflix

Season one of Bad Blood a TV series on Vito Rizzuto in Montreal is now on Netflix.

Friday, December 7, 2018

UN Associate gunned down in Mexico

Kim Bolan is reporting that the police say a UN Associate was gunned down in Mexico Wednesday afternoon. Two Hells Angels associates were gunned down in Mexico earlier this summer. Robby Alkhalil's brother Nabil Alkhalil who sold drugs for the Hells Angels and Larry Amero was killed in August along with Guiseppe Bugge who police say is a Hells Angels associate. The police say.... the police say.... We know what the police say and we know who speaks for the police. We want to know what the police don't say and who will speak to that.

Khalil Alkhalil was shot dead in Surrey back in 2001 over a drug debt when he was 19. Mahmound Alkhalil was shot dead in the Loft six shooting back in 2003 when he was also 19. Nabil Alkhalil was shot dead last August and Robby Alkhalil, Larry Amero's drug dealing pal, is on trial for murder. Not a very good prognosis for the Alkhalil family.

Larry Amero's friends tend to get shot: Randy Naicker, Jonathan Bacon and Jeremy Bettan.

Surrey Launches Bar Watch

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Police and bar/restaurant operators in Surrey are launching an Inadmissible Patrons Program, or IPP, in an effort to further support public safety and deter individuals who are associated to violent crime from being in Surrey.”

So does that mean Randy Jones isn't allowed in Shakerz any more? That would be poetic justice. When is he getting extradited anyways? The Hells Angels sold cocaine out of the Dell Hotel

Does that mean the Cub pack isn't allowed in Panchos any more?

Bag of Hells Angels firearms found in Surrey

Post Media Propaganda opposes fiscal responsibility

Doug McCallum supports fiscal responsibility and so do I. He said he was dismayed by the City's $514 million debt and the Surrey Now Leader launched an attack campaign on fiscal responsibility saying Surrey's debt was within the legal limit. No one said it wasn't. Money Mart charges obscene interest that's within the legal limit. It's still bad business to use them.

Then the front page news called McCallum a liar stating Surrey's debt is $267 million not $514 million. After the dust settled the Vancouver Sun / Province admitted that the $514 million figure was correct if you included Surrey First's five year tax and spend plan which McCallum thankfully just cut. The full scale assault on fiscal responsibility is straight out of the twlight zone.

We need to live within our means. That is common sense. Wasting tax dollars on interest is bad business. Balancing the budget is what Doug McCallum was elected to do. Dianne Watts, Linda Hepner and Tom Gill were on the wrong track. It's time to set the record straight.

Post Media News owns the Vancouver Sun, Province as well as the Surrey Now Leader. Their reporting is clearly biased. Their support of fiscal irresponsibility is in support of their corporate advertisers who get rich off of tax dollars. Corporate Communism seeks to enslave consumers with taxes paying down unnecessary debt. Post Media News isn't worth lining the bottom of a bird cage with. The public need to find alternate news sources.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Telecom executive from China arrested in Vancouver

Keith Fraser is reporting that "A top executive with a major Chinese high-tech company has been arrested in Vancouver and is being sought for extradition by the United States apparently for allegedly violating U.S. trade sanctions against Iran."

I am not a fan of Communist China but I will say this arrest is a dirty deed done dirt cheap. So what was this telecom company accused of doing? Murdering political prisoners for their organs? Nope. That doesn't seem to bother anyone. What they are accused of doing is violating the United States trade sanctions against Iran. WTF?

The United States has the right to boycott trade with anyone they want to just like any other country has. They do not have the right to force their boycot on any other country just like any other country does not have the right to force the US to obey their selective boycott. This outrage is unprecedented because we have a foreign executive arrested in Canada who has not been accused of committing any criminal offence with the intent of extraditing them to the United States. That is just plain evil. If they can do it to her, they can do it to anyone. This is illegal.

Arresting someone for doing business with Iran? AYFKM? What are they going to do next, arrest the Prime Minister of England? A couple of minutes ago the United States was ready to sell Iran nuclear reactors. Now all of a sudden they are imposing sanctions on Iran again. This sounds a lot like Libya. One minute France is trying to sell Libya a nuclear reactor then as soon as they decide to buy a reactor from Argentina the world invades them. That was a dirty deal.

I realize the change in the policy on Iran comes from the election of a new president who is pro Israel. I get it. I'm not comfortable with selling Iran nuclear reactors any more than I am Canada selling Communist China nuclear reactors. I'm just saying it is a colossal double standard for the US to arrest a telecom executive for doing business with Iran when England is now selling Iran nuclear reactors after the US pulled out of the world agreement.

The US has every right to ask England not to sell Iran nuclear reactors but the US does not have the right to arrest the Prime Minister of England or anyone else if they happen to visit Canada just because they said no. The United States has jurisdiction within the US. They do not have jurisdiction outside the US.

I will point out that Iran aren't the bad guys here. Cyrus the Great was the one that set the Jews free after the Babylonian captivity. British and American meddling in the politics of Iran has breed extremism. Operation Ajax overthrew the democratically elected ruler of Iran to take over their oil.

This arrest in Vancouver has nothing to do with justice or human rights. It's about a trade war. That's all it is and we are all diminished by letting it happen unchallenged.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Gangsters out vindicated by the ghost of David Giles

Kim Bolan is reporting that the lawyer for the Hells Angels recently made a huge blunder in the civil forfeiture trial implicating one of their clients. Either that or they just threw one of their own under the bus again. Perhaps it's David Giles' payback from the grave.

I'm not going to name anyone directly or indirectly. I'm just going to say have a read of Kim Bolan's article. It vindicates this blog once again and ties in with the Britney Irving murder.

In case you missed it let's review the David Giles declaration and the transitive axiom of equality. David Giles stated that not every member of the Hells Angels is involved in criminal activity but anyone who uses the name of the club for criminal activity needs to have that activity approved by the local executive. David Giles was the vice president of the Kelowna chapter he was not the president. Yet David Giles told under cover officers that his Panama drug deal had approval of the chapter. If A=B And B=C Then A=C. Do the math.

Not that it matters because gang enforcement in BC is compromised and absolutely nothing will be done about it in this life but it's always nice to be vindicated after the fact. Perhaps this post will magically disappear but the facts will not disappear. History has recorded them. To this end I shall once again reiterate a poem by Bobby Sands called The Rythm of Time:

"There’s an inner thing in every man, Do you know this thing my friend? It has withstood the blows of a million years, And will do so to the end.

It was born when time did not exist, And it grew up out of life, It cut down evil’s strangling vines, Like a slashing searing knife.

It lit fires when fires were not, And burnt the mind of man, Tempering leandened hearts to steel, From the time that time began.

It wept by the waters of Babylon, And when all men were a loss, It screeched in writhing agony, And it hung bleeding from the Cross.

It died in Rome by lion and sword, And in defiant cruel array, When the deathly word was ‘Spartacus’ Along with Appian Way.

It marched with Wat the Tyler’s poor, And frightened lord and king, And it was emblazoned in their deathly stare, As e’er a living thing.

It smiled in holy innocence, Before conquistadors of old, So meek and tame and unaware, Of the deathly power of gold.

It burst forth through pitiful Paris streets, And stormed the old Bastille, And marched upon the serpent’s head, And crushed it ‘neath its heel.

It died in blood on Buffalo Plains, And starved by moons of rain, Its heart was buried in Wounded Knee, But it will come to rise again.

It screamed aloud by Kerry lakes, As it was knelt upon the ground, And it died in great defiance, As they coldly shot it down.

It is found in every light of hope, It knows no bounds nor space It has risen in red and black and white, It is there in every race.

It lies in the hearts of heroes dead, It screams in tyrants’ eyes, It has reached the peak of mountains high, It comes searing ‘cross the skies.

It lights the dark of this prison cell, It thunders forth its might, It is ‘the undauntable thought’, my friend, That thought that says ‘I’m right!’

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Planets visible in the December morning sky

Venus is known as the morning star because it is the first and last star seen on the horizon above the rising and setting sun. However, this morning there was another planet visible higher up on the horizon above the cresent moon two hours before sunrise. I'm trying to figure out which planet it is. It must have been Venus higher up on the horizon since Jupiter and Mercury appear lower down on the horizon while Saturn and Mars are out of the picture right now.

New Cosa nostra boss arrested in Italy

AP News is reporting that "Italian authorities said Tuesday they had dismantled the rebuilt upper echelons of the Mafia in the Sicilian capital by arresting 46 people, including the man presumed to have taken over as provincial kingpin after the death of “boss of bosses” Salvatore “Toto” Riina. Based on wiretaps, police determined that Settimo Mineo was elected head of a reconstructed “cupola,” or provincial mob commission, during a May 29 meeting of clan leaders in Palermo. It was the first time clan leaders had gathered in such a forum for years, and followed Riina’s November 2017 death, prosecutors said."

"Italy’s chief anti-Mafia prosecutor, Federico Cafiero de Raho, said the election of Mineo, 80, was significant because it showed that the center of power of Cosa Nostra had shifted to Palermo. Under Riina, its longtime base was Corleone, the Sicilian town made famous by writer Mario Puzo when he used Corleone as the main character’s name in his 1969 novel The Godfather.”

Monday, December 3, 2018

Dennis James Watson from Surrey has never been charged or accused of child molestation

On a matter of personal privilege, I will restate the obvious. Dennis Watson from Surrey, BC has never been charged or accused of child molestation. Ever. Blaze is lying. Again. My daughter is 26 years old and she is now married. Blaze really needs to get a life and stop using so much of his own product. I'm not the one in hiding, Blaze is.

Blaze is hiding out in Boston under the Witness Protection Program. How do I know that? He told me. The idiot just can't keep his mouth shut. That is why he is unreliable and untrustworthy.

Blaze, if you can't understand the difference between Jamie Bacon and Jimmy Bulger, I can't explain it to you. If you can't understand the difference between Chad Wilson and Bob Green, I can't explain it to you. The light light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not. Yet the Ghetto Gospel will continue to go forward into every hood possible. So mote it be.

Blaze I'd tell you to go to hell but I think you're already there. You're the one wailing and gnashing your teeth trying to hide you own misconduct by making up lies about others. Natural justice is simple. You have to live with yourself. I'm just glad I'm not you. Word.

In case people are wondering what I'm talking about, I'm referring to yet another post Blaze put on the Dirty about me. He claims that in his next post he will state that I raped my daughter's mother. So 27 years ago I raped my wife on our honeymoon right after we were legally and lawfully married. Like I said, I can confront evil, but I can't fix stupid.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Ontario Cop shoots another cop

CBC is reporting that "A Niagara Regional Police officer is in stable condition in a Hamilton hospital after being shot by a fellow police officer in Pelham, Ont., the service says. Around noon Thursday, several officers were investigating a collision that had happened days before in the area of Effingham Street and Roland Road in the rural area southwest of St. Catharines, Ont., when two of the officers became involved in an altercation, according to Monica Hudon, spokesperson for Ontario's Special Investigations Unit."

The Vice is reporting that "An Ontario cop was shot multiple times by a fellow police officer after an argument between the two became violent." The Toronto Sun is reporting that "The shooting, sources say, followed a “heated argument” and “fist fight” between a constable and a detective sergeant responding to a traffic accident around Roland Rd. and Effingham St. in Pelham, 22 kilometres south of St. Catharines."

"Wounded Const. Nathan Parker was in hospital fighting for his life Thursday while Det.-Sgt. Shane Donovan was determined to be the subject officer by the province’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Sources told the Toronto Sun that Donovan was losing a fight before the shooting. Up to five bullets were allegedly discharged from a police officer’s gun. Police officer shot by another officer in Niagara has extensive disciplinary record."