Monday, December 3, 2018

Dennis James Watson from Surrey has never been charged or accused of child molestation - Update

On a matter of personal privilege, I will restate the obvious. Dennis Watson from Surrey, BC has never been charged or accused of child molestation. Ever. Blaze is lying. Again. My daughter is 26 years old and she's married. Blaze really needs to get a life and stop using so much of his own product. I'm not the one in hiding, Blaze is. Blaze is not in prison. He is posting on my blog. Do the math people. The idiot just can't keep his mouth shut.

Blaze, if you can't understand the difference between Jamie Bacon and Jimmy Bulger, I can't explain it to you. If you can't understand the difference between Chad Wilson and Bob Green, I can't explain it to you. The light light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not. Yet the Ghetto Gospel will continue to go forward into every hood possible. So mote it be.

Blaze I'd tell you to go to hell but I think you're already there. You're the one wailing and gnashing your teeth trying to hide your own misconduct by making up lies about others. Natural justice is simple. You have to live with yourself. I'm just glad I'm not you. Word.

In case people are wondering what I'm talking about, I'm referring to yet another post Blaze put on the Dirty about me. He claims that in his next post he will state that I raped my daughter's mother. So 27 years ago I raped my wife on our honeymoon right after we were legally and lawfully married. Like I said, I can confront evil, but I can't fix stupid.

Update: Now the idiot has made yet another post on the dirty pretending to be a woman claiming that I sexually assaulted him and his daughter and that there is a search warrant issued for my arrest. Not. If you search the CSO criminal registry you will see that I have never been charged with a criminal offence and that I have never been charged with sexual assault. Ever. Blaze is a compulsive liar. Nothing he says makes sense.

His fetish for impersonating women is a bit strange. After all he started posting threats on my blog and on the dirty under the name Kayla as soon as I broke the story about his involvement with the Britney Irving murder. Blaze the drag queen hoeing for the PoPo. It sucks to be you.

Defamation on the Dirty shows Blaze is not in Prison.


  1. In this case, "The Witless Protection Program".....your tax dollars at work.

    Truth be told, a lot of the best law enforcement work comes from developing and running sources of information, AKA "snitches". The problem is, lazy cops rely too much on their snitches, it's easier than doing work themselves, and lazy cops wind up getting pawned by their informants, who need to be rigorously cornered on the information they provide, and when it doesn't check out, the informant is dropped, not coddled. In extreme cases where the potential informant has attempted to "play" law enforcement, and when it's a guy like Blaze who has involvement in the murder of a female, you hang that snitch jacket on him and kick him to the curb. "Natural justice" then takes it's course.

  2. Don't waste anymore time on this ass clown

    1. Yes, but if he is going to continue to make those ridiculous allegations about me every week as he claims, then I will certainly address them loudly and clearly.


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