Thursday, August 22, 2019

Defamation on the Dirty

Recently someone sent me a link to an old post on the Dirty Blaze had made falsely accusing me of being a rapist and a child molester. I said yeah that's old and sent him the link to my response. He said I need to get it taken down and I said nope. First of all, Nick is a POS.

Nick was on Dr Phil a couple of times. One women had paid him to get some defamatory stuff about her taken off the Dirty and he hadn't taken it down. He said people can start giving him payments and he will look into getting the material removed. That is blatant extortion.

Second, a court order would cost me five grand and I'm not spending five grand on that. Third, it's my evidence that Blaze is not in prison. He's the only troll I have left. The others have either been taken care of or simply lost interest. I'm really not that important.

The post on the Dirty the reader sent the link to was from December 6th 2018 where he was pretending to be my ex wife and makes numerous ridiculous accusations which were simply absurd. Then he ends it with I am "now being charged with rape by the surrey rcmp check out his k file on B.C. cso website." He made similar statements on previous posts he made about me. At first it was the false claim that I had been charged with sexual interference with a minor and that if you search the CSO registry you will see the file.

The only problem was the statements were false and completely fabricated. As soon as anyone checked his source and searched my name for criminal charges on the CSO registry, nothing was there. He was lying and he killed his own credibility by making a statement that people could check. He's the one that has k files not me. K files are domestic assaults.

On a subsequent post he pretended to be another women and claimed that I had raped him and his daughter. This time he said charges were pending. Well if you search the CSO registry you will see that I still haven't been charged with a criminal offense and that he was lying again. Each post gets more and more ridiculous to the point where it's so absurd it's boring. The first time he impersonated a woman on my blog was under the name Kayla when I exposed the fact that he lied about his whereabouts the day he and Joey killed Britney Irving.

Those posts on the Dirty are my evidence that Donahugh McWhirter is not in prison and that he regularly impersonates women as he trolls the Internet spreading ridiculous lies. This way, the next time he goes to court to lie for the Teletubbies, the judge will be able to clearly see through him and boldly declare, this witness is not credible. Be gone with him.


  1. Haha! That site is comic relief, no one takes anything on that site seriously. It's like the onion but not nearly as witty. You have a bunch of (for the sake of argument lets call them people) posting nonsense about people they don't like, and king douche comments on the bullshit comments.Its a site for 13 year olds to giggle at. Don't give it any thought it's a waste of time.

    1. Exactly. It was popular in the beginning but then people saw it was just a toilet and lost interest. No one reads it any more. It's like school yard children. "You're a fag. No I'm not you are. You like young boys. No I don't you do." It is the epitome of childishness.


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