Monday, August 12, 2019

Hong Kong protesters stage airport sit-in for support

DW dot com is reporting that "Around a thousand demonstrators staged a peaceful protest at Hong Kong Airport on Friday, handing out leaflets and carrying signs emblazoned with slogans in multiple languages aiming to build international support for Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement." In response Beijing sent in the riot police to beat them down.

France 24 has some on site videos showing the protesters appealing to travelers for support.

Communism is an abomination. There is no democracy in it.


  1. While we make plans to smuggle massive amounts of small arms into Hong Kong for use by freedom loving Chinese patriots, let us also hope that this pulling down of a homicidal regime can happen by a "mass movement" as I feel it had the potential to do in 1989.

    Those protesters wanted democratic reform along American lines, they even had a 10 ft tall Statue of Liberty they built. Unfortunately as "Tank Man" likely found out (to this day he has never been identified) a Chinese built T-54 tank is stronger, but the protestors did not have something back then that they have now. The Internet. The Chinese Communist Party was able to keep people in the dark even to this day about the extent of the Massacre. Estimates run from hundreds to thousands, but only the Chinese government knows for sure, and they aren't telling.

    The Chinese Commies are not going to give up. Ever. How can they afford to? They WILL try Tiananmen II. Count on it. The next step after that is either 1)Brutal repression or 2) Effective resistance. 2) requires weapons. The right man can start with only a knife, but your chances are better with at least a pistol, and from there you move up the food chain. There will be plenty of stuff laying around, I promise.

    1. Wishful thinking. I think Saint Stephen had some words of wisdom for Hong Kong:

  2. Trailrunner and I have agreed on something for the year: Communist china will pull another "/Tiananmen Sq" I have no doubt if the protestors do not stop China will send in their military, which has a garrison just across the border.
    They are running "ads" on Chinese t.v. about how they can "attack" in a city with their armed forces.
    given the Trump isn't interested and said on this evening's news he hoped it turned out o.k. for both sides, we know the Chinese government will not hesitate to send in the troops. Who is going to stop them? No the U.S.A. They've essentially said go for it, we won't interfere.

    Europe is a tad busy at the moment. Russia will appreciate any suppression of protests, they have enough of their own right now with protestors trying to have opposition politicians placed on the ballots for up coming elections and the population of Russia isn't too happy about the "small??" nuclear "accident". Many are concerned they're being lied to as they were during the Chernobyl incident.

    If Communist china sends in troops don't be surprised if the Japanese Parliament changes their constitution to provide them with a military.

    Was interesting, Donnie jr. was in Indonesia today, new Trump land hotel and play ground. financing by a Communist Chinese bank although it wasn't clear whether the bank was financing it or a Chinese government owned corporation was building the theme park. When news came out about that, the Indonesian partners advised China was dropping out, but no one was clear about what they were dropping out of.
    So if Donnie sr. is going to make tens of millions out of a complex involving a communist Chinese corporation, how committed is he to his country or helping the people of Hong Kong. You can bet if they start arriving in the U.S.A. as refugees, they'll be denied entry.

    In the meantime Canada has at least 300K citizens living in Hong Kong. If they all arrive home, it will be a busy. I'd suggest we can also expect another 100K refugees.

  3. I agree, I don't think Trump will provide any effective resistance to Chinese troops crossing into Hong Kong. Where it goes from there is up for grabs, motivated civilians can do a lot of damage to modern military troops in an urban environment, that's what makes MOBA/FIBA/MOUT a subject of specialization in the military world. Gravity either on it's own or in conjunction with flammable liquids, and "swarmings" of individual Chinese soldiers can provide initial small arms, ammo and combat gear, but make no mistake, if China wants Hong Kong, they will need to invade Hong Kong to do it, and it's going to be ugly. Unless someone makes arrangements for delivery, the Hong Kong civilians only real source of weaponry is going to be the Chinese Army, and that can be a bit sticky in the early stages of such conflicts, lives are always lost re-learning old lessons.

  4. The Chinese government is just waiting for any resistance in Hong Kong to justify their invasion, declare martial law, round up any dissidents and assimilate HK into their mainland.

  5. Trailrunner, you supplied some very interesting information on urban 'warfare'. Yikes!

    If Communist China does move troops into Hong Kong, it is hoped we in other countries will take a stand, if only to impose economic sanctions on China and freeze their assets in our countries.

    CBC has an interesting article up about the "media war" China is waging on various media platforms to put their side of the story out there.

    I've read the Canadian government has "dusted off" plans to cope with all 300K Canadian citizens returning in mass. We most likely would be wise to plan for an equal number of refugees. Many of the protestors' lives will be at stake. It is doubtful the U.S.A. will be interested in taking in refugees of colour, unless its the billionaire class.

    Has anyone done any ready on G.B's response or plans to all of this. it is after all they who signed the agreement with Communist China and I'm sure there is more than one person in Hong Kong who still holds British citizenship and hold a British passport.

  6. it was interesting to note on last evening news that the pro democracy, pro Hong Kong protestors here in Canada were met with pro communist china protestors. they were supporting beijin. what I find interesting in that is they left China to live in a democratic country. why protest people who want democracy. It doesn't make sense to me. they want to live in a democratic country, but would deny others the right to have democracy. they need to get a grip or do they want Canada to have a communist system also.

    yes, given we are a democracy they all have the right to protest, but to protest democracy, just doesn't make sense to me.

    1. People here protesting in support of Communist China makes no sense whatsoever.

    2. Update: As expected it turns out that the Pro Communism protesters were shipped in from China. They couldn't speak English.


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