Thursday, August 29, 2019

Canadian Mining companies wreaking havoc on the globe

The outrageousness of Brazil's president's defiant destruction of the rain forest forces us to examine the Canadian culpability in that atrocity. Canadian mining companies are wreaking havoc on the environment around the globe. They are giving Canada a bad reputation.

Here at home we are familiar with the Mount Polley mine disaster. We are also familiar with Imperial Metals intent to blow the top off of Catface Mountain in Clayoquot Sound and turn that mountain into an open pit mine. We are also familiar with the arsenic found at a pristine boat launch for the Broken Islands near Ucluelet left over from an old iron mine.

As you can imagine, these Canadian companies operating around the world are doing a lot worse. So much so it is giving Canada a bad reputation around the globe. Miningwatch Canada lists some mining news. The list is so staggering, it would take too long to cover in one post.

Suffice it to say that protesters in third world countries who complain about the pollution from Canadian Mining companies are being brutalized. That's because Corporate Communists don't believe in free speech. Nor do they share their wealth with the countries they exploit.

To make a long story short, Canadian Mining companies are in Brazil and are contributing to the deforestation of the rain forest. The question we need to ask this election is who is going to make these Canadian companies accountable? Jason Kenny certainly isn't. Justin Trudeau might.

I'm not doing to declare this election. I'm just going to let nature take it's course. There is no perfect candidate. Justin Trudeau needs to understand the importance of balancing a budget. Yet so do the Neo Cons. The Neo Cons cry about Justin Trudeau's fiscal irresponsibility, but they are much worse. One thing is certain and that is the fact that the Neo Cons will continue to wreak havoc on the environment at an unbridled rate. That is being fiscally irresponsible.

Balancing the budget protects our children from unnecessary debt. Likewise, protecting the environment gives our children a planet they can live in. Elizabeth May has more to offer Canada then we realize. These Canadian companies need to be more accountable.

Canadian Company builds Brazil's largest open pit gold mine in the heart of the Amazon


  1. Just so you know Jason Kenny isn't running for federal office. He is the premier of Alberta. I don't think you have to worry about him becoming prime minister.

  2. It's hard to predict the future but as of now I just don't think he could win a federal election. Hard to say what the future could bring though. Many changes will occur in 5-10 years that may give him a better chance. He is somewhat popular in Alberta but not federally. Even though his party won overwhelmingly in the last provincial election I don't think his popularity in the province is as high as some indicate.

    1. Kenny wouldn't win a federal election because he has pissed off BC, Quebec and everyone else with his defiant me first attitude. His fiscal irresponsibility with tax dollars makes him a bad choice for Conservatives as well. I think his political future will be short lived. Kenny is no Ralph Klein.

  3. For more on the absurdity of a national debt, I recommend the short documentary video "The Crime of the Canadian Banking System" and a refresher on Gerry McGeer's Canadian monetary reform work.

    1. Do you have a link to the second one? I can't find it.

  4. Former Vancouver mayor Gerald Grattan McGeer, Canada's foremost monetary reformer. Clifford Hugh Douglas's economics (see also inventors/scientists and monetary reformers Frederick Soddy and Arthur Kitson) greatly influenced McGeer's fight for a sound Canadian monetary system. What we are not taught in our schools, but should be!


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