Saturday, August 17, 2019

Motorcycle cop crashed doing a burnout

The Squamish Chief is reporting that "Following an accident involving an officer at this year’s Squamish Motorcycle Festival, the RCMP is launching an internal investigation into the matter. A video posted to social media shows a Mountie and another rider locking the fronts of their motorcycles and spinning their back wheels to create smoke. However, the officer’s bike moves forward and collides with another nearby motorcyclist circling the pair." Loser.

That' what you get for showing off. I don't understand what the obsession with brake stands is. I noticed that at Barnes Harley-Davidson in Langley the parking lot has a lot of burnout marks on the pavement. Everyone wants to do a burnout test riding a new Harley? That's pretty stupid.

I don't do break stands on my bike because I pay for tires and brakes. I grew up.


  1. "burn outs" or reving an engine is a demonstration of power or shall we say the replacement for power. Its a motorized version of a pissing contest to see who can piss the furthest. Its no different than people reving their engines at stop lights when there is a bigger vehicle next to them or one they think they would like to beat off the line. Not much changes, just the methods.

    it is a waste of money and resources.

  2. Putz. Hard on the equipment too. Especially in this case.

  3. I'm glad my tax dollars aren't paying for the police to abuse equipment like that. Oh wait a minute...


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