Thursday, August 29, 2019

Jason Kenney doesn't like Bill 69

Global is reporting that "Bill C-69, which deals with assessing industrial projects for their effects on public health, the environment and the economy, was passed by Canadian senators in June. The federal government's contentious bill to set up a new authority to assess industrial projects like pipelines, mines and inter-provincial highways, was proclaimed into law on Wednesday and Alberta's UCP government responded swiftly.

"Under the constitution, Alberta has clear and sole jurisdiction over the development of our natural resources," read a joint statement issued by Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage and Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer. "We will be launching a constitutional challenge against this discriminatory piece of legislation that will only leave a legacy of irreversible impacts on Canadians." How about the irreversible impact on Canada's environment?

Alberta neo Cons are so full of sh*t. Does that mean BC has sole authority over what pipelines are built in their territory and how much tar sands bitumen passes through their port? You can't have it both ways you dirty dogs. We need to be responsible and sustainable. Going bankrupt every time it comes to cleaning up a dirty oil well is not responsible.

"In June, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he believed the process for approving major projects needed to change. "Conservatives still seem to think that the way to get big projects built is to ignore Indigenous peoples and ignore environmental concerns," he said. "That didn't work for 10 years under Stephen Harper, and it's certainly not going to work now." Exactly We need to balance the extremes. Turning mountains into open pit mines is not responsible.

Alberta warned it could take 2,800 years to clean up oilpatch

Cleaning up Alberta’s oilpatch could cost $260 billion

Tar Sands Tailing Ponds Leak 70,000 Barrels per day

40,000 litres of oil effecting Edmonton's drinking water

Jason Kenny is a Corporate Communist. He wants to privatize gains and socialize loss. He wants his campaign contributors to get rich off of tax dollars just like the other neo cons do. He wants tax dollars to pay for pipelines and pay for clean up so his dirty dogs an rape the environment and pocket the profit leaving billions of dollars for the taxpayer to clean up. Those are NOT Conservative values. Jason Kenny is Not a Conservative. He is something else.


  1. Good article!

    You are so correct, Jason Kenney is not a Conservative! there is nothing Conservative about him.

    Those "orphaned" wells have to be cleaned up. some of them sit on farmers' fields. Now their property is impacted also. That is something I really wish the government would change, permitting oil/gas companies to drill on a person's land even if they don't want them to. Look what those people are left with. things need to change.

    People like Kenney are religious zealots and they think its all going to be o.k. god or whomever is never going to let the "chosen" die or whatever, some think the second coming is imminent. No wonder some of these religious nut bar Christians don't care about the environment. They think every thing is going to be o.k. in heaven. well I'd like to ensure hell isn't going to be on earth for future generations.

    1. He's not religious either. He's just pimping the church for his own personal gain. Christians care about the environment.


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