Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Trial delay for Cop who killed Hudson Brooks

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "The setting of trial dates for the officer charged in connection with the July 2015 shooting death of 20-year-old Hudson Brooks in South Surrey has been delayed again." Sadly, this entire trial is a complete red herring. The female cop charged did not shoot him. Another cop did. She will be found not guilty.

As I reported when it happened, Hudson was running to the police station for help because a mob of kids were trying to kill him. He was frantic because that is the same park and likely the same mob that previously killed Dario Bartoli. He's running down the street screaming for help claiming they are trying to kill him. A female cop, Const. Elizabeth Cucheran, orders him to stop. He's frantic and keeps running for his life. She pulls out her gun and ends up shooting herself by accident. She goes on the radio saying I've been shot. The wolves are released thinking this kid just shot a cop. Then she is heard to say on the police radio, I think I shot myself.

Someone should have told the cops dispatched to come to her aid. They shot Hudson in cold blood when he was unarmed thinking he had shot a cop when he hadn't. He was never armed. He never tried to pull the gun away from the female cop. They shot him dead without commanding him to stop, get down or put his hands up. He was running to them for help.

The cop who shot him needs to be charged not the female cop who shot herself. This was a tragic mistake. Nothing will bring Hudson back. What we need to do is reassess how we respond to these situations the next time a cop decides to be judge, jury and executioner all at once.

In the US Darien police released body camera footage when officers stopped Yankees GM Brian Cashman at gunpoint after he was mistaken for a car thief. He wasn't frantic because he wasn't running for his life. His calmness diffused the police's anxiety. What if he had been anxious?

Police Misconduct Study: "The National Center for Women and Policing cites two studies that found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population." That's four times the national average.


  1. Why did Elizabeth even pull her gun he was running away, was she planning on shooting him in the back?

    1. When she tried to pull her gun he was likely running towards her for help and kept running past her to get away from the guys chasing him. She was probably commanding him to top but he was too hysterical to understand.


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