Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New developments in Surrey police shooting

There have been new developments in the resent police shooting in Surrey where a suicidal youth was shot dead by police and an officer wounded. Tragic developments. First he wasn't suicidal. That was a bold faced lie fabricated to cover up what really happened. I have sources which confirm this which CBC has also reported.

The name of the youth shot dead by police is Hudson Brook. He was a skateboarder leaving Bakerview park at 2:00 AM. The same park that was a known hang out for youth where Dario Bartoli was assaulted and murdered last December. A witness woke up to sounds of Hudson screaming hysterically "Help me they're trying to kill me" as he was running away from the park towards the cop shop. The witness saw him running and was going to get dressed to see if he needed help. Then heard six or sevel gunshots and went back inside.

Now a very different story emerges. He was not suicidal he was scared for his life. He did not have a weapon in his possession. So why was he shot dead and how did the police officer get shot? Blog readers speculated friendly fire. I now have a source that claims the rookie cop that was first on the seen tried to calm him down by yelling commands at him. Hudson was hysterical and did not obey their immediate command so the officer pulled out their service revolver and shot themselves in the leg by accident while doing so.

My source then claims the officer frantically called for help shouting officer down I've been shot. That's when Hudson was shot dead. The second account has yet to be confirmed but the previous witness statement supports it. If Hudson did not have a gun the officer had to have either shot themselves by accident or shot another officer by accident. Neither of which explains why they shot the unarmed youth dead then made up the story about him being suicidal.

July 21st the White rock Sun reported that the day after the shooting the police station was spray painted with the words Kid Killer and Justice for Hudson. This is indeed tragic. It was indeed a tragic accident. The public has a right to know if the suspect had a weapon and who shot the officer. That cannot be hid from the public any more.


  1. I'll wait for a more detailed commentary until we get more facts, but it's looking like the clown show is in town......

  2. Senseless killing. Back in the day, before the police got rid of the height requirement, the rcmp were big guys who didn't need to draw guns because they could fight. You started some trouble and the cops would beat you up, but you never had to worry about getting shot. I believe everybody has the right to be safe at work, but if you choose to be a police, your safety on the job is relative to your job. The worst part about it is I can't watch American news now and reassure myself that I'm in Canada, and I don't have to worry about getting shot by the police. I can only hope that the officer involved in this shooting doesn't go back on patrol.

  3. Well, there's nothing to indicate that the deceased had a weapon. Of the two possibilities, I'm going to flip a coin and go with "idiot managed to shoot himself in the leg with his own gun". It wouldn't be the first time.

    The other cops hear "officer down" and ASS-ume that the guy they are chasing has a gun. They shot the deceased even though he didn't have a weapon, and they didn't see one. "Fear biters".

    I fully expect that the RCMP and the City of Surrey will settle a wrongful death claim out of court, there is no way they want more publicity than they already have. These officers shot a suspect who was no threat to them. No weapon = no use of deadly force. This is Police Academy 101, folks, and these poorly trained, poorly disciplines Bozo's just put the taxpayer on the hook for a multi-million dollar (not that you will find out the exact amount of course, there will be a non disclosure stipulation in the settlement) pay out.

    This is what happens when you hire "fear-biters". This is what happens when your ideal candidate is a recent college sociology major with a background in team sports. This is what happens when a veteran is not a preferred candidate because they have been inoculated against some of the douchebaggery we see these days by having been taught what an unlawful order is.

    Like I said, the clown show is in town. Perhaps they can send Hudson Brook's murderer's wherever they transferred another RCMP murderer named Paul Koester.
    Remember Ian Bush? Shot in the back of the head in his cell, really sketchy story, no witnesses, camera's in the detachment turned off, foremost blood spatter authority in Canada (from the Edmonton Police Service) testifies it couldn't have happened the way they said?

    Do what they police say or they will shoot you, and when they do they will get away with it. Truth North strong and free my ass.

  4. I agree that this case is without question a tragic accident. Just like the taser incident at the airport, it could have easily been avoided.

  5. I was up town that night and saw cop cars lineing down the road by roadery park acting shady 2-3 hours before it happens I wondered wut the noises were when I was smoking

  6. I was up town that night and saw cop cars lineing down the road by roadery park acting shady 2-3 hours before it happens I wondered wut the noises were when I was smoking


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