Sunday, July 5, 2015

Satellite picture of BC Forest Fires

@NEWS1130Radio NASA's satellite image from today shows the huge smoke plume caused by the British Columbia fires. #Vancouver #Richmond #WestVan #NorthVan Fire Dept's getting flooded with hundreds of 911 calls reporting smoke. #Vancouver is not on fire.

News 1130 is reporting that An Air Quality Advisory has been issued for Metro Vancouver because of the smoke from wildfires outside our region. This is why Metro Vancouver should not build a garbage incinerator. The Fraser Valley is a valley. All the smoke lingers in the valley affecting the air quality for the whole region.

News 1130 is also reporting that One man was has minor cuts after a gunshot shattered his window in Surrey. Police believe it's was targeted. The investigation is ongoing.

Update: The forest fire thing is actually a bit creepy. After being sunny for so long we finally have some cloud cover. Only it's not clouds, it's a thin veil of smoke covering the whole sky. This morning on the way to work the sun looked reddish orange. The Vancouver Province is reporting that several of the fires have been started by cigarettes. The smoke in Whistler appears to be worse. The smoke there isn't high in the sky it's low and guests are wearing dust masks.


  1. what is also stupid is to leave parks and the "out back" open to campers, hikers, etc. The whole lot should be closed until it rains. Back in the late 1960s I can remember the government closed the gulf islands to camping, out door cooking, etc.

    this current government is asleep at the switch or missing in action, who knows. After the Kelowna fire a report was written. I would suspect it is sitting on a dusty shelf with almost none of the recommendations implemented.

    towns keep expanding, moving into areas which were forests, with out thought to the animals who once lived there or the lack of water in these areas and no "fire guard" areas which ought to have been clear cut and gravelled. Christy and her crew are too busy with their LNG. sort of like drinking wine at the beach and watching the province burn. At least the Premier of Sask. has the armed forces and the fire helicopter from Montana. what do we have? A whole cabinet and government missing in action. We see local fire chiefs and some spokesthingies from the provincial government telling us what we can see out in the yard. At least the fire chiefs know what they are doing.

    1. Close the back country to camping? That's pretty Communist. You can still go camping with a back pack stove. The only places where there aren't a campfire ban is burning driftwood on the beaches off the west coast of Vancouver Island. If the fire is below the high tide line there is no harm in that.Throwing a lit cigarette out the widow is however, very preventable.

  2. I don't consider it "communist". I consider it common sense. if we are going to have human caused fires, then people need to be kept out of the back country. of course there are careful people in the back country, but is it worth the risk with the idiots out there? I just don't think so.

    It is not like this province has done much to deal with the fires, to date. yesterday her "photoopness" surfaced to look somber and say the provincial government would spend all it needed to fight the fires. Unlike the Premier of Sask, who has been working since the get go. I realize her "photopness" was busy giving away our LNG to PETRONAS, so I guess the province can burn while she has her "vacation" and perhaps finds a few new friends.


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