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Kerried Away book cover

Here it is. A sneak peak at the cover to Kerri Krysko's new book Kerried Away due to be released this August. I had a chance to ask Kerri a few more questions in another online interview before her book hits the shelves and Google Play. For more information you can check out her web site at Here's the new interview:

Kerri, it’s great to be able to correspond with you again about your next book. You opened Pandora ’s Box and shocked the world with your inspiring true life story. In your first book it gave some background information about your childhood and the life you led that lured you into the gang lifestyle and the acceptance you found there. Where does this next book does take us and what is it about?

Kerried Away is or shall I say has to be broken into two books part 1 and part 2. It’s set to be released this summer; I’m just waiting on the editing and layout. Kerried Away will dive into the year up to my marriage vows with Damien, my wedding and the month or more that follows. … It has been the hardest book to write thus far. All the books in my series will be released within 6 months. I have had a very hard time reliving the nightmare of the days up to my wedding and following. It was choice, chance, change and some would believe growth but to me it was devastating, absolutely sacrificial and my worst nightmare.

You haven't shared with me any of the secret details of your story but I have done some investigating. If fame and fortune is what you were after you could have easily dropped some names referring to who your ex was, who the best man and bride's made was at your wedding as well as some of the other people you all associated with. Those are all some very high profile names around here. Why is it that you have kept those names secret and haven't name dropped to sell books?

Bahahahahaha, so you did some investigating did you now??? Well here is the thing, yes I could reveal that undeniable stronghold I have with relations to deep ties and previous connections, if that’s what my book was about. I suppose it was never about that.

My life is a treacherous path of sacrifice, forbidding and to some an unfathomable circumstance. It’s a true story of being left alone to fend for yourself and somewhere in the midst of all the tumultuous feelings of loneliness, you find these rare springs of light, hope and people. “Some” of those very people gave me light when my days were ultimately dark.

“Thee who cast stones, is thee one whom surely falls” I shall NOT play that game of pointing fingers, trying to gain notoriety because of another’s spotlight, name or otherwise. I am who I am, I was who I was and see me now, for who I’ve always been.

I am not just a girl who dated a notorious man, or a teenager that was high, or a drug addict, nor a stripper, nor a criminal; I am but one woman who wrote her story so she could prevent another from making the same repeated mistakes I once did. I wrote to give even the most solid people in the hood, a foundation on which to stand. I gave humanity a unity of accepting each other for who we are as individuals on the inside, NOT because of the labels we bare, but who we ultimately are in our heart. I wrote to help others.

Take my story, take a little piece from it, learn from it and realize one slip can send you down a slide into the murky waters of darkness. Trust me, I still live with some of the choices I made long ago and it hurts, it’s not worth it. No gangster, crook, abuser can say otherwise.

Life is grand, fight for what you believe, fight for your place amongst this crazy world and pave your own way. I did and it’s not always butterflies and rainbows, sometimes even I have to take a step back and realize hey, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be upset and it’s okay to live a little.

Should I mention who I know, or can I now stand on my own two feet and say “Hey, this is who I am, this is me, take it all in and judge me, like me, or ridicule me. I do not care, for if you walked a day in my shoes, you would understand why I wrote what I did. Should I name names, or would that only take away from my story???

Leaving the gang life is hard to do. Your success in doing so is clearly an inspiration. Have you had to overcome any labels or stereotypes since leaving the life?

I didn’t even think I was in a gang lifestyle at the time. I heard I was, or is that what society deemed it; because of misfits, theft, drugs and rock n roll. I have been judged more harshly and been dealt more blows now then when I was associated within a certain circle. That’s the truth. I have had only the righteous, true of heart reach out, guide, offer and support me but when it comes to others I have been unacknowledged or used for ideas and completely discarded.

Society or these resource centers are the first to offer you help, financial aid and so forth but once you’ve succeeded then what… you can’t become a cop because you knew certain people, you can’t get a normal job because of the stereotype that now surrounds you or people are scared… you can only rise a certain level because then they do not know how to handle you.. Ultimately at the end of the day, it is up to you to keep pushing forward.

What happens to those who truly do move on in life and make something of themselves? Do they really get any more help? Do they ever truly get to lay down their past? Do they get anymore well-wishes once they no longer need those resources, but do you ever really get accredited????

Because I tell you this, all of a sudden you enter a new realm and that is knowing you may be more qualified than the average worker amongst an organization or you learn to voice your opinion and it ruffles a few feathers. Does that person that once held their hand out to you ever actually raise their hand to continue lifting you upwards? Or does that sting them, and therefore that title you once bore is a shame and yet another tactic to push you back down or simply a test of your resilience. Do they search you up and hear a lie, then believe it… Do they care about you or are they scared???

You see that’s reality, you can leave the lifestyle but you can never really keep it in the past. Somehow and someway there is always someone lurking ready to use that against you, in some form or fashion. Yes it’s been hard- but it’s also been beautiful and amazing!

Doesn’t a lawyer or a doctor have to go through years, upon years of training to finally get their degree, well it’s the same for someone leaving one lifestyle behind, becoming successful and so forth. Things take time, governments need time to catch up, well so do people. It's a process it doesn't matter who you bare or what your past was it all takes time and a don't give up attitude.

As Winston said , “when you’re in hell, just keep going.” That means, if your stuck within a certain cycle no matter how hard; keep going , don’t give up, cause one day you will get out, you will break through the barriers and see the light and the hell in which you once walked will be your past and that means you made it… be proud of that day, be proud of yourself and when its used against you , just know that unless someone else walked a day in your shoes, they wouldn’t understand anyways, smile and show your strength. it’s all over the police cars out in BC right now, if I am correct? Take that for example; knowing who I am and what I have done, have they asked me for guidance or help? No, not at all, but other places have... You see, there is a prime example.

I have seen only a few clips on u-tube with regards to their awareness program; a mother speaking about her daughter, that brought me to tears. On that clip or another, I heard a sentence from my very book, spoken by another; ironic or perhaps just two people who felt the same way… You see my experience has indeed reached far but it also takes another whose lived within the throes of a lifestyle, to truly understand how one thinks/feels or ultimately why sometimes others fall or even fail.

It’s the lure into the lifestyle where we need to start, and that begins within your own home and those very walls. NO textbook can take that expert advice from us and its nice to see when certain organizations realize the value in that.

People have come to me seeking help because they know they can and they have someone who understands, lived it or that they can trust. I value that and also being on the board of directors for Families Against Drunk Driving is a place I can push those who need help towards. After my books are all released, I will be heavily promoting them, their cause and also opening a few recovery and resource centers in the USA and also perhaps one here.

I believe it’s essential to compliment text book experience, with field experience, in order to make a proper change or impact within our schools, on the streets or even in individual communities. I see more and more awareness being raised and that’s what life is about.

So my answer is at a stalemate, I see the good but I also see why the weak fall. NO cop, nor psychologist can turn tides as someone who has been there can, unless they unite- THEY need more people who’ve lived it beside them, the prejudice is still there but I also see how in our modern society its slowly happening, NOW that’s beautiful indeed!

QUICKLY: didn’t I reach out to you once, giving you all heck, that you Gangsters Out have issues with stero-typing as well and you quickly e-mailed me saying otherwise, I don’t hate all Hells Angels, and you tried to attach a few posts to prove your point? I mention this because at one time I felt that way and you quickly refuted that fact- sorry had to say it lol!!! I do not read your blog unless its front and center but answer a question for me ..

Would YOU one day do an interview for me? Why you write this blog and a few other touchy subjects? I remember the day my opinion changed about you and I believe the public would like to know as I believe our outlooks, are quite different on many angles and as a defender for people-gangsters- politicians-police and government- I would like to put the pressure on you and also the light.

Of course. Any Time...

There has been a lot of talk about declaring the Hells Angels a criminal organization. The courts in Quebec and Ontario have made that declaration and Manitoba law makers have actually defined them as such by law. What is your position on the unilateral criminal organization status of the Hells Angels?

I have an opinion – what about this “Hells Angels are NOT a criminal Organization but an organization full-of criminals” Are all people the same? Do we all have the same values, moral upbringings or work ethics? No we are not- take me for example, did I do drugs at a clubhouse party? Did I do illegal activity? No I didn’t, not at all but I had a few drinks once in a while- does that mean I have been labelled as such? Am I a criminal? NO, in fact I was the person who helped others, was kind and cared - abused yes, but criminal no.

There has been a lot of interest in the Kerri Krysko story in Australia. Are you considering accepting any offers to visit there to speak to youth about leaving the gang life? Recently Southern Australia has proposed legislation that defines not only the Hells Angels as a criminal organization but a whole list of other MCs as well. What is your position about their attempt to ban all MCs with one sweep of the open?

Yes, I will or am considering Australia, London and even Germany. You see when there is so much violence and people dying because of turf wars ect… what can a country do, but try their best to protect their people. Who can really blame them? I can’t nor should others.

I understand why these places are banning them as outlaws, because of their connections and ties, but I also see a flip side and with that, I will answer as I already did above.

I am quite universal and enjoy seeing both sides, but I do not condemn a single person, no matter age, background, race, success or otherwise. I believe that’s what makes me unique. I never wrote my true story to hurt anyone, I did it so people would understand were not all the same, the party only lasts so long, the cycle will repeat and who you are on the inside will eventually fade out if you do not fight for what you believe in…

I fought for all of us and will continue to do so, no matter what. I love all people BUT there is a mistake in that, because sometimes I have to stop and say, “Wake up, KERRI-LYNN you cannot walk through the fire with others, but you can be there once their done fighting their own demons, with your hand out, to lift them up, the rest of the way.”

In case you missed it, you can order a copy of Kerri's first book Kerri On from Google Play or get hard copies at any Chapters in Canada or Barnes and Nobles in the United States.


  1. West Centric: Kerri hasn't named her ex. However, I do think you're right in the sense that when a kid or a woman is getting beaten up by a bully they seem like a giant when perhaps in reality they are very far from it.

  2. Looking forward to her interview of you.

    1. Good girl Kerry I'm proud of you and you inspire me I'm looking forward to your next book keep moving forward thx for sharing xoxo

  3. When will the second part of kerried away be available in book stores ?? Canada specifically

    1. Part two of the second book which in reality would be a third book should be out sometime next year. I don't think there is a release date set yet.

  4. Love your books Kerri, it was a great read even reading through tears, not because I feel sorry but because I have been there and reading your books made me face my down nightmare paths. I can't remember the last time I sat down and read two books in a week. I'm looking forward to part two. Keep moving forward


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