Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MP admits CSIS knew about the bomb on Air India

Today 1130 News is reporting a very important revelation. The headline reads: Canadian spies knew about bomb on Air India plane. The article states "A Conservative MP says Canada’s spy agency knew there was a bomb on the Air India plane that later exploded in midair, killing 329 people." That is a true statement. It is in essence a public confession of guilt because they didn't only know about the bomb, their handler provided it.

Then comes the Neo Con spin: The article also states: "In a late June speech at a Vancouver church, Tory MP Wai Young says the laws at the time prevented the Canadian Security Intelligence Service from telling the RCMP about the explosive device in June 1985." That is a lie. They were under a moral and legal obligation to notify the RCMP and remove the bomb. Now they can be formally sued for criminal negligence.

And finally the one two punch is delivered. That lie is followed by the ultimate lie selling the Devil's Blasphemous Deal: "Young told the service at Harvest City Church that, as a result, the Mounties could not remove the bomb from Air India Flight 182. She said the government’s recently enacted Bill C-51 remedied the problem by allowing greater information-sharing between agencies." Oh the cunning plan of the evil one! That is a malicious lie.

Admitting CSIS knew about the bomb on the Air India flight admits culpability in that heinous crime. Lying to the public will not save them in court. In the House of Commons you can get kicked out for calling someone a liar even if they are in fact lying. Not in a court of law. When you prove someone is lying in a court of law they can be charged with perjury.

CSIS had a handler that not only helped plan the Air India attack, he provided the explosives. Revoke the illegal spy bill which violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Charge CSIS with murder. This public lie is an admission of guilt.

God is the author of liberty. Stephen Harper is an anti Christ.

The Drums of Jericho shall return. Tiocfaidh ar la.

Update: The latest lie is the MP has now changed their story and said they made an error. That fails the test of believability. They used that lie as the foundation for their argument rationalizing giving up civil liberty in Bill C-51. The fact that CSIS knew in advance about the bomb on Air India was the only true part of their argument. The CBC and the RCMP already reported that fact. They were using a known fact to sell their illegal bill. Kill Bill C-51.

Castanet is confirming the MP's original statelent to the church congregation.


  1. remember the source of the comment, one wai young. she is running for re election and I'd suggest she is trying to use comments such as this to win her seat in Parliament again.

    if you check Montreal Simon's blog for today, you will note he reported that during that same "sermon" M.P. Young compared "deceivin" Stephen to guess who:

    well the comment goes along the lines of Stevie boy works "in the same vein as Jesus Christ". when people say things like that one might want to wonder about the speaker's sanity. As I recall it was Steve and his Cons who had churches in Canada audited because they disagreed with him on such things as poverty. Didn't he had the Quakers and the United Church of Canada audited because of the "advocacy" work. Oxfam avoided an "audit" because they bring their money in from other countries to do advocacy work in Canada. lets all hear it for Stephen Harper, Wai Young's version of Jesus Christ.

    Wai Young is part of the same government which has given us bill C-51, cut the budget to the RCMP's anti child porn unit; won't pay for adequate vests and carbines for the RCMP; and had more soliders and Vets kill themselves for lack of mental health care than died in the fighting. Now how good a group of Christians are those. Oh, wasn't it Moore who said it wasn't his job to feed his neighbour's hungry kid. At least he has said he won't be running again. he is going to devote his time to his family. I'm sure his wife will be happy to hear that one because a lot of the press gave him a pass on that one.

    1. Yeah the claim that Bill C-51 saves us just like Jesus saves us is the most blasphemous statement I have ever heard in my entire life.

  2. Tell me how they could have known without being responsible. Sounds like the weibo Ludwig affair. Our government has a fairly long history of bomb planting.

    1. Exactly. That was the "error" she made in that offensive speech. The claim that the current laws prevented CSIS from telling the RCMP there was a bomb on the plane. That statement is false.

  3. Maybe I was not clear as to what I meant. To me this is like claiming u know where a body is burried. But at the same time claiming u didnt commit the murder. Pretty hard to believe dont u think. Then when u add in the fact the government has already admitted in court to bombing a sour gas well head to frame weibo. It is just a short hop to say they have done it more than once. Air india possibly being another instance. My dad was supposed to be on that plane by the way. Not sure what happened but he ended up on another flight.


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