Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada Day on Mount Seymour

I had an awesome hike today up mount Seymour. Someone tied a Canadian flag on the post marking Seymour first pump. It was awesome. Someone also put a stop Harper sticker on the back of the post. Now that was funny and it wasn't me. There are a lot of other people out there that oppose Stephen Harper's destruction of our great nation. Stephen Harper is no Preston Manning. Stephen Harper is another Brian Mulroney.

The stop Harper slogan was of course started by Brigette DePape who was a page in Parliament that stood in front of Harper with a stop Harper sign during the throne speech. It was a small act of civl disobedience that did not go unnoticed. I remember hearing her speak afterwards about how they were threatening to charge her with terrorism trying to threaten the life of the Prime minister. She jokingly admitted that although technically she might have been able to give him a paper cut with her small sign, that clearly was not the intent of the demonstration. If you want to fix the party, change the leadership. Justin Trudeau is a corporate clown as well. Surprisingly enough he does not support the Charter of Rights like his father did.

I made it to Seymour third peek which is the actual mount Seymour. Mystery peak chair lift only takes you to the top of mystery peak. To get to the top of mount Seymour there are actually three peaks and you have to hike or snowshoe there. The view of the back country is breath taking. You can see Deep Cove and mountains as far as the eye can see.

On the way back from third peak I met a guy coming back from Elsie lake. He asked me if I had any water so I split the last of my water with him. I always bring lots. He said he had misjudged the heat and didn't bring enough for such a long hike. Elsie lake is far. I said that's easy to do. When you're hiking in the mountains in the summer heat you need at least two two litre pop bottles full of water in addition to any juice, Gatorade or pre work out you want as well as lunch. I always fill my water bottles one third and freeze them the day before a hike. That way the water is still cold for the entire hike. They key is to be prepared and enjoy the back country. Peace.


  1. "I remember hearing her speak afterwards about how they were threatening to charge her with terrorism trying to threaten the life of the Prime minister."

    Awesome and pathetic at the same time. Awesome that she'd do this, (she had to know she'd be losing her position) and pathetic that they'd try and scare a young girl with a terrorism charge over this. The person who said that is a great example of how authority and the possibility of it attracts the wrong people. This is why we need term limits and other controls on any person in a such a position to keep them from getting too addicted to power.

    1. Exactly. Sadly it is not uncommon. In England as soon as they took away the right to a fair trial for all terrorists, with one swoop of the pen they classified everyone in the occupy movement as terrorists.


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