Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Canadian Armed Forces Commander facing sex charges

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that "a decorated Afghanistan war veteran and Edmonton infantry battalion commander is facing numerous sex-related charges for offences involving a teenage boy that allegedly occurred while the officer was a mentor with a local army cadet corps."

These are unproven allegations of course yet they are indeed serious allegations. So we have Catholic Priests, Protestant Ministers, Hockey Coaches, Football Coaches, Boy Scout Leaders and now Armed Forces Commanders. Rape is a heinous crime. Predators come in many forms.


  1. What we have here is one thing. Men preying on boys. Homosexuality.

    These crimes are not men preying on girls. They are not men preying on women.

    It is "same-sex attraction". It is deviant and disordered - and these are not just my "personal professional opinions" - they are the proven, objective conclusions of the preponderance of psychologists and psychiatrists as clearly borne out in peer-reviewed journals and texts.

    We wonder why we have this mind-numbing "explosion" of drug-dealing, gangs, disenfranchised youth (and no-longer-youth), exploitation, murder, crime, etc?

    These things this blog deals with do not occur in a vacuum - nor can they be solved simplistically and individually. They are part and parcel of a whole.

    As this "whole" becomes more "accepted" the decline and fall of our societies will continue.

    If one were to plot the moral changes to society on a graph for the last 60 years the visuals would shock and numb those who saw it to such an extent they would deny the reality of it and claim it was "fear mongering" or some other such excuse. Plot the same thing over the last 2000 years and it would be even more mind-numbing and shocking and how it is only since the 1960's this degeneracy has degenerated in such a way, shape and form.

    1. Yikes. I understand what you are saying. For me personally, I think the problem is rape. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key words are consenting adults. In this equation consent and adults are missing. We have minors being raped. In my opinion, if a man sexually abuses his daughter that is just as bad as when a man sexually assaults a young boy. They are both heinous.

      When my kids were young we were close friends with a gay couple who my kids referred to as their uncles. They were into each other. They had no desire to rape a child any more then most normal heterosexuals would. Just because they were gay didn't mean they were going to rape children. Yet there are many heterosexuals out there that do. For me it's the consent thing. Rape, whether gay or heterosexual, is the root of the problem.

    2. dr john... you need to read a book. Homosexuality and Pedophilia are two different things.\

  2. I understand what you are saying and you have to make sure you do not take what I am stating out of context. Having sexual attraction/desires is not abnormal - in fact, it IS normal. It is when these attractions/desires are towards the unnatural that it becomes a problem.

    Both heterosexual and homosexual.

    Rape is one thing, the overly broad umbrella term of "sexual assault" can be, literally, anything that is sexual and assaulting. Rape is unique and distinct in this broad category and we should never reduce rape to "sexual assault". (The only reason I can see that happening is because of someone wanting to try to eliminate it or cover it up for some nefarious reason.)

    All of the incidents you refer to in your original post deal with homosexual acts, not heterosexual. That is the common equation/link/connection between all of them.

    (Blaze: This is how adults have conversations on things that do not disagree - they communicate. They do not name call and allege false allegations. They act like mature individuals - even if they do not agree. If you tried that, I am sure your posts would get posted and you could actually communicate and learn and have others learn and understand your point of view.)

    1. Oops, pardon my typo. I meant "on things they do not agree" (might have been Apple's auto-change(correct) function or just my thinking of something else as I typed. That is why proof-reading is so important.

      With that said (about proof-reading) - if people wrote as they actually spoke, their writing would be very well done and if someone just proofread their writings, not rewrote, it would be even better. (During my last class for one of my degrees (History, in this case) a friend asked me what the difference was between a 68 and an 88 on papers (he was going into law after and I continued into post-graduate psych. - history is just a passion of mine so I kept taking history classes). I asked him to explain and he stated, correctly so, it was just proof-reading. He would proof his papers 6 to 8 times after writing them - not rewrite them, but simply reread and change it so it sounded better. If he had a paper due Wed. he would finish on Sunday and then proof it Mon. morning, then again in the afternoon and then again before bed. He would do the same thing the next day and submit on Wed. He would not "kill" himself with his papers, just keep proofing them after the initial writing. Sadly, blogs are not conducive to this ... My apologies, again, for my poor writing.)

  3. its all about power. this man was in a position of authority and thought he would like to try something. he did, he could, he had the power.

    this had nothing to do with homosexuality. this man wanted to engage sexually with a subordinate and did. Now lets hope the Armed Forces gets rid of the rest of these predators.

    what consenting adults do is their own business.


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