Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jamie Bacon in court

I was in court today filing papers and noticed Jamie Bacon was in courtroom 67. They wouldn't let me in. It's in camera. That means it's closed to the public. They said it has been in camera for two months. That is an abnormally long time to be in camera. This is the climax of the Surrey Six murder trial. Jamie Bacon was the ring leader. OK he wasn't the ringleader he was the ork but out of all those charged he was the ringleader. The whole tragic event happened because he was trying to tax Corry Lal on behalf of you know who.

We know that this case was separated from the others because the police screwed up and slept with a key witness. Yet letting him off because of a police screw up would be a horrible miscarriage of justice. It would be a complete betrayal of public trust and the mother of the innocent son that was murdered that day.


  1. Secret trials, huh? Way to go BC Justice system, you stay classy......

  2. Reminds me of the bindy joehall times

  3. What is happening behind closed doors?

    1. I don't know for sure because they wouldn't tell me. It might be a pre trial where they review what evidence is admissible. They did the same thing when the Surrey Six was in New Westminster:

      I stood outside with a sign objecting and the next day the public was allowed in. My argument at the time was a publication ban is different then in camera. The public has a right to go in even if there is a publication ban because when the trial is over the publication ban will be lifted.

      I spoke with the lawyer for the defense at the time and he said they weren't the ones who asked the judge for the matter to be in camera. I said the police want to cover up the fact that they slept with a witness. The lawyer just smiled and said nothing.

  4. Police (RCMP) are a major part of this kind of related Crime - bed partners!


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