Thursday, July 30, 2015

Canadian Election Kick off

CBC is reporting that "Prime Minister Stephen Harper will call an election as early as this Sunday, kicking off what would be the longest federal election campaign in modern history, CBC News has confirmed." Obviously a long election means more money spent on advertizing.

Speaking of which, there has been a colossal change in the new world order that continues uncontested. What is with all these election adds that have aired when there is no election on? What is with that? Normally, election commercials are only run during an election. Now Harper is bombarding voters with election commercials when there is no election on. That is a huge change in policy that needs to be contested. One concern is the reporting of money spent on election campaigns. The other concern is the use of tax dollars for political propaganda.

This is indeed a pivotal election with extreme issues on the table. We have Stephen Harper's Police State in competition with Justin Trudeau's Clown State. Yet when push comes to shove the real issue on the table is civil liberty.

Stephen Harper is no Preston Manning. He is not fiscally responsible and he does not support civil liberty. Neither does Justin Trudeau. That was a huge shock. His father was the one that gave us the sacred charter of rights. Justin has stood with Stephen Harper in it's ultimate demise. That is very disappointing. Bill C-51 is illegal. The only ones that recognize that are the NDP, the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois. Peace.

Parliament has been dissolved and the election is now set for October 19th.

NDP surges past Conservatives, Liberals in latest poll

The Toronto Star is reporting that "the New Democrats have surged to a double-digit lead in public support, gaining more distance over the other federal parties than they have at any time in the past two years, according to a new Forum Research poll."

Perhaps this is the only way to save the Charter of Rights. If the NDP screw up, replace them. It's that simple. But they can't screw up any more then the Liberals and the Neo Cons have. Right now fiscal responsibility and civil liberty are the two main issues on the table that go hand in hand. Well over 65 billion tax dollars for a bail out the banks didn't need and a billion dollar spy palace to spy on Canadians not for criminal activity but for political affiliations is not fiscally responsible.


  1. This is a huge election. Its gun rights and gestapo vs clowns and hairdos vs socialists. I cant find a good option anywhere in there. Im gonna lean right for gun rights and no other reason. I dont think they are much better on economy. I hate the way they killed the navigable waters act. Sold the wheat board to saudis and killed the Canadian Farm Credit. I dont understand how things get this bad. Not one of these three so called leaders would stand out in a lineup at tim hortons. This is not leadership. Mulcair is a tax cheat. Trudeau is a silver spoon. I cant believe these are our choices.

    1. I'm all for gun rights. I just wish Stephen Harper was too because he doesn't. Harper is the worse tax and spend bandit then any previous left wing kook. Harper is a Corporate Communist. He opposes civil liberty. It's somewhat ironic that the ones he calls Socialists support civil liberty more then he does.

  2. You are right. Harper is pretty bad on social issues. Terrible for foreign affairs. The list goes on and on. We need a change. But the NDP scares me. Liberals will bring back the hated registry. In fact. Liberal is pretty well a swear word to me at this point lol. I just dont see a good choice in the mix. None of these three deserve to be prime minister. I wish there was a viable Libertarian party that supported liberty and freedom.

    1. Preston Manning had it right. The Reform Party dropped the ball when they merged with Mulroneyism. That was what they were created to oppose.

    2. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. The fear mongering has become suspicious. Alberta overcame their fear and embraced the NDP. Who thought that would ever happen? In BC the same old stereotype scared voters away from doing what Alberta did. They claim the NDP will tax and spend but the neo cons have done a far worse job of that then any NDP government ever has. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

  3. Canadians have been brainwashed for the last 50 years that guns are bad. Only just now are people beginning to see that the people who tell them this have ulterior motives. All you have to do is look at their politics to see what they have in mind for you. Go to work and pay your taxes, slave. Tolerate our theft of your money, our incompetence, our corruption. When your child is killed or turned into a drug addicted prostitute by the criminal element, many of who should by all standards of human decency be put down like the threat to society that they are, accept our pathetic excuses for why you have to accept that the justice system you pay for will change nothing.

    If there is an upside to all these shootings we have these days, it's that people are being forced to realize that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Wonder why all these nut jobs, who seem to get guns in spite of the "background checks" (just like criminals do) always pick places that some well meaning but not in touch with reality moron has designated a "gun free zone"? Perhaps because they know that no one there will be equipped to resist them? Imagine that....

    The fact is that there is no point in arguing with gun-control advocates because their argument is never in good faith. They slander gun owners as murderers. They lie about their ultimate aim, which is to ban and confiscate all privately owned weapons. And they adopt a pose of reasonability, yet their position is not susceptible to change because of evidence, facts or law. None of those matter – they already have their conclusion. This has to do with power – their power.

    You can’t argue with someone who is lying about his position or whose position is not based upon reason. You can talk all day about how crime has diminished where concealed carry is allowed, while it flourishes in places where gun control is tightest. You can point to statistics showing that law-abiding citizens who carry legally are exponentially less likely to commit gun crimes than other people. You can cite examples of armed citizens protecting themselves and their communities with guns. You can offer government statistics showing how the typical citizen is at many times greater risk of death from an automobile crash, a fall, or poisoning than from murder by gun.

    But none of that matters, because this debate is not about facts. It’s about power. GUN CONTROL IS PEOPLE CONTROL. The anti-gun narrative is not aimed at creating the best public policy but at disarming citizens the elected elite looks down upon. Put simply, elected elitists don’t like the fact that, at the end of the day, an armed citizenry can tell them, “No.”

    True North Strong and Free. Make it a reality. Because right now it's neither, and no one you'll be voting for soon intends to change that. They just want to be the ones beating the drum on the slave galley.

    A gift from harper. Check it out

    1. Changing POL to PAL - is that a step forward or a step backward?

  5. The Cons simply are not fit to government. They are in fact cons. There are somewheres about 17 of them who were caught doing inappropriate things, such as cheating on elections, fraud, in jail, on trail, out of trial, out of jail, sexual affairs with teenage girls, the list goes on.

    Stevie just doesn't have good judgement. look at his senate appointee: one on trial for 31 counts of fraud, 2 still being investigated; 1 being investigated for sex with a teenager. These boys and girls have more in common with criminal enterprises than political parties. At some point I do ask myself, who has the most people under police investigation and on trial? The Cons or H.A. Really this is not a good thing.

    When we look at how the Cons have treated Veterans and continue to dispite their claims to change, you'd get arrested by the SPCA is you didn't provide adequate for your dog.

    Housing for people in the North, not happening. The Cons spend less on Northern First Nations education and healthcare than they do on southern Canadian citizens.

    Refusing to pay for health care for refugee claimants and that included kids, pregnant women and people with Cancer.

    The clawed back huge amounts of money from the RCMP anti child porn unit.
    Closed Veteran Affairs offices.
    More military personnel killed them selves than were killed in the war.
    Armed forces with major issues involving sexual assault, bullying, etc.
    promises to supply arms to Ukraine while not supplying training and carbines to Canadian RCMP.

    The list is endless. I would like the gun registry back.

    People might want to remember Harper has refused to meet with the provincial premiers since the get go, but he had time to meet with Gov. Scott Walker just before he declared for the Republicans. yes the Scott Walker of anti union, anti health care, anti choice fame in the U.S.A.

    Steve is planning to defund our medical system by $38 BILLION in 2017, so regardless of what you think of the other leaders you might want to think of how are you going to survive the gutting of our national health care system. remember Steve has never signed the argreement which needed to be signed a couple of years ago. If you read Steve's spewings when he headed that thinkless tank in Ontario, you will see what he really has intended for Canada. he wasn't kidding when he said we wouldn't recognize Canada when he was through with it.

    His Fair Elections act has in fact taken the vote away from a few millionn people.

    his Bill C-51 could get any number of us tossed in jail and that includes First Nations and environmentalists for which this bill was actually written. Not as he claimed "terrorists" Remember there have been enough Cons who have referred to environmentalists as terrorists.

    Above all Stevie signed a 31 yr trade deal with COMMUNIST CHINA and we can't get out of it fo 15 yrs and that little piece of paper violates our sovereignity.

    People may thing the other party leaders aren't up to the job but have a good look at the job stevie and his spawn have been doing. Do you really think the other parties could do worse? I don't. At least with the other parties I will have a medical plan and I won't get tossed in jail for my opinions. So if you don't like Mulcair or Trudeau, there is Elizabeth May or you could get over not liking Tom and Justin and just give them a chance. If you give stevie and his cons a chance, you won't have a chance.

  6. Not a chance will I vote liberal. Or NDP. Its conservative or not voting. But with gun rights being front and centre. Its gonna be con for me.

  7. Freedom of association is a wonderful thing. People have a right to support whatever political party they chose. Respectful debate is a good thing. It helps us understand why we feel the way we do.

    Gun registry is one issue. Abortion is another. Some people vote on a single issue. That is their right. I find it disappointing how the neo cons can embrace one conservative principle then throw all the others out the window like civil liberty and fiscal responsibility. These are dark times indeed.

    1. I just dont see anything significant changing under either of the other parties. They are still gonna sell us for slaves. We are a resource based economy. Always have been. No party is gonna change that anytime soon. The real play would be western separation. But thats pretty well treason under bill C51. I hate the direction we r headed in

    2. Indeed. The Liberals and the Neo Cons are pretty much the same except if Trudeau Jr gets in pot will be legalized. That would be a pretty big change. If either of them get in the Charter of Rights will be dissolved. I find it inherently ironic that the "Socialist" NDP are the only ones willing to defend civil liberty and the Charter of Rights. Old stereotypes are now becoming meaningless.


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