Sunday, July 12, 2015

The New Syndicate MC in Fort Mcmurray

It appears that a Cape Bretoner named Kevin Faulkner now runs the Syndicate MC in Fort Mcmurray. They work for Steven Szomszed who is a Nomad in Red Deer. The other chapter that was in the news of late for a brutal murder in Greece. Seemingly three of their guys jacked someone and took their drugs. Unbeknown to them the drugs belonged to East End HA. They ripped off one of East ends couriers in Fort Mac. Nobody said they were that smart. Nomad Steve Szomszed apparently covered it up with some bullshit story to his so-called HA brothers. L&R Not.


  1. what I find so interesting is you have given a pretty comprehensive report regarding the "criminal" activities of several individuals. Now where is the RCMP in all of this. When you have new "gang" organizations forming/formed, you'd think the RCMP might pay some attention to them, like follow them and arrest them from time to time.

    its when reporters/journalists/bloggers can give comprehensive reports and the RCMP don't even bother arresting some of the players, you do have to wonder what is going on. I'm not suggesting they might go to trial or have convictions, but it might some sort of message. We at least will be an irritant to you. Right now it looks like, well welcome to town and good luck with your business endeavours.

    1. I think for the most part, the Hells Angels create so many new puppet clubs it's hard for anyone to keep track. The purpose of the blog is to raise public awareness. A lot of people rather talk to me than the cops because a lot of people simply don't trust the cops.

      I am however, still changing the direction of the blog and am shying away from exclusives and am not getting involved in the business so to speak as long as they aren't brutalizing the homeless. I let this one slip through because I found it interesting they ripped off another chapter by mistake then tried to cover it up.

    2. While I totally agree with the new direction of the blog to help support TBM Canada, the fact remains that unless awareness is made public (and I would wager one of the most popular and viewed posts on here is about the Dirty Few MC) and light is shined on their activities, the HA will continue to do what they want when they want (or at least try).

      They want to shut that aspect of the blog down simply because it is working.

      They thrive on the "We're just misunderstood "rebels" who just want to do our own thing" as opposed to "we are truly criminals involved in organized crime".

  2. Personally I feel these kinds of posts are of great value because without the information in the public venue, the cops will never have any pressure to act on it.....and you know how they are about passing actual information to the public.

    With these posts, people can now say to the law enforcement "authorities", the information is known, why did you do nothing? Without these posts, they can pretend they didn't know. That is not to say they will actually do anything about it, but at least they not longer have "plausible deniability."

    1. Speaking of "plausible deniability" and the excuses of the police hierarchy, take a look at this news article on the HA from the Edmonton Journal regarding a suspected future biker gang war in the province:

      It is full of ridiculous statements. Not on the fact more drug violence may/will occur, but the claims of the police for all they have been doing.

      An example, "“At least we’re stifling the growth. We’re not allowing them to grow any further. We have a good handle on the OMG (outlaw motorcycle gangs) in Alberta. If something did happen, we would not be behind the eight ball” (Insp. Darcy Strang of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams).

      Yet, a few paragraphs earlier, it is stated, "In the past five years as the economy boomed, outlaw biker gangs “exploded” and spread throughout the province, said Insp. Darcy Strang of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams.

      It goes on to state, "The Hells Angels have 24 supporting groups in the province, an increase of more than 300 per cent the past few years, said Det. Staff-Sgt. Len Isnor, an expert on the Hells Angels with Ontario’s Biker Enforcement Unit. There are more Hells Angels supporting groups in Alberta than elsewhere in Canada."

      It also states, "Prior to 2014, the number of Hells Angels support groups expanded from three to 24."

      Hmm, apparently 21 new groups in one year - yet, remember Strang made the absolutely audacious claim, "We're not allowing them to grow any further."

      Yeah, right. Just like they did last year to stop those 21 new groups.

  3. It has always been thus. The police, the justice system, and the politicians have done an astoundingly apathetic job of dealing with the Hall's Angles for almost 30 years. The occasional minor "victory" along with a litany of outright imcompetance, excuses and hand wringing. Nothing stopped the politicians, at any point in time, from banning the HA completely as a criminal organization and seizing "clubhouses", patches, etc. Nothing stopped the judiciary from ruling that such measures, duly passed into law as the will of the people, were completely within the rights of a society to protect itself from such predators and self professed "outlaws". And nothing stopped the police playing a much bigger role in disrupting their operations.....except the judiciary, who would doubtless rule that the little dears were being "harassed", as well they should have been.

    The HA in Canada are what they are today because of a serious deficit in Canadian society to deal effectively with them. While also having their own issues, various states of the German Republic have completely banned the organization and it's symbols, ironically using the same laws set up to deal with resurgent Nazism.

    Is there a Hall's Angles chapter in Singapore? No? Why not? Likely because those folks would not hesitate to use the Army against such a threat, with such criminals quickly sentenced to a few strokes of the cane followed by a few years of solitary confinement. Pretty hard to be a bad ass when said ass it being whacked bloody.
    "Now go back out there and behave or there's more where that came from".

    And then there's my favorite solution, the artificial reef with integral food source.....

    1. There may be not much of an HA presence in Singapore, but there are other criminal bike gangs with a strong presence there:

      The second picture shows the Iron Chariots and Ghostriders MC's who are their puppet clubs in Singapore.

      You can see the Rebels MC is in Singapore as well as Thailand and Cambodia (the last one actually does surprise me).

  4. On that note, one can't help but ask why did they put the wrong web site and phone number for Crimestoppers in this news release. The web site doesn't work and the phone number is for a fraudulent survey about winning a free cruise. Things that make ya go hmmm...

  5. Pretty much a choice between incompetence or malfeasance. Perhaps a little from column A and a little from column B......

  6. It's not surprising that there's wrong numbers and websites. Fort Mcmurray is still not that big of a town and there's lots of talk on the streets. Word on the street is that it was a drug debt beating that went bad. I personally know people who worked with the young victim. They say he was a great kid who was lured to the easy money earned in the world of dealing. The fire was a attemp to cover it up. It seems it is always the same ones connected doing collections. Darryl Kavenaugh was arrested twice in a little more then a year for forcible confinement doing collections. This simpleton would openly brag how he was collecting for the Syndicate and the Hells Angels. How is it possible that a guy charged with the same crime twice is out walking the streets still. Cutting deals with the law maybe to keep the business going. Here's one of the stories about Darryl. This was his first charge. Maybe taking to law enforcement helps make their sentences pretty light.
    Another case that happened up here was this one.
    Interesting part of this story is the kid that's charged in this crime. He's the son of Vern Lafrance. A worthless piece of sh&t that kisses the butt of any buddy connected to the Hells Angels. The majority of those in Fort Mcmurray are directly tied to the Syndicate. He works for a local business that supplied the Syndicate with their clubhouse. That's the house on Beatie road that Agent K wrote about in a blog post last year. Getting back to the homicide the police are looking for help in. Rumours on the street is a Syndicate members relative may have the answers the police are looking for. My biggest point of all this is the common denominator in all these cases. The Syndicate Mc seems to keep popping up in these equations. Syndicate is a puppet club for the big red machine. The puppet club is overseen by the Hells Angels Nomad Steve Szomszed. He works for a contractor at one of the major oil sands companies up here. Stays in camp and relays his orders to his minions in town. Puppets get dirty while the puppet master stays clean. I really don't understand why the law can't figure that one out.

  7. "Be incompetent, but do it in new and innovative ways !!!"

  8. I'm surprised that Steve Szomszed is still a member. I've worked lots of job sites where there's been many members of clubs working. He's always been a joke in the biker scene. Many have wondered how he even become a member. Must have something pretty important to offer. I've also worked with some Syndicate members in Fort Mcmurray. They are also a embarrassment to anyone that have been in the motorcycle club lifestyle scene. Bunch of young punks with a disposable income. Buy a motorcycle and become a gangster. Live the life of the big dog/little dog just like in the looney tunes cartoons.

  9. I think Trailrunner is right..............

    Having said that, though, I have concluded that the cops use the threat and reputation of HA to increase budgets and OT.

    I also feel that the Quebec cops were really misguided and in fact strengthened the HA in Quebec by giving more attention to and going after the Rock Machine, its members and associates, during the biker war. Their actions against the RM enabled the HA to come out the winners much quicker. Had the cops gone after the HA with the same voracity, who knows how it all would have turned out.

    I am concerned, as a Canadian, that our justice system is fundamentally is no longer blind, just, quick, consistent or fair. I believe that we, as a populations and it, as a system of laws, rules and regulations, need a major systemic overhaul.

    Just my 2 cents.

  10. @Donavan Oleary. You seem to have a bit of knowledge on how these Syndicate operate up here. You say that people wonder how Steve Szomszed even become a member and must have something big to offer. It's common knowledge up here that Steve is a majority share holder in the Lucky Dragon Tattoo shop. Kristian McEachren is the minority. I guess it's the same in their club world. Steve is the puppet master and Kristian is the puppet.
    Thing that puzzles me is how they can run a business out of a shop that big. Commercial rental prices run anywhere from $30 to $50 per square foot. Person have got to do a lot of ink work to be able to afford that kinda rent. There's been other shops that have had to shut down because they couldn't afford the rent. Maybe some of the product that Steves puppets unknowingly stole from East Ends Hells Angels is helping to subsidize the cost of keeping the business open. I guess times are tough so that's why it was covered up instead of returning the property to its rightful owners. Steve actually protected a puppet clubs members and associates instead of standing strong with his so called HA brothers. Looks like there's no loyalty,honour or respect amongst thieves or goons. So Donavan the next time you are in the company of these people,feel free to laugh at the clowns.
    On another note I see that the one who calls herself Gemma Teller(Annie Lelievre) had her annual memorial ride yesterday in memory of all the ones that lost their lives on Highway 63. Real nice gesture but it's unfortunate of the people she surrounds herself with. Her and Kevin Faulkner(leader of the Syndicate) was leading the pack riding side by side.

    1. It (the Lucky Dragon) would be the perfect cover for laundering money.

    2. It certainly seems that way Dr John. It would take lots of ink to cover the rent. Smaller shops couldn't make it here due to rent cost. Lucky Dragon is operating out of the biggest space of them all. It don't seem to be much traffic around there for customers so something is paying the rent.

  11. Hey Al Labouchie,yes I have lots of info on those guys. All a person have got to do is be around these guys and retain information. It don't really matter where it is. The Syndicate guys openly brag about everything they do for themselves and for the Hells Angels. It could be in a bar,work site lunch trailer or in a church. They are so proud to be hanging off 81 coat tails they don't care who hears them. Kevin Faulkner was working for Klemke Mining at Syncrude last year. He was in the lunch trailer at work bragging to whoever would listen that he was following Hells Angels orders to destroy any other clubs that try to establish in Fort Mcmurray. Steve Szomszed from the nomads just keeps pushing them telling them the Angels will support them haahaahaaa. There's a full patch Hells Angel named Rick Levesque living/working in Fort Mcmurray. He came here from the Ontario HA nomads in the Ottawa area. He works for a contractor at Suncor. It seems that even he is embarrassed by the shenanigans that Nomad Steve and the Syndicate are pulling. You never see him ride with those guys and he haven't transferred to a Alberta chapter. He still have got Ontario Rockers on his vest. That's a sign of embarrassment if there ever was one. Internationally the Alberta Hells Angels chapters must be a embarrassment to the club worldwide. There's been nothing but negative attention from this province for the last couple years.


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