Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kelowna Homicide - Update

The Vancouver Province is reporting a homicide in Kelowna. Global is reporting that it was on Feedham Avenue in the Black Mountain area. Both reports refer to it was a targeted attack. Global is also reporitng that "A neighbour tells Global News the victim is Amardeep Singh Ahluwalia and that he had been tied up with zap straps before being killed. The neighbour also says the victim’s girlfriend, a nurse at the Kelowna hospital, was similarly restrained but not hurt. She escaped from the house and ran next door for assistance. The unconfirmed reports indicate the dead man was found face down in the bloodied kitchen and the home had been invaded and ransacked."

That is messed up. Global is also reporting that Daniel Garth Ruff, 62 was arrested Monday for the murder of 51 year old Warren Welters in Kelowna June 14th.

The Vancouver Province is also reporting a targeted home invasion in Surrey 1:30 AM Tuesday.

CBC is reporting that human remains found in an industrial complex near Whistler, B.C. June 14th have been identified as missing Australian teen Jake Brian Kermond.

Update: The Vancouver Province is reporting that the victim who was killed in this targeted attack, Amardeep Singh Ahluwalia, is the brother-in-law of B.C. MLA Amrik Virk. Same last name as Bobby Virk from the Bassi-Virk trial connected to drug trafficking in the BC Rail scandal.


  1. R we ready to let go of this gun control horseshit yet. Look what is going on. Ppl beaten to death in their own homes. Ive been victim of a home invasion. Fought off two attackers with my hands. They had a nine mm and a crowbar. Wasnt a lot of fun. I got set up. Learned a lot that day.

    1. Indeed. With something like that it up to us to assert our unalienable right kinda like the pot smokers are. Anton got off for the murder of Jonn Lahn because it was in self defense. Not a work was mentioned about the firearm charge.

  2. thought I'd first run into an obits column, then realized I was at the right place. We still have to hear from the provincial government about how they plan to deal with crime. Guess they were too busy giving LNG away to PETRONAS and our tax dollars to the entertainment industry and the resource corporations.

    On the bright side we had one government worker who decide to do his job and decided his title really was Conservation Officer and saved the lives of the two cubs. Now if the politicians and D.M.s took a lesson from him, B.C. might be a better place for all.

    1. It does sound like an obits column. We've gone from daily random shootings to a rash of homicides right across the country.


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