Thursday, February 28, 2013

Indo Canadian Gangs

There are many breaking stories to catch up on but before I do, I want to make a clarification. I have never claimed to know anything about Indo Canadian gangs. Clearly that is Kim Bolan’s specialty. She covered Air India, she covered Bindy and Peter Adiwal. She was the first to break the news about the Dhurry Dhak group.

When I started my web site and blog I made it clear that I was not going after the Indo Canadian gangs. The reason was two fold. First, even though I live in Surrey, the Indo Canadian gangs don’t affect me. They don’t harass me and I’m not affected by the drugs they sell. Selling drugs in clubs is different than selling crack on the street. Not to say that Indo Canadian gangs don’t sell crack. I’m just saying it doesn’t affect me like the Hells Angels drug trade does. It’s impossible to walk through certain parts of Surrey or East Vancouver and not have the crack problem in your face so to speak. That disturbs me and it disrupts public safety.

The other reason is that I don’t see the Indo Canadian gangs as such a colossal threat as the Hells Angels are. Not any more. First the Hells Angels took over the exotic dancer industry in BC. Now they’re taking over the drug trade in BC and their violent monopoly of that drug trade affects all of us. Killing people for drug debts and murdering anyone else who sells drugs outside their umbrella.

The one thing I do know about Indo Canadian gangs is that the Independent Soldiers used to be an Indo Canadian gang. They used to be independent of the Hells Angels. Not any more. After the Loft Six shooting, all the independent leaders of the IS were killed off and the new IS became a Hells Angels puppet club. Case in point. Randy Naicker’s idol worship of Larry Amero. That got him killed.

The thing that really upsets me is to see the huge amount of resources that goes into finding Jonathon Bacon’s killer when Jonathon and his brothers were involved with the Surrey six and a huge number of subsequent murders. I’d rather see those resources directed towards finding Lindsey Buziak or Janice Shore’s murderer. I find the fact that the Bacon brothers and their associates get round the clock police protection outrageous and offensive.

The thing that really upsets me is the huge amount of resources spent on some police informants, some of which are drug infested repeat offenders while we sit back and watch drug dealers sell crack in the open at Main and Hastings and around the Front Room in Surrey at Gateway. Allowing these dead zones aids and abets the Hells Angels’ profit and their violence. All the crack that is sold around Gateway and the Front Room in Surrey is controlled by the Hells Angels. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by allowing those drug dealers to operate in public. Enforcement is one of the four pillars and is the New York model that everyone talks about.

With regards to the Kelowna shooting I will submit the most popular theory that is going around. The official version so to speak. Gurmit Dhak was a drug dealer who was gunned down in Metrotown October 2010. Some say his group was called Billy’s Crew at the time and they worked for the UN. “Someone” killed Gurmit Dhak to take over his drug trade. People suspect it was James Riach and the Bacon Brothers under the direction of the Hells Angels.

When Gurmit was killed, his brother Sukh wanted revenge and wanted to keep control of his brother’s drug trade. It was a known fact that Sukh was in Kelowna for court the Friday before the Kelowna shooting. That is why the Hells Angels blamed the Dhak group right away and continued the extermination they had already started to gain control of their drug trade.
Since the UN have been dismantled, there’s nothing wrong with referring to them as the Dhak group. However, they started of working for and with the UN.

Yes I was given another name along time ago and I did not publish it at the time because I am more concerned about innocent victims or good people like Geoff Meisner and Britney Irving getting set up and betrayed. I now have a last name and since it ties in with this group it has credibility in my eyes. I will not post it because of the liability concerns I have already expressed. I don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s murder.

I still think Khun Khun is an idiot. There’s no sense in flogging a dead horse and repeating that over and over again. If he was involved and if he did shoot Larry Amero that in no way erases his past and makes him a somebody. There is nothing to be admired about murder. Especially when it involves ambushing and shooting an unarmed target. As we have said before, any 12 year old can pull a trigger and none of us are bullet proof.

Sukh was butt ugly but Gurm, he seemed to have a conscience and did express his regret on video prior to his execution. He said the gang life is no life and for him it was too late. Yet for all of us it is not. That’s the point. At a gang seminar in Surrey Kim Bolan said she met a young kid who had put a picture of gang member up in his locker after the gang member became a paraplegic is a shooting and was actually admiring him as a role model. Clearly that kid needs some professional help. Yet it shows the dilemma of discussing gangs. The whole point is to discourage youth from going down that road not to glorify murderers and criminal who betray each other for money.

There was another seminar and a movie encouraging young kids to stay out of gangs in Surrey not long ago. I saw the movie which was played at Guildford for the seminar. It was graphic and well done. The greed and the ruthless betray was disturbing. I walked away from that movie with the felling that I don’t want to be a murderer. Murder isn’t good or glorious. Murdering someone does not make a nobody somebody. It just makes them a murderer. Something they will always have to live with. In this life and in the next.

The purpose of my web site and blog is not to glorify gangs. It’s to show people how this lie is driven by greed and betrayal and has nothing to do with living the dream At all. There’s a lot more to discuss but my main point here is that there is nothing noble about murder. The plastic world of Steroids and Silicone is what everyone else is laughing at. It isn’t real and it’s a very shallow existence. Life has so much more to offer.


Evidently, Tom Gisby was also implicated in the Kelowna shooting before he was shot dead in Mexico. Kib Bolan called it back in April of 2012.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Canada helps pay for China's Military Expansion

Speaking of getting shafted at the gas pump by the Oil company’s monopoly, it looks like as we are getting shafted at the pump, now that money doesn’t just fill a greedy corporate pig’s wallet. Now it’s funding China’s military expansion since Stephen Harper sold Canada’s oil rights to Communist China.

China has launched the first ship in a new class of stealth missile frigates, state media reported Tuesday, amid ongoing tensions with neighbouring countries over Beijing's maritime claims. The People's Liberation Army Navy is building 20 Type 056 Jiangdao class frigates to replace older models and bolster its ability to conduct patrols and escort ships and submarines in waters it claims in the South China and East China seas.

So just remember next time you fill up with gas at outrageous prices, those profits are going to help fund a Communist dictatorships military expansion thanks to Stephen Harper. If that isn’t treason, I don’t know what is. If Canada Nationalized their oil at least those profits would go towards building schools and hospitals instead of military weapons for a Communist dictatorship.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ramifications of the Bacon Amero shooting and arrest

There’s lots of news continuing to break but I want to pause and focus in on my primary beef. In my previous post I have expressed my doubt and contempt about Klutz Klutz being involved in the Kelowna shooting that killed Jonathon Bacon and wounded his low life pal Larry Amero while James Riach escaped uninjured.

You may be right. I might be crazy. The police wouldn’t have charged Klin Klon unless they had some kind of evidence other than his ridiculous confession. The guy is a two bit thief and an idiot. Which makes you wonder, what if he was involved? If an absolute idiot can pick up a gun and shoot Larry Amero, then what can a guy with half a brain do? An awful lot more.

IF and I say IF because I’m not going to concede defeat on this issue until I see some hard core evidence in court, IF Khun Khun really was involved in the shooting of Larry Amero, ya gotta think how embarrassing that must be for the Hells Angels. It would also obviously establish that the Hells Angels didn’t do the hit on Larry Amero like some have speculated. If Khun and the others did it, then the Hells Angels didn’t. Pretty simple math.

The fact that Larry Amero was dealing drugs for the Hells Angels in Montreal after the shooting and is now part of the new Surrey girl chapter of the Hells Angels, makes it pretty clear he was acting on club business when he was supporting the much hated Jonathon Bacon.

Again I want to stress that this was not a new association. James Riach was with the Independent Soldiers when he met with the Bacon Brothers in the Castle Fun Park meeting in Kevlar before the Surrey Six Murder. James Riach, Randy Naicker and the Independent Soldiers supported the Bacon Brothers back then. Before, during and after the Surrey Six. That means all those tit for tat shootings in the 2009 gang war was not between the Bacon brothers and the Independent Soldiers. It was mostly between the Bacon brothers and the UN.

We also know that Larry Amero was friends with Jonathon Bacon before during and after the Surrey Six murder. We just didn’t have any pictures of the two together. We could prove that Bacon brother friends were friends with Larry Amero’s friends at the time. So my point is, Larry Amero and the Hells Angels support of the Bacon brothers was before during and after the surrey six murder as well. At the Kelowna shooting Larry had finally come out of the closet with his support of the Bacons who took over the Red Scorpions for the Hells Angels.

Spike’s niece getting paralyzed in the shooting was a genuine tragedy.

Although the Hells Angels weren’t mentioned much in the 2009 Vancouver gang war, we know now they were the driving force behind it. Now it’s obvious who is exterminating the Dhurry Dhak group. If a drug dealing rival of the Hells Angels keeps getting shot, who do you think are the prime suspects in their murder? Although people are still getting shot, at least now we know the real cause and the people who are ultimately responsible.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, helping the Hells Angels get a monopoly on the drug trade by arresting all their rivals is irresponsible. Just remember Janice Shore and the torture chambers in the basements of the Hells Angels crack shacks in Prince George. Just remember what the Whiteboy Posse did to Bob Roth for the Hells Angels in Edmonton. Then tell me it’s in the public’s best interest to let the Hells Angels deal drugs and just arrest their competitors. I passionately disagree. Just ask the Devil’s Butler.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Charges in the Larry Amero shooting

You have got to be kidding. This is a joke right? It’s not April First. The breaking news at today’s CFSEU Press Conference is that Jujhar Singh Khun-Khun, Jason Thomas McBride and Michael Jones were arrested for first degree murder and attempted murder with regards to the Kelowna shooting where Jonathon Bacon was killed and Larry Amero was wounded.

Clown clown? The Surrey idiot who can’t even tie his shoes without help? What evidence is there? A confession? ROFL. This idiot has been bragging about shooting Jonathon Bacon trying to make a name for himself and the police take the bait hook line and sinker? That is astounding. Is this a Bill Fordy publicity stunt? Come on… no really, what is up with this? I was given a name a long time ago and none of those three are it. Something very fishy is going on here.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another murder in Surrey - Update

Another body was found dumped on Colebrook Road in Surrey today. Police got a call from a member of the public at 12:08 p.m. reporting the body, found on the side of the road in the 12500-block of Colebrook. Police wouldn’t confirm whether it was a man or woman and wouldn’t comment on other media reports that the body was burned.

The body was discovered a couple blocks away from where the body of 26-year-old Jaskaran Singh Sandhu was found on Jan. 28. Eight murders (including Janice) in the first eight weeks of 2013 for Surrey. Godzilla’s Blue Oyster Cult bullies are still upset about the Surrey Shirts web site. It doesn’t sound like he’s the problem.

Here are some new slogans readers just sent in: “There's a place with a violent reputation near Hollywood called Watts. We're in Hollywood North and...” “Watts Up With All of the Murders in Surrey?...” "The City of Surrey has a brand new dump - its on both sides of Colebrook Road." I guess they call Colebrook Road Watts now.

My kids just enlightened me about a new dumb viral video taking over after Gangam style. It’s called the Harlem Shake. Only it has absolutely nothing to do with Harlem. A guy starts of dancing to some Latino music doing the pelvic thrust. Then everyone joins in. Each city has one. Only both versions of the Surrey one the guy starts off doing the dance but nobody joins in. In one episode he gets kidnapped and stuffed into the truck of a car, while in the other episode he gets shot and robbed.

Surrey jokes have been around a ling time. People make fun of Surrey Jacks as they really aren’t the brightest of criminals out there. Yes Surrey is improving but denying the truth is the suppression of crime statistics. If I’m not mistaken, that’s what the mayor did in the Green Hornet and the police chief did in the Batman Dark Night series. Ironic.

Anyone have any word on claims about a grow op busted in Kelowna Wednesday night in the Scotty Creek subdivision behind the airport? Kim says the police are holding a press conference Monday at 1:00 PM about a break in a gang murder investigation. It could be about the Kelowna shooting.


IHIT has confirmed the body found Sunday on Colebrook Road in Surrey is 29-year-old Amritpal Saran of Delta and that the body was indeed badly burned. The 29-year-old victim had no known gang ties, but was known to police. His criminal record includes assault, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking. A drug dealer with no gang affiliations ends up murdered. Imagine that. Another rival drug dealer murdered by the boys who control the drug trade in Surrey.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Stairway to Heaven

Surf’s up. Last night the mountain snow report said they just got a meter of snow in the past 48 hours and 1.32 meters in the past week. So today I couldn’t resist. I knew visibility would be patchy but just like in surfing, when there’s that much new snow on the mountain, ya gotta check it out so I drove up to Seymour.

Thankfully there has been quite a bit of snowshoe traffic up the mountain so the trail was soft packed. Snowshoeing up a mountain knee deep in fresh snow is hard work. Been there, done that. On the ski slopes the groomer packs everything down so it’s hard to tell the difference between a meter of fresh snow and 6 inches. That’s why people go out of bounds and that’s where they get into trouble. More from all the cliffs and gullies than the avalanches.

There was no visibility starting off. Climbing into the unknown. Yet we know the trail so it’s not really the unknown. I get to the top of Brocton Point and talking with another snowshoer say I wonder if we’ll get any visibility today? I look around and say. Perhaps. It could go either way. I sit down for a juice break and the sun breaks and the majesty is revealed. It made me think of Led Zeppelin’s climbing the stairway to heaven.

You could see the clouds rolling in after the break.

So I kept climbing trying to beat the clouds.

Visibility at the top was very limited. After a short break in the clouds I made it to second pump. Visibility was limited at the top and a two minute break revealed third pump from second pump.

This is the other side of first pump.

This is heading down and up to second pump. You can see visibility is getting limited. The trail along the side of second pump to third pump is dodgy at the best of times. Today after a meter of fresh snow cutting across that steep slope the route was inaccessible. Below first pump visibility was better. I’m gonna try and get some more pictures on that flicker account I made. Sometimes ya gotta stop to smell the roses. Or in this case climb the stairway to heaven and enjoy the majesty of life. Sometimes it's not visible but it's still there. When the clouds break and the light shines that's magic.

Greed and Gluttony

I stopped to fill up on gas before I headed out to the mountain today and was shocked to see a ten cents a litre jump in price. This is the epitome of greed and gluttony. We were thrilled to see it finally go down to the 120’s per litre yet that was another scam that had nothing to do with supply and demand. They raised it in the summer just because they could and dropped it down after summer just to throw the dog a bone so to speak. Now they’ve raised it twenty cents a litre, ten cents a litre more than the peak of last summer’s high “demand.”

This price fluctuation has nothing to do with the price of oil on the market or the laws of supply and demand. It has everything to do with Corporate Communism that has attained a monopoly on the market and is grossly subsidized with tax dollars. People complain that in other countries that produce oil, the price of gas at the pump in that country is quite low. It isn’t here because they are shafting us with their monopoly just because they can.

In 1909, the US Department of Justice sued the Rockefeller’ Standard Oil under federal anti-trust law, the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, for sustaining a monopoly and restraining interstate commerce. Now the government is throwing them tax dollars to assist their monopoly and lets them screw consumers at the pumps because they get kickbacks in campaign contributions.

I think it’ time to Nationalize Canada’s oil. They have shown that they can’t be trusted now that they have already eliminated a free market. Might as well have some of those profits go to building schools and hospitals while we control the price at the pumps for local consumers. They cry fowl and claim that’s Communism but in reality Corporate Communism is exactly what they’re doing.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mayors’ council proposes getting rid of Transit Police

This is it. Proof the Metro Vancouver Mayors' council is completely out of touch with reality and should be disbanded. Delta Mayor Lois Jackson wants to save “millions” of dollars by studying options to replace Transit Police with bus route and station security guards, backed up by existing local police.

Let’s recap. We just finally got armed Transit Police on Skytrain. We did that for a reason. Creating that system then disbanding it makes about as much sense as spending money on widening the Port Mann Bridge only to spend more money on tearing it down after they scrapped the idea of twining it in favour of, you guessed it, another plan that cost way more money.

The last brain storm these power hungry gluttons came up with to justify their existence was to implement a regional sales tax. Above and beyond the billion dollar gas tax already in place. I quoted an old article in the Vancouver Sun where an MLA called for the dismantling of the GRVD because it was a waste of tax payers money. 26 years later and nothing has changed.

Less government is always better. Duplication costs more money. Skytrain sucks. No offense. There are no express trains running from the suburbs to the City. One track, stop and go. That’s the system in place. Changing that now would cost too much money. Turnstiles that function are urgent. Giving free rides is bad business. Bus drivers giving 2.5 million free rides a year is insane.

There is no reason Transit can’t make money. Giving free rides by running a business on the honour system is bad business. No private company would dream of such nonsense. If you want sky train to deal with it’s debt and start making money, then stop building so many lines to Timbuktu and stop giving free rides.

When you build a new line, that costs money. It takes time to repay that expenditure. Instead of taking the time to repay those expenditures, they keep building new lines to nowhere. That creates a perpetual debt that is already being off set with a huge gas tax. Clearly the mayors’ council is the problem. They all want more for their area. Stop spending money and stop wasting money on extravagant duplication.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

UN member found guilty of 2004 murder

Yesterday Michael Bruce Newman from the UN was found guilty of the first degree murder of Marc Rozen. First-degree murder carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison with no parole eligibility for 25 years. At the time of the charge, Vancouver police said they had linked Newman to DNA found at Rozen’s murder scene.

Court documents said Newman confined Rozen in his Haro Street apartment, stabbed him 62 times and shot him "execution style" in the back of the head. At Thursday's sentencing hearing, Newman once again denied his role in the murder. It’s hard to conceive he was executed for selling an expensive ring. Senseless.

Since Rozen’s death Newman was convicted of drug charges in Ontario. In the April 2, 2007 statement, Newman “mentioned the Independent Soliders and the Bacon brothers” and told police he was in Ontario because “there are contracts out on all of us,” Ehrcke said. Which would support the claims that the Hells Angels have dismantled the UN and are the prime suspects in the recent executions.

Hells Angel triple murder case

Adam Hall is back in the news. Adam Hall, David Chalue and Caius Veiovis have been charged with kidnapping and murder in the deaths of Robert Chadwell, Edward Frampton and David Glasser.

Police allege Hall, Chalue and Veiovis killed the three men to prevent Glasser from testifying in an upcoming trial against Hall, a sergeant at arms with the Becket, Massachusetts Hell's Angels. Prosecution has applied to have all three suspects tried together instead of three separate trials.

Caius Veiovis is the brain surgeon with devil horn implants and the number 666 tattooed to his forehead. Adam Hall was previously acused of forcing a woman into prostitution against her will. Maybe they’ll make a special guest appearance on the sons of anarchy TV series along with the Eastern President on trial for trafficking crystal meth.

Guns and drugs seized in Saskatoon

Monday, police executed search warrant in two homes, one in Saskatoon and one in Shields. Numerous firearms were seized as well as a small quality of cocaine and crystal meth. Troy Chretien, Michael Wiegers and Lindsay Worobec are facing numerous gun and drug related charges.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Woman brutally raped for drug debt dies of injuries

Tragically, Janice Shore, the Surrey homeless woman who was brutally raped and beaten for a drug debt on December 2nd has succumbed to her injuries and passed away. Now the case becomes a homicide. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Janice and her family. I am told Janice was very soft spoken and very polite. This kind of tragedy diminishes all of us.

We all know who the drug debt was to and it wasn’t the UN. Bob Roth was decapitated for a drug debt to the Whiteboy Posse in Edmonton. The Whiteboy Posse work for the Hells Angels. We need to follow up on this case because this kind of deranged violence is not acceptable. It’s time to get rid of these drug dealing predators that bring so much violence into our communities.

[New Surrey Leader article] The Surrey Leader originally reported that the person who found her found her chained to a tree. The police claim she was not chained to a tree when they found her. Ya think maybe the guy untied her? That would make more sense then lying about her being chained to a tree.

The fact is she was brutally beaten to death and sexually assaulted. She had broken bones. Her forehead and jaw were literally caved in. Hitting a woman is bad enough but hitting her hard enough to cave in her forehead and her jaw is deranged. Her eye was scratched out. There was no need for that. We’re talking about a petite homeless woman. This kind of violence is unacceptable. Reporting the psychopath who did this to the police is not being a rat. Failing to do so is.

Any witnesses are asked to call the IHIT Tipline at 1-877-551-IHIT. If you wish to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or contact me, Agent K. You know I respect anonymity. This case is important.

~ ~


Read by Cpl. Bari Emam of IHIT on February 21, 2013

"We, the family of Janice Shore would like to issue a public statement in relation to her tragic death. We remember Janice’s childhood as normal as any of our childhoods. We never thought she would die under such horrible circumstances. Janice battled with mental health issues most of her life. However, she did not deserve to die in such a way.

Although distanced from most of her family for many years and living a life which may have ultimately led to her tragic death, Janice was still a member of our family whose death we are grieving. We believe that due to her unfortunate life circumstances, Janice did not have much of a voice while she was alive. After her death she no longer has any voice period.

We would appeal to anyone who may have information about Janice’s death to please contact the police. If you are able to provide any information which may assist the police in investigating the murder of Janice we would we would be grateful for any help you can offer.

We are making this appeal particularly to those who knew Janice and may have valuable information which can help the police solve her murder. Janice leaves three grown children, two brothers and one sister behind. At the present time we are grieving Janice’s loss and respectfully ask for our privacy to be honoured. Thank you."


This raises more concerns. Any drug dealer that gives a homeless person with a mental illness free drugs then beats the life out of them for payment is a predator. A homeless person with a mental illness. Where have we heard that before? Gordon Campbell closed Riverview and put all the mentally ill on the street while he gave himself two fat pay raises and a gold plated pension. If that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.

In today’s age it is hard for many people with jobs to budget their money to last two weeks. It’s even worse for someone with a mental illness. Expecting them to budget their money in one payment for the whole month is unrealistic. Especially when that money isn’t enough to last the month and forces people to decide between food or housing.

More Hells Angels charged in Cycle Logic stolen car ring

Two members of the Southland Chapter of the Hell’s Angels have been arrested in connection with the Hells Angels stolen car ring that was busted last summer in Kelowna.

Nigel Bruce Huggett, 43, of Calgary and Benjamin Kristopher Wilken, 30, of Blackfalds have been charged with possession of stolen property over $5,000. Last summer police found two cars that were revinned and registered in Alberta. The bust led to the recovery of close to 50 vehicles that had been cloned or re-vinned.

The August raid of Cycle logic resulted in the arrest of Kelowna Hells Angel / Associate Johnny Newcome. Kelowna police said at the time the business had ties to Nanaimo and Southland (Calgary) Chapters of the Hells Angels as well as the Throttle Lockers and Kingpin Crew from Kelowna. So who’s the real rat? The person who steals cars or the person who reports the car thief to the police? Do the math.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Double Homicide in Kelowna

This is a strange one. Police claim two dead bodies found in a black SUV that had crashed into a light standard in a condominium parking lot were victims of a homicide, not a car crash. We’ll know more when the names of the victims have been released.

Police are waiting to release the names so they can notify next of kin. That is appropriate. The family of Kevin Fry were heartbroken the grandparents heard on the news their grandson was dead before the family could tell them.

Castanet originally reported that the crash was reported around 11:30 p.m. Monday night. Witnesses say the large black SUV took out a cement and brick light post before it crashed into the side of the Terravita condo complex in West Kelowna. RCMP say a male passenger escaped on foot before they arrived at the crash site.

The dog team was called in and a manhunt was underway. RCMP believed the man was heading to Kelowna, and they blocked off several streets looking for the runaway -- it is unclear if the man was captured at this time. When emergency crews reached the SUV they discovered both the driver and the passenger were deceased. Even though the airbags were deployed, the crash did not appear to be serious enough to cause death.

Here’s some links to the homicide story:

[Castanet] [CBC] [Province]


Update: Police have confirmed Tiffany June Goruk and Jeremy Daniel Snow were the victims.

March of 2009 Jeremy Snow was arrested in Idaho after landing a helicopter loaded with more than 170 pounds of BC bud. Operation Blade Runner began with an arrest of an Alberta man in Salt Lake city with 80 kilos of cocaine. Seven Canadian men and one American were charged in an elaborate scheme where BC bud and ecstasy was being dropped off across the border in exchange for cocaine. Sound familiar?

Kim Bolan is reporting that Sam Brown, the helicopter pilot that committed suicide in a US Prison just prior top Jeremy Snow’s arrest, was caught with a drug shipment that was part of the same gang. Sam’s father seems to think his son was a pawn and took the fall for someone else. Colin Martin bragged about how many drug shipments he did and escaped prosecution.

Jeremy Snow had a nice tattoo of Christ on his chest. Unlike the skulls and deadheads the others have. Both Jeremy and Tiffany had young children from previous relationships. You have to wonder about the integrity of an organization that would use and promote someone like Joey Verma for taking the fall for the murder of Britney Irving. It is sad as in pathetic, a group can brag about killing such a wonderful young woman. Sam Brown was not a bad guy. Neither was Jeremy Snow or Tiffany Goruk. Colin Martin is a dirty rat and the Big Red Machine is deranged.

Turns out Tiffany had Norm Cocks on her Myspace friends.

Even Weird Hal Porteous:

Somehow I don't think she was killed by a rival.

Bullies picket East Vancouver Restaurant

Front page of today’s Vancouver Province is an article about some East Van bullies picketing a restaurant in East Van just because. They are opposed to the gentrification of East Vancouver because they want it to remain a drug dealing sex trade toilet.

Back in the day, people used to protest closing down East Van slum lord mansions because they were rebuilding them and charging more money which made it unaffordable for the previous tenants. Durring Expo many of those concerns had merit. However, times have changed.

Now Vancouver is approving mixed development sites. These are new condos that include social housing and affordable housing. It’s a win win situation. Instead of a vacant building we have new social housing and new affordable housing in a nice new condo. It is great for the homeless. I’s just bad for the drug dealers. The bullies claim that these kinds of projects will clean up the East end and drive their customers out. That is their real concern. If they were genuinely concerned about the homeless, they would be applauding new buildings with social housing units in them.

The people complaining about the mixed development sites are the drug dealers who don’t want to lose business when the neighborhood is cleaned up. Any homeless activist would be thrilled to see the homeless get nice housing instead of a slum lord mansion where drug dealers like Tony Terezakis use extreme violence on the tenants.

Targeting this restaurant is a violation of everyone’s rights. It’s a violation of the owners right to free enterprise. It’s a violation of the customers right to go to a restaurant of their choosing. It’s a violation of the local resident’s rights who are living in fear and want to see the neighborhood cleaned up but are silenced by the extreme violence of these lawless bullies.

In the article it quotes one resident who said “I’m really surprised they are picketing here,” he said. “I’d say 90 per cent of the people who live down here can’t figure out why these idiots down here are protesting. They have this communist rhetoric going on.”

Simon & Garfunkel once said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls. Well New York might have graffiti proof trains now but East Van doesn’t. This is a picture of some revealing graffiti in Eat Van. It says “I’m scared too, but we’ll make it.” People in East Van are scared. They are being terrorized by bullies. Drug dealers are violent predators that prey on the most vulnerable.

Tony Terezakis filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts that owed him money. Now we see women being pushed out of windows or brutally raped and beaten into a coma for drug debts. How did those drug debts happen? The first rule of drug dealing is never front someone drugs. So here we have predators that give people drugs for free and then beat the life out of them for payment. Here’s another picture of a prophetic warning in East Van.

It says “You live by the drug, you die by the drug.” I guess that wasn’t written by the drug dealers at Vandu or the bullies picking on the innocent customers of the new restaurant. It was written by someone who lives there. Someone who feels the fear and sees the violence these drug dealing predators bring.

We need to stop catering to the bullies. They are not the 99%. The real problem is that there are no mixed development projects in Surrey. Not at all. No social housing, no affordable housing and next to no rental units. That is a valid concern in Surrey. In East Van we should be applauding mixed development sites and anyone who steps up to make it a better community for everyone.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hells Angels selling crystal meth in South Carolina

In Columbia, South Carolina five members of the Hells Angels are in court for drug dealing, gun running and robbing drug dealers. They were dealing cocaine and crystal meth. The charges include conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

Last June 21 Hells Angels and associates were originally arrested part of a two year FBI investigation. Many have already pleaded guilty, including “Diamond Dan” Bifield, vice president of the Rock Hell City Nomads Hells Angels club; and David “Yard Owl” Pryor, president of the Rock Hill Red Devils club.

“The clubhouses where these bikers met and gathered in what was called “church” by them are dingy places that proudly display Confederate flags, Nazi symbols and other symbols of hate. All Hells Angels must be white men. They do not like society’s rules, they and their lawyers say. Apparently, though, they do not like anybody who’s not white to be a part of their rebellion against rules. At the Rock Hill clubhouse of the Red Devils, the underlings of the Hells Angels, the Rebel flag flies, tattered, along with the American flag, also tattered.’

Evidently, the Hells Angels are still bringing crystal meth to the East coast of the United States. Don’t forget Sony Barger’s pal Gregory Domey was convicted of trafficking crystal meth for the Hells Angels in Massachusetts. He was the Salem and East Coast president. Do they sell crystal meth on Sons of Anarchy? I’ve never watched the show.

I guess the FBI didn’t let the Agency in on their investigation. According to Michael Riconosciuto the Agency are the ones cooking the crystal meth in Cali for the Hells Angels to bring out East. Oh, but we’re not allowed to talk about Mike. Much. Keeping unlawful secrets is unlawful.

Bad Treaty in Parliament

Christy Clark is ready to give away millions of tax dollars and thousands of hectares of land to one native village on Vancouver Island as well as forestry rights and the right to self government. I kid you not. Self government means their chiefs become kings and queens and the members of their reservations have absolutely no rights whatsoever.

I know this is a sensitive issue but we really need to start using our brains here. Clearly we have abandoned reason up to now. Currently there are many outstanding land claims. In fact since each village can’t agree on what land was theirs, the outstanding land claims are for all of the land in BC and then some.

For example, at the public hearing on the Surrey Mega Casino, a member of a local First Nations village spoke. She expressed her concern about the proposal and objected to the fact that their village wasn’t getting any money from it. She cited how in other provinces, the provincial government automatically shares a portion of the gaming revenue with the First Nations.

Most importantly, she outlined her village’s land claims and admitted another village has also put a claim on some of the land they claim. In essence there is over 150% of BC up for grabs. Sorry to say, only 100% of BC exists and we need to coexist with all the other residents.

All of us came here from someone else. Including the First Nations community. Yes they were here before the white man so to speak but this isn’t about the white man any more. It’s about equality for every race colour and creed that now lives here. We all have rights and we all must share this land. Chief Seattle said land ownership was a white man’s concept.

I was born in North Vancouver. When I was young, my father took me hiking in Lynn Valley. That doesn’t mean I own Lynn Valley. Just because a small Native village walked somewhere or canoed somewhere, that doesn’t mean they own that land.

I talked about the Idle no More movement and expressed my concern about one group of people setting themselves up as better than another group of people. Especially when they claim they don’t have to work or pay taxes and we have to work to support them. That is wrong.

If you don’t want to pay taxes, then I guess you don’t want to drive on roads, use electricity or the plumbing those taxes paid for. Yes there were injustices in the past. The residential schools were horrible. Judge Ramsey’s sexual abuse of under age aboriginal women was inexcusable. That doesn’t mean we are supposed to throw away the constitution and make one group better than all the others. That is not a free republic.

In Central America, there are plenty of aboriginal people. You don’t see any reservations there. The aboriginals live with the rest of society. They have to work and provide for themselves just like everyone else. Everyone is equal. I don’t like to see anyone get shafted including members of the First Nations community. But let’s face it, to say they own the whole province and then some and we have to rent it from them is wrong. There’s a reason we have the queen of England on our money and not the king of France. There was a war and the French lost. Yet we share this land with the French and everyone else who lives here.

Historically, the British came here to make some money in the fur trade. Fort Langley was built and we did business with the local natives. In fact the local natives in Fort Langley liked doing business with the British. Other tribes would plunder them, kidnap them and take them away as slaves. Doing business with the British protected them from their enemies.

Let’s face it, historically we did business and were friends with some tribes but not all tribes. Some tribes were mean bullies that exploited other tribes. We didn’t have treaties with everyone. We can’t give every native village everything they want because that’s more land than exists.

On top of that, why is Christy Clark giving one village millions of tax dollars? The use of land is one thing, handing over tax dollars is another. For the record, self government is insane. That means the chiefs become rich kings and queens and the members of the reservations have no rights at all. It also means they can legalize crack and have their own crack houses on the reservations for people to come to and our laws can’t stop them.

Self government sounds like a good thing but it’s not. It sounds like self determination but its not. Those words have legal meaning and the inherent right to self government means their chiefs become kings and queens and the charter of rights has no jurisdiction to protect the rights of the members of the reservation. This is just Christy Clark spending more money she doesn’t have to try and get reelected just like Gordon Campbell’s BC Hydro rebates only MUCH worse.

The inherent right to self government means that a tribe could say, historically we used to raid that other tribe and make them slaves so we are going to retain our historical right to keep slaves and your laws that ban slavery have no jurisdiction now. Great thinking Christy. Not.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Garbage Incinerator in South Surrey

There’s a lot of talk and a lot of controversy over waste to energy incinerators these days. Burnaby already has one. Vancouver just turned one down and Godzilla is talking about bring one to Surrey. Kinda like Gordon Campbell’s gold plated pension he originally campaigned against. Oh it’ll never happen. Much.

Turns out there’s plans to build a giant incinerator by Aquilini “Renewable Energy" in the Campbell Heights Industrial park. We remember Campbell Heights. That’s the epicenter of money laundering for the dirty developers that contributed to the BC Liberals.

Flipping agricultural land into industrial so some insider campaign contributors can make a quick buck is one thing, but building a garbage incinerator on agricultural land is another. I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled. Just another lie and broken promise from the mighty Godzilla. Go Godzilla.

Kinda fitting they’ll have smoke stacks from a giant incinerator behind the giant statue of Gordon Campbell at the industrial play park. Kinda like having a giant shredder in the BC Rail investigation. We’ll pollute Surrey First, next the World. Surrey Shirts should do that one next.

When I fist hear about the idea I think wow can they really do that? Turn garbage into energy? Then I find out they’re just talking about an incinerator that burns the garbage and generates some electricity on the side. Like burning toxic garbage doesn’t have any real concerns.

I like the back country for two reasons. Seeing mountains as far as the eye can see and seeing clean air. Looking at the city from the mountains used to be nice. Now you can’t get a photo of the city at any time of the day without seeing several factories billowing smoke out into the air. The Fraser Valley, surrounded by mountains has become a grey haze of air pollution.

Everyone wants jobs and wants us to prosper and make money. Yet there is good business, bad business and a whole lot of gray areas in between. With news of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch where the ocean currents are collecting plastic garbage into huge islands that decimate wildlife, people are becoming more aware of their environmental foot print so to speak.

The Green Party is an example of an increase in public concern about the environment. In response politics becomes very polarized. We have some people prioritize protecting the environment while others, like Stephen Harper are consciously going in the exact opposite direction in open defiance of those concerns.

Reducing landfills is good but creating more air pollution anywhere, especially in the Fraser Valley is not. CO2 emissions is a huge concern. Getting rich killing the planet is very counter productive. We can’t take that money with us to the grave. Words like sustainability aren’t just for granola freaks, they are for every responsible citizen now.

Incinerators create air pollution. They say it’s OK because the Burnaby plant is within acceptable limits. Yeah, who’s limits? It burns toxic garbage and gives off pollution. Who said how much pollution is acceptable and how much is not? Air quality in the Fraser valley is a very real concern.

Environmentalists are celebrating a “victory” in the cancellation of a proposed incinerator in Vancouver. So once again they want to bring another failed Vancouver project to Surrey. However, the celebrations are premature. The company expressed a concern about the government making a decision that protects the environment because it is a violation of NAFTA chapter 11. They’re quite right.

These insane clauses in these ridiculous trade agreements have nothing to do with free trade. Companies who plan to pollute the environment sue the government for preventing them and get millions of dollars in compensation from a NAFTA tribunal. That compensation is in tax dollars. Which is not very fiscally responsible.

We need to trash these insane trade agreements that have nothing to do with free trade and stop awarding compensation of tax dollars to companies who want to pollute the environment. Removing our democratic rights is never a good thing. Neither is polluting the air we breathe.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Mount Baker from Hollyburn Ridge

Well we survived another calamity with the asteroid fly by. The sun was out so I snowshoed up Hollyburn ridge today on Cypress. Monday it was raining with zero visibility and the parking lot was packed. Today was much better. The first picture is actually Mount Baker from Hollyburn. You can see Golden Ears bridge over the Fraser river. The picture below the header on my web site is also of Mount Baker. Climbing up the glacier as the sun rises after camping out on Hog’s back.

Today on Cypress it was sunny and had snowed earlier so the snow on the trees was melting so fast it was like rain in the forest. Fine when you got into the clearing.

This one is a panorama of the Lions from Hollyburn Ridge.

A helicopter flew over.

There was a little inversion starting today. You can see a clump of low clouds half way out the ocean between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The mountains peaking out of the top of the clouds is Vancouver Island.

This is the start to the Hollyburn ridge trail. That snow pack will last well into spring.

Meteor explodes over Russia

A meteor streaked across the sky and exploded over Russia this morning, sending fireballs crashing to earth. Buildings were damaged and more than 500 people injured but no fatalities have been reported.

The meteor hit hours before an asteroid capable of destroying London was due to fly close by the Earth, coming closer than many satellites. The European Space Agency, in a post on its Twitter account, said its experts had determined there was no connection between the Russian event and the asteroid.

Scientists say that there is no chance of the 150ft (45.7m) space rock hitting the planet. But there is a remote possibility that it could collide with one of more than 100 telecommunication and weather satellites in fixed orbits above the Earth.

The asteroid, 2012 DA14, has been closely tracked since its discovery a year ago. It is predicted to reach its nearest point to the Earth at about 7.30pm UK time this evening.

As for 2012 DA14, this could be its last close pass. Earth's gravitational field will significantly alter the asteroid's orbit around the sun, reducing its orbital period from 368 to 317 days. This will mean most of its orbit will be inside that of Earth's.

You can watch 2012 DA14 live online. NASA will also be providing live commentary starting at about 2 p.m. ET. I think that's 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time for us West coasters.

Ottawa Mountie in court for child abuse

Ottawa police arrested the 41-year-old officer and a 34-year-old woman on Tuesday after an investigation at the officer's home. Police sources told CBC News a child was chained in the basement, and said what officers found was "the worst case of abuse police have seen."

Both face three counts each of aggravated assault, two counts of assault with a weapon, one count of forcible confinement and one count of failing to provide the necessaries of life. The man also faces one count of sexual assault and an additional count of assault with a weapon.

The names of the accused have not been released to protect the identity of the victims, police said. There is also a court-ordered publication ban on the names of the accused and victims. The RCMP said the officer has been on leave since May 2011, but the reason for that is under a court-ordered publication ban. Police sources also told CBC News the man worked for the force's counter-terrorism unit. The officer was suspended with pay Wednesday, RCMP said.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Human rights report accuses RCMP of rape

CBC is reporting that New York-based Human Rights Watch released a report today at a press conference in Ottawa claiming that police abuse of aboriginal women in BC included threats, torture and sexual assault. The report calls on the federal government to launch a national inquiry. First of all, a public inquiry isn’t what Wally Opal just did in the Missing women inquiry. He shut the inquiry down as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned and banned key evidence from being admitted.

Two researchers - one from Canada and one from the U.S. - spent five weeks last summer in the province’s north, visiting 10 communities between Prince George to Prince Rupert and hearing accounts from aboriginal women of alleged mistreatment at the hands of police.

The report suggests some of the accounts of harm done to women and girls appear to be the result of poor policing tactics, over aggressive policing and insensitivity to victims. It documented eight incidents of police physically assaulting or using "questionable" force against girls under 18.

I did see a youtube video of an aboriginal girl in BC who was arrested and sitting in the back of a patrol car. She was freaking out. Perhaps she was innocent and panicking what would happen if she was taken away by the police. Perhaps she was a spoilt brat throwing a temper tantrum. I don’t know why she was arrested.

All I saw is her kicking the window in the back of the car. The officer said if you don’t stop that, you will regret it. She kept it up, so he opened the door and punched her in the head. Yes it was shocking. Normally when a kid throws a temper tantrum you let them kick and scream until they tire themselves out. Punching a young girl in the head was shocking.

The report also contains troubling and graphic allegations of physical and sexual abuse, including from a woman, identified as homeless, who describes how police took her outside of town and raped her. Rhoad said the woman told her the officers then, "threatened that if I told anybody they would take me out to the mountains and kill me and make it look like an accident."

In the missing woman inquiry, sex trade workers claimed police officers blackmailed them into having sex. They claimed the police officers said if they didn’t have sex with them, they would arrest them for solicitation. Guess where those allegations went? Right under Wally Opal’s carpet of denial.

There is no excuse or rationalization for rape. If that happened, that was inexcusable. We know that it did happen in Prince George with Judge Ramsay. He was convicted of sexually abusing under age aboriginal women. No doubt there was a huge amount of rage and denial before that conviction was obtained.

I do remember there were allegations at the time of police officers helping to cover up Judge Ramsay’s crimes as well as allegations of some officers being involved in some of those crimes. I also remember a RCMP officer suing the RCMP for investigating him for abuse. I kid you not. Surely if the allegation was made he’d want to be investigated and exonerated. I believe it was during a custody battle with his ex wife and it seriously affected his case in that proceeding.

Stephen Harper is a heartless antichrist. His response is just do it. File charges. Kinda like Catherine Galliford and all the women in the RCMP who have filed a sexual harassment complaint on court? Harper’s response was to deny everything, slander the victims and blame them.

The RCMP want to investigate the allegations. They want to know who the victims are. Kinda like in the Jim Brown case? Grant Wakefield was a whistleblower of a deranged Coquitlam RCMP officer who was posting BDSM pictures online trying to recruit some new BDSM partners. The police’s response? Search Grant’s house and seize his computer hard drive and flash drives to help Jim the freak Brown sue Grant and Cameron Ward for defamation. That whole circus side show is a farce. Jim Brown posted the pictures. Saying he did was true.

"Human Rights Watch was struck by the level of fear on the part of women they met to talk about sexual abuse inflicted by police officers." No wonder.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Surrey Girls

Turns out the new Surrey Girls chapter of the Hells Angels consists of little whiterock Ryan and the chipmunks. All the little girls that Whiterock chapter didn’t want. This is a picture of little ryan, Shane Bunting and Weird Hal Porteous. I guess now that Larry amero and little whiterock Ryan have been kicked out of the whiterock chapter he has to call himself little surrey girl Ryan now.

Larry Amero was the one ultimately behind the Surrey six murder. He supported Jonathon Bacon back then and lied about it. Larry Amereo is a lying backstabbing drug dealer. He’s a clone of David Giles who only cares about the money. These guys even have the audacity to use the word honour when they betray a brother. They have no honour. They are the exact opposite everything the real west point stand for. Just a bunch of surrey girls no one likes or respects.

Heartless? Shooting Chris Mohan and Ed Schellenberg was heartless. Shooting Nikki Alemy dead with her son in the car was heartless. Brutally raping a homeless woman in Whalley and putting her in a coma for a drug debt was heartless. You're the one who are heartless.

Monday, February 11, 2013

David Giles claims his friendship is for sale

Speaking of Skeletor, this is an exert a blog reader sent in from Revell and Remple's drug trafficking trial that David Giles was involved in. It contains yet another statement Giles made on wiretap and once again shows what kind of a selfish backstabbing piece of garbage he really is and what kind of organization he has created.

“[212] On the evening of June 14, 2005, members of the EEHA in Kelowna had a “church” meeting (the name of their weekly meetings) in the Kelowna clubhouse. The police intercepted a conversation between Giles, Verna and others. In it, Giles made the following comments that the Crown submits represent “his views toward the club and how they motivate and guide every aspect of his dealings with other people”:

“There isn’t one fuckin’ citizen out there, not one that I socialize with, talk to or have anything to do with, (clattering sounds) that it isn’t planted in my head, what can I get from him for here. What’s he gonna do for me that’s gonna benefit this House. Somewhere down the line. Is he gonna come here and spend money? Is he gonna use my fuckin’ name and if he is, in any way, shape or form, ‘cause it’s only by pretext (big bang, believed to be fist on table), I want somethin’ on the fuckin’ table. And I wanna get, I want a donation, I want somethin’. And if I ain’t gettin’ it, then leave…And he ain’t gonna get the fuckin’ friendship here, and…, and socialize and chase pussy out of my fuckin’ room. Period. And that’s how I feel everybody should think. “Cause this ain’t about what it can do for you, it’s supposed to be what you can do for the Club. That’s what it’s supposed to be…”

Ricky Ciarniello and the Devil’s Butler

Last month I found this picture of Ricky Ciarniello and David Black from the Satan’s Angels taken back in 1977 on Kim Bolan’s new web site about the Hells Angels. Black was the president of the group and Ciarniello was the treasurer.

The Vancouver Satan’s Angels patched over to become Hells Angels in 1983 and Ricky Ciarniello is referred to as the spokesperson for the Hells Angels in Vancouver. The first thing that came to mind was why the hell are they holding up a flag with a Nazi swastika on it? Then I find out that Ricky’s pal David Black was convicted along with several others from that group of kidnapping and torturing a guy they referred to as their butler. That case was described in detail in Simma Holt’s book The Devil’s Butler.

This picture was taken in 1977. The kidnapping and torture of the butler took place in 1968. Ricky C would have been 17. One blog reader noted that one of the news reports about the kidnapping stated there was a 17 year old with them who was charged. We don’t know if that was Ricky C or not but the timing is worth investigating.

The point is, Ricky C denies everything. When a Hells Angel or associate gets caught trafficking drugs or committing a crime he says he’s not with us or in the case like Bryce Jr. where it’s obvious he was, he says he was acting on his own not for the club. Which in the case of EPandora is simply not true.

Although we can’t prove that Ciarniello was with the mob of misfits who kidnapped and tortured that butler, we can prove he associated with them for many years afterwards. To me, that is not the kind of association to brag about. They were not innocent nor were they acting on their own in the commission of that crime. Sadly, it wasn’t their first offence either.

I had a peak at the book The Devil’s Butler and found some interesting things. Initial wiretaps played in court recorded a telephone conversation between a member of the Satan’s Angels and the clubhouse saying we’ve found another butler. Another butler. That clearly implies this was not the first time they did this kind of horrendous stunt.

The investigation started after the January 11 1968 murder of a prospect named Sydney McDonald in the Satan’s Angels clubhouse at 3604 Napier Street in Vancouver. Robert James, a member of the club, beat him to death with a metal rod because he wanted to see what it felt like to kill a man. His girlfriend pleaded with him to stop but he refused. She ended up testifying against him in court.

After that murder the RCMP got a warrant for a wiretap in the clubhouse. Shortly thereafter they heard the conversations about the kidnapping of a new butler which is what the book is predominately about. Yet as the blog reader who claims to have a copy of the book points out, the book also describes several other incidents as well. One was a vicious gang rape on two young girls. Another was the gang rape in Monterey and the stabbing of Meredith Hunter at the rolling Stones concert all around that time period.

So the book wasn’t just about the Satan’s Angels in Vancouver but included some other cases that involved the Hells Angels in California as well. It does however go into detail about the trial involving the devil’s butler and mentions other cases that the Vancouver group was also involved.

The book does mention that the clubhouse on Napier Street was filled with Nazi symbols just like the one Ricky Ciarniello and David Black are holding up in the picture. I find that disturbing. For a group that claims it’s origin to a military squad, they are clearly fighting for the wrong team. We fought the Nazi’s in the war. We did not embrace the racism that filled the ovens with innocent victims.

Although the butler in this case survived to testify in court, the details of what they did to him are very disturbing. One blog reader claims the book states they sodomized him with a broom stick. I didn’t get that far in the book but I did read how they took turns scraping his scrotum and testicles with a bristle broom.

They made him stand naked in a bucket holding the broom and ordered him to dance to the music and whack off. Why on earth would a group of guys do that? Why one earth would a group of guys find that entertaining? 15 guys sitting around watching a naked guy standing in a bucket whack off. There are some real deep seeded issues here that we need Dr. Phil to help straighten out. That is not normal and it sure ain’t manly.

Sodomizing, taking turns scraping his testicles with the bristles of a broom, how is that fun? It reminds me of how Tony Terezakis video taped himself beating the life out of crack addicts that owed him money. When they replayed the video in court Tony couldn’t hold back the laughter. There is something seriously wrong there that needs to be addressed. It is mentally deranged.

The torture of the butler continued in various forms including putting his naked body in an ice bath. Again why the obsession with torturing him naked? There really seems to be some perverse tendencies there.

Here we have a group of social misfits, obsessing over Nazi symbols and paraphernalia, who enjoy torturing people. The deranged torture is a huge concern as is the Nazi obsession. Mom Boucher and Salvatore Cazzetta formed their own white supremacist biker club called the SS. Salvatore ended up forming the Rock Machine but crossed over to join the Hells Angels in Montreal. Clearly the Montreal Hells Angels also have a Nazi lover’s obsession. No wonder the Bo Bars didn’t want to sell drugs for them.

Next time Ricky Ciarniello does an interview for the press, we need to ask him about the Devil’s Butler. Was he the 17 year old present? How can he rationalize associating with that group of men for so many years? What does Ricky C have to say about the Devil’s Butler? Even that book has a Nazi flag on it. What does Ricky C have to say about his Nazi obsession in our multi cultural society? This case fits in with our New Years theme from Pitbull. To understand the future we have to go back in time. Just like the case of Skeletor's First Stolen Motorcycle.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Year of the Snake

Somehow the year of the snake doesn’t seem quite as dramatic as the year of the Dragon, yet I don’t think the snake has the same negative associations in the Chinese culture that it does in the Western culture. When we think of a snake, we think of a lying, back stabbing snake in the grass. Kinda like most of our politicians. However in the Chinese tradition a snake represents wisdom and good luck. Happy lunar New Year. Let’s hope it’s a good one. The Spring Festival parade in Vancouver is next Suday. It's their 40th year. Next up: Lantern festival and cherry blossoms. Gong Ho Fat Choy.

Cranbrook murder goes to trial

*OK this is a pretty confusing case. I'm going to have to do some more work on it.* John Garry Shanks becomes police informant. Well this guy looks like a real winner. Here we have a drug dealer in Cranbrook with an extensive criminal record and he’s the one that becomes the police agent. Go figure.

This case is the tragic story of a double murder in Cranbrook where they murdered the wrong people who rented the home after the rival drug dealer they were trying to kill moved out. It is of course tied to the Hells Angels. One of the accused Chad Munroe, was an associate of Mission Hells Angel Jason Arkinstall. The investigation is referred to as E-Portamento.

The accused were involved in the drug trade in Cranbrook. The object (of the murder) was to control the drug trade in the East Kootenays. The target was a rival drug dealer named Doug Mahon who had been charged with shooting Hells Angel associate Chad Munroe back in 2009. The trial is scheduled to continue Thursday.

Kelowna Pinheads relocate near school

After abandoning their fruit stand, the Kingpin Crew have relocated near an elementary school in Kelowna. That is not good. Perhaps they plan on using the kids as human shields against the next car bomb. Maybe they want to corner the market on stolen bicycles and lunch money. That sounds more like their mentality. Who knows what those clowns are up to.

When someone said they relocated to Mission I thought they meant here on the coast beside Abbotsford. Turns out Mission Springs is in Kelowna. So they’re still polluting the lovely Okanagan with their toxic waste.

If they were involved with Johnny Newcome’s stolen car ring, then they are a criminal organization. Surely the City can nail them on bylaw infractions since businesses need a license to operate and criminal organizations in residential areas would clearly be a zoning violation.

Speaking of Johnny Newcome’s stolen car ring tied to the Hells angels, prosecutors have slapped another 12 theft-related charges against him for possession of more stolen property including a stolen Harley. Rats, That is what they are. Stolen cars, boats and motorcycles. Low life rats.