Friday, February 15, 2013

Mount Baker from Hollyburn Ridge

Well we survived another calamity with the asteroid fly by. The sun was out so I snowshoed up Hollyburn ridge today on Cypress. Monday it was raining with zero visibility and the parking lot was packed. Today was much better. The first picture is actually Mount Baker from Hollyburn. You can see Golden Ears bridge over the Fraser river. The picture below the header on my web site is also of Mount Baker. Climbing up the glacier as the sun rises after camping out on Hog’s back.

Today on Cypress it was sunny and had snowed earlier so the snow on the trees was melting so fast it was like rain in the forest. Fine when you got into the clearing.

This one is a panorama of the Lions from Hollyburn Ridge.

A helicopter flew over.

There was a little inversion starting today. You can see a clump of low clouds half way out the ocean between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The mountains peaking out of the top of the clouds is Vancouver Island.

This is the start to the Hollyburn ridge trail. That snow pack will last well into spring.

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