Monday, February 11, 2013

David Giles claims his friendship is for sale

Speaking of Skeletor, this is an exert a blog reader sent in from Revell and Remple's drug trafficking trial that David Giles was involved in. It contains yet another statement Giles made on wiretap and once again shows what kind of a selfish backstabbing piece of garbage he really is and what kind of organization he has created.

“[212] On the evening of June 14, 2005, members of the EEHA in Kelowna had a “church” meeting (the name of their weekly meetings) in the Kelowna clubhouse. The police intercepted a conversation between Giles, Verna and others. In it, Giles made the following comments that the Crown submits represent “his views toward the club and how they motivate and guide every aspect of his dealings with other people”:

“There isn’t one fuckin’ citizen out there, not one that I socialize with, talk to or have anything to do with, (clattering sounds) that it isn’t planted in my head, what can I get from him for here. What’s he gonna do for me that’s gonna benefit this House. Somewhere down the line. Is he gonna come here and spend money? Is he gonna use my fuckin’ name and if he is, in any way, shape or form, ‘cause it’s only by pretext (big bang, believed to be fist on table), I want somethin’ on the fuckin’ table. And I wanna get, I want a donation, I want somethin’. And if I ain’t gettin’ it, then leave…And he ain’t gonna get the fuckin’ friendship here, and…, and socialize and chase pussy out of my fuckin’ room. Period. And that’s how I feel everybody should think. “Cause this ain’t about what it can do for you, it’s supposed to be what you can do for the Club. That’s what it’s supposed to be…”


  1. rep·til·i·an (rp-tl-n, -tlyn)
    1. Of or relating to reptiles.
    2. Resembling or characteristic of a reptile.
    3. Despicable; treacherous.
    4. David Giles

  2. agent k do you like how awfull and stupid gyrator sounds... its a horrible rip off of JFK a the end. pounding the table with his hand to make a point being the big HELLS ANGELS bigshot. Yeh and the coatails comment was him saying nobody is gonna use the HA name with out him getting a cut of the action in Ktown

  3. Giles was actually Good shit. He helped a lot of people. RIP

    1. BULLSH*T. He said his friendship was for sale. He was a POS.


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