Thursday, February 7, 2013

BC crack in Saskatoon

Wednesday morning a 16 year old kid from BC was caught arriving at the Saskatoon Bus depot with 1000 pre packaged pieces of crack cocaine. Investigators believe he is part of a large organized crime group. Using young offenders. That’s what the gangs did back in the /80’s during the US crack epidemic.

I’ll give you three guesses as to what part of BC he’s from. If you guessed Surrey, you’re right. Let's give it up for Slurrey. 16 year olds dealing candy colored crack. That is messed up. When the Hells Angels bring all that cocaine into the country, this is where it ends up. That is no way to make a living.



  2. lol are you telling me Stephen King was the police informant in the recent Rock Machine bust in Winnipeg? That would be ironic. Someone said he crossed over to the RM after Ricky C was pissed he was caught striking for the Renegades with the GTS in PG. However, rats sells crack. Rats murder rival drug dealers. People who report crack dealers and murders to the police aren't rats. People who fail to do so are.


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