Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Surrey Girls

Turns out the new Surrey Girls chapter of the Hells Angels consists of little whiterock Ryan and the chipmunks. All the little girls that Whiterock chapter didn’t want. This is a picture of little ryan, Shane Bunting and Weird Hal Porteous. I guess now that Larry amero and little whiterock Ryan have been kicked out of the whiterock chapter he has to call himself little surrey girl Ryan now.

Larry Amero was the one ultimately behind the Surrey six murder. He supported Jonathon Bacon back then and lied about it. Larry Amereo is a lying backstabbing drug dealer. He’s a clone of David Giles who only cares about the money. These guys even have the audacity to use the word honour when they betray a brother. They have no honour. They are the exact opposite everything the real west point stand for. Just a bunch of surrey girls no one likes or respects.

Heartless? Shooting Chris Mohan and Ed Schellenberg was heartless. Shooting Nikki Alemy dead with her son in the car was heartless. Brutally raping a homeless woman in Whalley and putting her in a coma for a drug debt was heartless. You're the one who are heartless.


  1. Big Surrey story heads up today's Sun;

    "The new Surrey City Centre is an architectural jewel, and stunning new buildings like the planned new city hall, the civic library, the newly expanded hospital, the SFU campus, pedestrian-friendly plazas..."

    "$1 billion worth of construction and residential and business development in 2012 alone, are a bricks-and-mortar testimony to Surrey’s suburban renaissance."

    "The burbs are getting back their mojo."

    And I know you'll like this part;

    "...and a no-nonsense forward-thinking mayor focused more on meaningful growth..."

    http://tinyurl.com/bhz3vxb (VSun)

    1. The view from the ivory tower. Forward thinking alright. Build a new city hall in the most expensive part of town, spend $5 million on furniture, kick out the homeless shelter across the street and line your pockets with campaign contributions from the Campbell Heights Industrial Park theft of public funds. Then create a regional sales tax and a toll on everything to fund their self indulgence. I'm glad someone likes it.

  2. Goofy Women. http://neer-do-well-hall-of-infamey.blogspot.ca/

  3. look into alan quast he was working with shrek


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