Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Human rights report accuses RCMP of rape

CBC is reporting that New York-based Human Rights Watch released a report today at a press conference in Ottawa claiming that police abuse of aboriginal women in BC included threats, torture and sexual assault. The report calls on the federal government to launch a national inquiry. First of all, a public inquiry isn’t what Wally Opal just did in the Missing women inquiry. He shut the inquiry down as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned and banned key evidence from being admitted.

Two researchers - one from Canada and one from the U.S. - spent five weeks last summer in the province’s north, visiting 10 communities between Prince George to Prince Rupert and hearing accounts from aboriginal women of alleged mistreatment at the hands of police.

The report suggests some of the accounts of harm done to women and girls appear to be the result of poor policing tactics, over aggressive policing and insensitivity to victims. It documented eight incidents of police physically assaulting or using "questionable" force against girls under 18.

I did see a youtube video of an aboriginal girl in BC who was arrested and sitting in the back of a patrol car. She was freaking out. Perhaps she was innocent and panicking what would happen if she was taken away by the police. Perhaps she was a spoilt brat throwing a temper tantrum. I don’t know why she was arrested.

All I saw is her kicking the window in the back of the car. The officer said if you don’t stop that, you will regret it. She kept it up, so he opened the door and punched her in the head. Yes it was shocking. Normally when a kid throws a temper tantrum you let them kick and scream until they tire themselves out. Punching a young girl in the head was shocking.

The report also contains troubling and graphic allegations of physical and sexual abuse, including from a woman, identified as homeless, who describes how police took her outside of town and raped her. Rhoad said the woman told her the officers then, "threatened that if I told anybody they would take me out to the mountains and kill me and make it look like an accident."

In the missing woman inquiry, sex trade workers claimed police officers blackmailed them into having sex. They claimed the police officers said if they didn’t have sex with them, they would arrest them for solicitation. Guess where those allegations went? Right under Wally Opal’s carpet of denial.

There is no excuse or rationalization for rape. If that happened, that was inexcusable. We know that it did happen in Prince George with Judge Ramsay. He was convicted of sexually abusing under age aboriginal women. No doubt there was a huge amount of rage and denial before that conviction was obtained.

I do remember there were allegations at the time of police officers helping to cover up Judge Ramsay’s crimes as well as allegations of some officers being involved in some of those crimes. I also remember a RCMP officer suing the RCMP for investigating him for abuse. I kid you not. Surely if the allegation was made he’d want to be investigated and exonerated. I believe it was during a custody battle with his ex wife and it seriously affected his case in that proceeding.

Stephen Harper is a heartless antichrist. His response is just do it. File charges. Kinda like Catherine Galliford and all the women in the RCMP who have filed a sexual harassment complaint on court? Harper’s response was to deny everything, slander the victims and blame them.

The RCMP want to investigate the allegations. They want to know who the victims are. Kinda like in the Jim Brown case? Grant Wakefield was a whistleblower of a deranged Coquitlam RCMP officer who was posting BDSM pictures online trying to recruit some new BDSM partners. The police’s response? Search Grant’s house and seize his computer hard drive and flash drives to help Jim the freak Brown sue Grant and Cameron Ward for defamation. That whole circus side show is a farce. Jim Brown posted the pictures. Saying he did was true.

"Human Rights Watch was struck by the level of fear on the part of women they met to talk about sexual abuse inflicted by police officers." No wonder.


  1. Why would this really be a surprise? It's
    always something, right? And of course the
    iceberg theory" applies, you only ever see the 10% that rises above the surface.

    "We're the police, we can do whatever we want".

    If they'll say it among themselves where they can be overheard by a "member" of the public (ie. ME) on two separate occasions, what will they do when there's no one else around? After all, the injustice system says their word is inherently more trustworthy than that of a citizen. "He said, she said", you lose every time unless you have proof.

    I'm sure if I asked them they'd say they were joking. The ongoing litany that never seems to end would seem to indicate that they are not. Or at least a few of them are not, and it only takes a few, right? The problem is, more than a few of these cases indicate that it's more than a few. If the policing culture in Canada allows the relentless sexual harassment of their own members in broad daylight, what does it allow for a native woman on a lonely road in the interior in the middle of the night?


    Has the possibility ever been investigated? Who would be in charge of doing that, the same people who investigated Piggy's Palace, Grant Wakefield, or Judge Ramsey?

  2. I'll stand by my belief that the killer, or killers, of the majority of the women on the "Highway of Tears" is...a Native. It makes sense, as he can go back to the omerta of the many res. there..

    .A European would have been caught by now, because RCMP have made investigations of some living on that Highway, and come up with squat...

    Take a look @ Prime Crime Time. The stories of the murderously high violence levels on Reserves are truly shocking...

  3. "... what does it allow for a native woman on a lonely road in the interior in the middle of the night?"

    Many of the women are European tree planters; hitch-hiking to (or close to) where the planting's done. Unless racism was involved, the killers do not seem to target only one ethnic group...

  4. You mean the RCMP in B.C. are doing this? It just doesn't make any sense. They seemed to really care for women during the hunt for Pickton, especially native women. It's just hard to see abuse against Natives in Canada. It's not like we are the country who had 50,000 native children die in our Indian Residential School Program which lacked medical care but had excessive amounts of abuse and murder. Oh wait, that was Canada. I had to use sarcasm there so I didn't go off on an angry 10,000 word rant. Any way, it's good to see this make main stream news. I don't expect any charges to ever result from it though. Only because the RCMP are investigating it and the women claim to be raped by the RCMP and don't trust them. Seems like a simple recipe for a investigation to fail. The rapists are investigating themselves. The rapists are questioning the rape victims. How are you supposed to trust that? I'm not saying all RCMP officers are rapists, but if you're a woman living in a remote community and this did actually happen, how don't you look at them all like that and how could you possibly trust the RCMP to properly investigate their own people? The history on RCMP getting away with whatever they want is scary. Good luck to any woman who might come forward about this.

    1. THIS....What a joke, Harper is standing up in Parliament calling on all the evidence against the police to be turned over to the police.....because, you know that always works out well......

    2. "The rapists are investigating themselves. The rapists are questioning the rape victims."

      Yeah, imagine a native girl going in to the detachment to make her report and giving it to the same guy who raped her.....

      Him: "OK, tell me what happened".
      Her: "Why do I need to tell you, you were there...."
      Him: (Not having recognized her) ", how have you been?" :rolleyes:

      Sounds far fetched, but if you look at the number of "members" in a given geographical area, the odds of that are a lot better than say, winning the lottery....

      Until yesterday, I would have said the odds of an RCMP officer being arrested for sexually assaulting a child he kept chained up in his basement would have been far fetched as well, yet here we I think it's not unreasonable to think that pretty much anything is possible these days, including an RCMP "member" being responsible for one or more of the "Highway of Tears" killings. Who would be less suspected?

      If you're going to be driving women out to the woods and raping them, or keeping them chained in a basement, or taking S&M pictures of yourself holding a knife to their throat and causing them pain/agony, (simulated or not) is getting rid of the evidence/victim such a stretch? Such a person would certainly know where NOT to search for the body later on, wouldn't they? ;)

      Bottom line is there are some sick MF'ers wearing that uniform, and since they all look alike in that uniform and such misconduct is so egregious and so common these days, the public is perfectly justified in not trusting any of them.

      Let me put this another way. Someone informs you that there are 10 tigers roaming your neighborhood. But you don't need to worry about that, they were all raised from cubs in captivity and socialized to humans, etc, and play with children in the neighborhood all the time, never been a problem, but 1 (or more) of them has killed a few people recently.

      What would be your reaction to this? Just take your chances, right? Not hold the actions of one against the others who visually resemble that one bad tiger, right?

      Not very bright. Or even reasonable.

      I think most people will agree that the stakes would be a little high for them to feel comfortable with that, and we would have a word to describe those who would less realistic than that in their outlook.


  5. VSun: "The plea came after police revealed two weeks ago that Bobby Jack Fowler, who died in an Oregon jail in 2006, was responsible for one of the murders and was a strong suspect in two others."

    And the first clue is...That's a Native name folks...

    1. There's a little problem with that.....You see, he was in prison from 1996 on until his death in 2006. That means he was not responsible for the death of "European" tree planter Nicole Hoar, nor any other death that occurred after 1996. Which would be, oh, 5 total including Nicole Hoar...

      The "police revealed" it, huh? Really. Call me fussy about details but this is the same police we have all these other issues on the truth, cover-ups, misconduct with? They ones who said there was no serial killer preying on women in the Downtown East Side? I don't think we'll be relying on them for anything here, thank you very much. How convenient is it that their suspect is DEAD.

      Fowler being responsible for ONE murder, IF he was, is far from the answer here, although I have no doubt the police are comfortable with that.

  6. TR: "That means he was not responsible for the death of "European" tree planter Nicole Hoar..."

    I have to use the word "European" in these parts...

    1. Understood.

      The PC/Leftist types are always trying to control debates by selecting the language to be used. Native "activists" use the word European because it illustrates their position that they are the ones who have a right to be here, not Europeans, who are of course from Europe and belong there rather than on stolen native land. :rolleyes: Very convenient when you are trying to guilt the government into forking over more money or foiling investigations into what you did with the money you were already given.

      Likewise the term "Assault Weapon" did not exist until coined by anti-gun "activists" (ever notice they are always "activists", see what I mean about terminology influencing the debate by re-naming/re-defining existing terms to promote their point of view?) in America. Very Leninist I must say.

      This is why I prefer Caucasian or White in the former situation, and Homeland Defense Rifle in the second. As in, defending my home and land. Self defense rifle works for me as well, but that begs the question of who you might defend yourself from with it. It's no coincidence that the people who don't want you to have one are pretty much the same people who don't want to be defended against. They'd rather be stealing public land, public money, raping native women, and keeping children chained in a basement.

      "Government should be afraid of the people, not the people afraid of their government".

    2. Absolutely right. Note they first just called themselves, "Communists" in the 'thirties and sixties/seventies.

      That HAD to go after Russia's collapse, and they then came up with, "we're Progressives". Which terminology gets ever farther away from the truth of who they really are.

      Same with the words, "We're for *Social Justice.*

      Then as you say, "activists"...As the words deliberately get more & more meaningless.

      Now their vicious, murderous Communist beliefs are properly disguised.

      Communism=Nazi-ism. The end result is precisely the same, but you knew that....

    3. TR: " defending my home and land. Self defense rifle works for me as well..."

      OK, but the military history is, the Germans invented this mix of rifle and sub-machine gun. 1st with the MP-43/44, "machinen-pistole." And, the FG42, for "fallschermjaeger", the Paras. And they saw the need for a new round, the "kurz" or "short" round, for such weapons shouldn't fire the heavy rifle rounds.
      In battle, on the East Front, these 1st batch of MP-43's were delivered; and the Germans just slaughtered the Russians with them on their way out of the salient.

    4. Yup, and if you have a Canadian PAL, for about $2500 you can buy a semi-auto only modern reproduction of the MP43/44 series. (5 round capacity magazine of course) A distributor (Marstar) in Ontario imports them from Germany. The manufacturer, Diettrich Sport, has also made semi MP38 and MP40 copies, and a few of the FG42 as well, both 1st and 2nd model, but those run around Euro 5.5K even in Germany and I am not aware that any have been imported to Canada.

      The German's are correctly credited with inventing the concept of the intermediate cartridge, and the Russians did not hesitate to adopt the idea, briefly as the SKS but moving quickly into the AK series. The AK is a glaringly obvious conceptual copy of the MP43/44 series, and because of this one of the funniest things I ever heard was Mikhail Kalashnikov claiming that his inspiration for the AK design was not the StG 44 but instead the M1 Garand. The trigger mechanisms between those two ARE similar, but to focus on that over and above the compact length, pistol grip, intermediate cartridge, detachable high capacity magazine and selective fire capability aspects of the two designs was a classic piece of typical Russian communist propaganda, in that they often claimed to have invented something that was well known to have been invented elsewhere. This was so common back in the Cold War days that it was a recurring gag with Lt. Chekov in the original Star Trek series, where the bridge crew would mention something and he would pipe up with "Oh yeah, we Russian's invented that" and the rest of the bridge crew is looking at each other like "WTF?".....LOL

    5. Ha Ha; of course you're right.

      So far, the various Communist Gov'ts of Russia have claimed the invention of the telephone, the electric light-bulb, and manned flight, not to forget all rocketry and sattelites. They done it all, too bad the Wright Bros. weren't around to sue...

      Even Putin has invented Versailles...What's a few billion between friends...?

  7. MERRITT - A former RCMP commanding officer has pleaded guilty to a single count of breach of trust over accusations he stole cocaine from an evidence locker for his own use. Staff Sgt. Stuart Seib headed up the Merritt detachment of the RCMP when the thefts came to light last year. Seib had a guilty plea entered on his behalf to a single count of breach of trust Tuesday. (CTV)

    1. Right. I remember seeing that one but forgot all about it. Thanks.

  8. "An RCMP officer and his wife are facing multiple abuse and sex-related charges following a child abuse investigation in Ottawa.""

    "Police say the 41-year-old officer and 34-year-old wife are charged with several counts of aggravated assault, assault with weapon, aggravated sexual assault, forcible confinement and failing to provide the necessaries of life."

    "Police aren’t saying how many children are involved, but say the case involves more than one alleged victim."

    "In order to protect the identity of the alleged victims, the names of the couple have not been released."

    "A police source says the investigation was launched after an 11-year-old child was discovered wandering in a residential neighbourhood."

    "And the source says it’s believed handcuffs were used to keep the child in the basement of a house for months." (CityNews)

  9. Sorry for not seeing the obvious post on this...

  10. "The RCMP is questioning the oft-cited claim by an aboriginal group and some federal politicians that about 600 aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered in Canada."

    "On today's edition of CBC Radio's The House, host Evan Solomon says that when he contacted the RCMP to confirm that there are 580 cases of aboriginal women who were either missing or killed in the country, the force said it wasn't aware of about 500 of them."

    "... spokeswoman Sgt. Julie Gagnon said in an email that the Sisters in Spirit (Native group now claiming the 600 missing) have shared the names of 118 alleged victims with the RCMP's National Aboriginal Policing Services."

    "Sixty-four of the 118 names were confirmed to be in a police database, while 54 could not be confirmed."

    "The RCMP is concerned with the over 500 possible victims from the Sisters in Spirit database that have not been shared," she said." (CBC)

  11. Yeah like I wonder why. When we see how they slander their own female members for blowing the whistle, it's no wonder so many are afraid to.

  12. The Res. strikes again, only this time the bodies aren't just quietly dumped on Res. land;

    "A 17-year-old boy has been charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder after two teenage girls were stabbed late Friday on Tsawwassen First Nation land."

    "A 16-year-old girl died of stab wounds and a 15-year-old girl was sent to hospital in critical condition after Delta police were called to a home in the 1700-block Tsawwassen Drive about 10 p.m., police said Saturday."

    "According to a Tsawwassen First Nation source who was not authorized to speak with reporters, the suspect is the brother of the girl who was killed. Police will not confirm this information."

    "The two girls were found lying on the ground suffering from stab wounds." (Province)

    The violence levels on the Res. (that we hear nothing of) are just staggering; are Europeans all to blame for this...? I'm sure I'm personally responsible somehow...

  13. alan quast has ties with shrek smuggling


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