Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Andrew Meisner

Speaking of suicides, I’m sad to report that the rumors have been confirmed about Geoff Meisner’s brother Andrew being found dead in Nelson. The police say foul play has been ruled out although it is unclear how he died. Which again makes you wonder how they can rule out foul play if they don’t have a cause of death.

One rumor going around was that he slipped and hit his head on some ice a week before he died which may have resulted in internal bleeding. The tragic part is that he was found in a drug lab. Which makes his death even more suspicious. Regardless of the actual cause of death, suicide, accident or murder, here’s another life lost and another period of mourning for a family that has already lost so much.

It is strange how Geoff got involved with the Hells Angels and the kingpin crew and how his brother Andrew got involved in a drug lab when their father was a retired police officer. Who worked on the Pickton file nonetheless. It’s like that other tragic case of two prominent RCMP officers in Kelowna whose daughter Lisa has been charged with drug trafficking. She was arrested in Richmond but was arrested with another Kelowna woman. Kinds of a conflict of interest for the parents.

Any kid from the best family in the world can get addicted to drugs or start selling drugs to make some cash on the side. The huge amount of money involved is a very real temptation for anyone.

Andrew’s death makes me wonder about Chad Karylchuk‏’s death. He was involved in the drug trade and died of an overdose. Locals seem to think it was a forced over dose. Yet these deaths never get investigated because foul play has been already ruled out.


  1. "Low autopsy rate in B.C. alarms experts."

    "Too many deaths inadequately investigated, former coroners say."

    "British Columbia has the lowest autopsy rate in Canada, raising concern among some experts that too many deaths in the province — and even possible homicides — are inadequately investigated."

    "Just 19.2 percent of deaths in B.C. where a medical examiner or coroner has done a preliminary investigation are followed up by autopsies."

    "The average rate in the rest of Canada is about 35 per cent."

    Autopsy rates in Canada:


    2012 – 19.2%.

    2010 – 25.5%.

    2006 – 30%.


    2012 – 39.8%.


    2012 – 36.3%.


    2012 – 33%.


    2011 – 36.3%.

    “[A] 19-per-cent autopsy rate in a coroner service, I think, is appallingly low,” said Dr. Robert Crossland, a former coroner in B.C. “It should be much, much higher."

    "There’s something wrong here. Is it because we don’t have the money?”

    http://tinyurl.com/ad24ttk (CBC)

    Less than 20% have a coroner's investigation...? How shocking; aren't these autopsies part of finding out exactly how one died; which should give evidence in a murder trial? I don't know, but the criticism sounds real and worrying.

  2. Very interesting statistics. I'm not excited about autopsies and having my or my family members body hacked up to pieces, yet in cases where police say foul play has been ruled out and they don't even know a cause of death, one would think they would try and discover the cause of death. As you've pointed out, it's a money saver. Save money on the autopsy and save money on a murder investigation while surprising crime stats.


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