Friday, February 8, 2013

Old photo of David Giles

Here’s an old photo of David Giles a blog reader sent in from Kim Bolan’s new web site about the Hells Angels. They also submitted this other picture of Leatherman from the Village People and said they thought Giles looked a lot like him back in the day.

Personally, I think he looked a lot like Groucho Marx with those big bushy eyebrows. I know I made fun of Sean Wolfe and all these “gangsters” who spend all their time at Meryl Normans getting their eyebrows done. To each their own. I just find it pretty femmy and not very gangster.

Yet going to the other extreme there’s something called personal hygiene. Those bushy eyebrows are nasty. Trimming them would be totally in order. It just shows you how powerful the Hells Angels patch really is. We thought Giles looked like a clown now. Turns out he has always looked like a clown. What other organization on earth can empower such a complete idiot and turn him into something to be feared by the public? Every clown has their day I suppose.


  1. Can't find much for a Rizzuto post, so I'll dump this influential, in-depth analysis of the Mafia wars in Montreal here.

    The end-point of the article: Rizzuto is BACK in charge of all Montreal, everyone's gonna pay the tax now.

    The Montreal Gazette says the Mafia war is over & Vito Rizzuto, "Army" still intact, will get back to the quiet, in-the-shadows business of running Montreal...

    MONTREAL — "Four months after his return to Montreal it appears Vito Rizzuto was underestimated when many predicted his demise as the Mafia clan he allegedly runs seemed to be on its knees two years ago."

    "An effort to wrestle control of the Mafia in Montreal from the Rizzuto clan appears to have failed, experts said, after it blew up in the face of the men allegedly behind it, leaving Rizzuto almost unchallenged when he returned to the city in October after serving most of a 10-year prison term."

    "A coalition headed by Di Maulo apparently self-destructed when two of its key figures, Salvatore Montagna and Raynald Desjardins (Di Maulo’s brother-in-law), had a falling out during summer 2011. Montagna was killed just east of Montreal on Nov. 24, 2011."

    “Since (Rizzuto’s) return, we appear to be seeing a return to force of the Sicilians and you have to ask if it isn’t playing in the favour of Vito Rizzuto,” said Pierre De Champlain, a retired RCMP analyst and the author of books on the Mafia."

    “I think that Rizzuto has the support of people who were underestimated. It really is an unexpected reversal.”

    "Like De Champlain, (Mafia expert Antonio) Nicaso said Rizzuto’s influence appeared to travel beyond the Colorado penitentiary where he was incarcerated for almost all of his sentence. This influence apparently helped maintain enough support to hold his organization together long enough for it to survive."

    “It’s not easy to challenge Vito Rizzuto or replace Vito Rizzuto. To replace him, they would have to also replace the political and financial connections of Vito Rizzuto,” Nicaso said. “Violence doesn’t guarantee longevity. Muscle on the street doesn’t give you the opportunity to succeed. I don’t see at the moment an organization powerful enough to replace the Rizzutos." (MontrealGazette)

    So it's over; Vito's sun vacation should have been the thing, that showed the total confidence of a Winner...

  2. (Mafia expert Antonio) Nicaso said, “Violence doesn’t guarantee longevity. Muscle on the street doesn’t give you the opportunity to succeed."

    An interesting POV.; which would seem to include the biker gangs. Mom Boucher went for anarchic street-violence, on the model of Pablo Escobar. "Muscle" is all the bikers are; one doubts they have a lot of intelligent, real thinkers and strategists like Vito Rizzuto.

  3. That brings us to the subject of extortion. As much as I hate crack and crystal meth, extortion is just as bad if not worse. It's something for nothing. You pay me money or I'll beat you up. How about I shoot you in the head and call it self defence instead? With all this talk about no bully day extortion is the epitome of bullying. Here in Vancouver Pizzo is something you enjoy with pepperoni and cheese.


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