Saturday, February 2, 2013

Two more shootings in Surrey

Two more shootings in Surrey this morning. This is after the headline in this weeks Surrey Leader reads: Are we in the midst of a gang war? Four shootings in past month in Surrey were gang related. Surrey's fifth murder in a month. Look what that casino money supports.

A volatile start to the New Year indeed. During the 2009 Vancouver Gang war, there were six shootings in January only two of which were in Surrey. Clearly the Hells Angels don’t need a clubhouse in Surrey to execute rival drug dealers. They sure seem to be spending an awful lot of money on executions trying to make Surrey safe for Larry Amero and his merry band of village idiots. Clearly that guy is a liability not an asset. Glen Hehn is scary. Larry Amero is not.


  1. Freddy: "I predict a move away from Clubhouses..."

    "Some of the Angels are steering clear of their clubhouses, three of which are tangled in court cases after the B.C. government filed applications to have them seized under civil forfeiture laws."

    "The East End chapter, targeted in the E-Pandora investigation using police agent Micheal Plante, is no longer holding its weekly “church” meetings at the clubhouse on East Georgia, (IHIT Leader) Malo confirmed."

    "And the new West Point chapter, a breakaway from the White Rock charter, has also not established a routine meeting place or time for its required church meeting, Malo said."

    "He said chapters must hold weekly meetings to maintain the rules of the international Hells Angels, “but it isn’t happening as formally as we once saw.”

    "Other B.C. gangs, like the United Nations and the Independent Soldiers, are also now downplaying their gang identity in public by no longer displaying emblazoned clothing, jewelry or even tattoos."

    “You don’t see the UN ring right now. The traditional other groups that we saw — the IS were starting to do all the hoodies and things — you don’t see that on the street right now at all,” Malo said. “They have all changed their behaviour.” (VSun)

  2. AK: "Look what that casino money supports."

    "Surrey's Sikh community played a key role in defeating a proposed mega-casino in the city last month, joining other faiths in signing last-minute petitions and exerting pressure to kill the $100-million project."

    "Surrey Coun. Barinder Rasode said city council rejected the project in a 5-4 vote on Jan. 19 largely because of the influence of Sikh community leaders."

    "It absolutely played a role," she said, pointing to an anti-casino petition championed by the city's two largest Sikh temples, Dasmesh Darbar Gurdwara and Guru Nanak Gurdwara, that garnered nearly 4,000 signatures."

    "The decision was all the more remarkable given the project had the tacit backing of most Liberal MLAs, and the explicit support of Rich Coleman, the Provincial Cabinet Minister in charge of corruption, pay-offs, and bags of dirty gambling money."

    1. I find it somewhat ironic that Barinder Rasode would exploit a photo op about how Surrey's Sikh community influenced council to vote it down when she herself voted for it. I guess that means she doesn't represent the Sikh community in Surrey and they will have to replace her with someone else next election.

    2. Amen AK....

      You should run for office next election. No kidding.

    3. Yeah with a bullet in my chest and a knife in my back. Thanks though. I don't have the patients. I remember being iin court once helping a friend and I just wanted to scream. I could not believe how ridiculous they were being. No doubt the same thing would happen if I was in parliament.

  3. "Rich Coleman sure is a prize!"

    Picked up on that, eh...? No doubt, someone in the NDP should go do some serious *opposition research* on Mr. BC Corruption....


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