Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hells Angels selling crystal meth in South Carolina

In Columbia, South Carolina five members of the Hells Angels are in court for drug dealing, gun running and robbing drug dealers. They were dealing cocaine and crystal meth. The charges include conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

Last June 21 Hells Angels and associates were originally arrested part of a two year FBI investigation. Many have already pleaded guilty, including “Diamond Dan” Bifield, vice president of the Rock Hell City Nomads Hells Angels club; and David “Yard Owl” Pryor, president of the Rock Hill Red Devils club.

“The clubhouses where these bikers met and gathered in what was called “church” by them are dingy places that proudly display Confederate flags, Nazi symbols and other symbols of hate. All Hells Angels must be white men. They do not like society’s rules, they and their lawyers say. Apparently, though, they do not like anybody who’s not white to be a part of their rebellion against rules. At the Rock Hill clubhouse of the Red Devils, the underlings of the Hells Angels, the Rebel flag flies, tattered, along with the American flag, also tattered.’

Evidently, the Hells Angels are still bringing crystal meth to the East coast of the United States. Don’t forget Sony Barger’s pal Gregory Domey was convicted of trafficking crystal meth for the Hells Angels in Massachusetts. He was the Salem and East Coast president. Do they sell crystal meth on Sons of Anarchy? I’ve never watched the show.

I guess the FBI didn’t let the Agency in on their investigation. According to Michael Riconosciuto the Agency are the ones cooking the crystal meth in Cali for the Hells Angels to bring out East. Oh, but we’re not allowed to talk about Mike. Much. Keeping unlawful secrets is unlawful.


  1. No, on the Sons of Anarchy biker soap opera/worst telling of Hamlet ever, the club deals guns and is specifically anti-drug. Of course, they have an actual HA as on set adviser, and Sonny Barger has appeared in a recurring cameo role, so it's not surprising they'd not want to show them as drug dealers or as running the local skin trade.

    The idea of this fictional club getting all their guns from the IRA, when historically the flow of guns has been to Northern Ireland rather than from it, is equally laughable. Footage shows a slew of guns actually produced in America as being imported from Northern Ireland.

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    1. I do but I have a full time job and I forgot about it. Spam is annoying but the sky won't fall if it takes me a day to delete the spam. Anyone is free to set up their own forum and I'd be happy to link to it. Just call it something different so people know it's separate from the blog and web site.

    2. There was just one post. Hardly anything to panic over. Since the spam was reported that user was already given the boot.

  3. "Footage shows a slew of guns actually produced in America as being imported from Northern Ireland."

    That's just so bizarre; that the show must be worse than totally fake, it's got the HA imprimatur.

    Russia (State Policy), and the USA, both got guns to IRA, their emblem features the Armalite, not the AK, as 3rd world guerilla movements do...

  4. "...and is specifically anti-drug."

    They are middling and doing protection in the coke for guns deals with the Mexicans and the IRA, and actually TRANSPORT 30 bricks on their first deal.Theres also a couple episodes where a chapter from either Washington or Nevada(where they patched over another club) is selling meth in parking lots of truck stops!

    1. And do they allow drugs in "Charming"? No, they don't. Do they deal drugs themselves? No, they don't. And since you've apparently watched the whole series, (as have I) you know there was a lot of angst over the transport deal you mention, and you failed to note that the Charming chapter went and shut down the chapter selling meth at truck stops.

      When you call Bullshit, make sure you know WTF you're talking about, I think it would have been fairly obvious to most that I didn't mean anti-drug in the absolute "Nancy Reagan Say No To Drugs" sense.

  5. trailrunner is obviously a sons of anarchy groupie lol they really have a cult following of people who are emotionally attached to the characters...Similar to how girlfriends of bikers or people that hang around bikers get...they are oblivious to whats going on around them not because they don't see it but because its all a game and they let the game play them.
    I've watched the whole show...they try not to shit in their hometown but don't act like its because they are on some moral high ground...they make sure to do everything outside of their city because of heat. They live in a buck hick city not a metropolitan area....Your watching a show that is showing you the evolution of a gang as it happens in real life...They start petty and work their way up...They are transporting and making drug deals...They buy and sell guns...They extort and kill people... Anyways your either anti-drug or not and if you are anti drug you dont transport kilo after kilo. SOA gang is a bunch of money hungry hicks and a disgrace to real bikers (to biker standards)

  6. So, you've "watched the whole show", are you an SOA groupie as well?

    Actually I'm not a fan, I think it's the worst version of Hamlet ever, there's only one character I like (Opie) and as the series progressed I got more and more pissed off watching it. I haven't bothered with season 4. It's just that we've got enough down time between missions that we watch any "hadji" copy DVD's we get our hands on and about a year ago there was a set of Season's 1-3 in the team room, that and "Spartacus/Gods of the Arena" always seemed to be on whenever I wandered in.

    There was a guy here a while back who had some SOA shirts made up in the States and shipped over "Sons of Anarchy" top rocker and "Baghdad" bottom rocker. A lot of guys bought them as sort of an inside joke.

    Supposedly the HA guys Kurt Sutter was hanging out with said "We know it's a soap opera, but it's our soap opera.".

    You obviously haven't read ANY of my other posts on this blog, or you'd know I think all 1%'ers and their ass-ociates should be rounded up and disposed of as the degenerate sociopathic scum that they are. Think "artificial reef" with built in food source.

    But, thanks for your expert anal-ysis. :D

  7. So you're a liar then? Did you not post the following?

    "And since you've apparently watched the whole series, (as have I)"

    You are questioning another posters information based on your experience that you falsified? Interesting enough...

    Regardless I don't care about your other posts or how much tv you watch...I wasn't making reference to other posts...I was making a reference to your post above that came off as emotional...and I made an example of you defending what they do in the show to people in real life who react the same way when their loved ones are involved in similar activities.

    And thanks for your sarcastic remark about my expert analysis....Nobody in this is an expert even so called experts are no experts. Everything we talk about or give our opinions on is speculation. I could be right or wrong same goes for you or Agent K. I might not agree with what he says or the way it comes across but I could be wrong. Atleast I don't lie like you do :D

  8. Ouch. He said he watched all the episodes but clarified he wasn't a fan as in groupie. I think that's what he meant but I'm sure he can clarify for himself. I was just going to joke and say if he had watched all the episodes, he needs a life. I guess he doesn't get much English TV reception in Iraq. Personally I think the whole idea of glorifying pimps and crystal meth dealers is absurd.

  9. Falsified? Lied? Yeah, nice try, LOL....yes, the difference between having watched seasons 1-3 and not having watched season 4 = liar/false info. Right. :rolleyes:

    At the time I watched seasons 1-3, that WAS the whole series, as it existed at that time. And that info is contained within my post, my selectively comprehensive friend...

    If my post came off as "emotional", you must be a very sensitive person. Congratulations on that. It would explain how you would think I was "defending" anything, "pointing out" would be more like it.

  10. I can't believe that people are arguing over one of the most ridiculous and far fetched shows ever made...grow


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