Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Haney Shooting

Blog readers comments about a shooting at Haney Place Mall on scan BC have been confirmed. The Vancouver Sun is reporting that last night at 8:00 PM a man was shot at the mall and pronounced dead after being airlifted to the hospital. Kim Bolan has mentioned it on her blog. Name of the victim has not yet been released nor and information about it being targeted or gang related. We know that the Hells Angels are very much involved in that area. That’s the chapter that ran Piggy’s Palace and was involved with the Pickton farm.

The Vancouver Sun has confirmed that the victim was Claude DeGuire.

In 2008 a Maple Ridge drug dealer brutally raped and assaulted a sex trade worker and told her her husband had a drug debt to the Hells Angels and his life was in jeopardy. The initial report in the Vancouver Province has expired but I did report on it at the time. Around the same time Victor Joseph Reis was charged in a brutal rape in Maple ridge. The victim claimed he showed her pictures of himself with members of the Hells Angels to intimidate her. All frighteningly reminiscent of the Pickton Farm. Another local source claimed that prostitutes can’t work in Maple Ridge unless they work for the Hells Angels. I still haven’t heard any follow up on La JJ’s.

Police have two suspects in custody

Kim Bolan is reporting that Edward Marke Antonsen from Maple Ridge has been charged with second degree murder in the shooting. IHIT said the shooting was related to the drug trade. The Maple Ridge news implied that Deguire was once associated with the United Nations gang.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Remembering Rob and Cindy Stanley

Speaking of injustice and bad prison conditions, we need to remember Rob and Cindy Stanley. They made a mistake. They went sailing and got caught smuggling 200 kilos of cocaine from the South Pacific to Australia. Yes that is a huge amount of cocaine. Yet locking them up for 300 years or giving them the death penalty won’t touch the Hells Angels or their drug trade. They'll just get another mule.

In the mean time they are suffering undue hardship in horrible prison conditions in a country that was neither the destination nor the point of origin of the drugs. They weren’t even in New Caledonia. They were on the water north west of New Caledonia.

When I look at those small but clean cells in the new Edmonton prison I think about Rob and Cindy. Letting them rot away in those horrible conditions just isn’t right. The Hells Angels don’t care but I do. Surely there is something we can do. Surely Amnesty International can speak on their prison conditions. They should either be transferred to a Canadian prison or to an Australian prison. They should not be left there. That just isn’t right.

Conditions at New Caledonia's prison prompt concern in France

Gerard Jodar Campaigns for Change in New Caledonia’s Prison Conditions

French Officials To Assess New Caledonia Prison Conditions

Violence fears at 'inhumane' New Caledonia jail

Western Highway

Last day of skiing today. Seymour were selling lift tickets for ten bucks. Saw a couple of deer on the way up the mountain today. All this talk about New Brunswick and Nova Scotia has got me thinking. I have a lot of ancestors buried in some of those small towns. I’m saddened to hear these drug dealing hillbillies are turning that wonderful land into just another sea of greed and corruption. Hummers and trips to Mexico from exploiting others in the drug trade. It’s a shameful life so it is.

Here on the west coast we don’t have many folk songs so we don’t. Not like in the Maritimes. Yet one we do have is Western Highway by Gerry O'Beirne. Rita and Mary Rankin sang it on their Lantern burn CD. Here’s another couple on youtube that did a fine job of it as well.

Changing the words slightly I have to declare: I am a rider on a western highway, from the mountains unto the sea. I’m just a rider on a western highway but right now I am free. Free to think. Free to speak. Free to act. Free to choose. Free to move. Sailors’ rights. The seas be ours and by the powers where we will we'll roam. Word. Hoist the colors.

Drug bust and home invasion on PEI

Five people have been charged with a home invasion that occurred last year in Emyvale on PEI. On May 28th, 2012, a residence in the Emyvale area was broken into by two masked men. Once inside the intruders tied up, assaulted and robbed the victim involved. Both intruders were in possession of firearms during the robbery. Police said it was a targeted offense.

One of the people charged was Jason Yeo. Jason was charged in a cocaine trafficking network on PEI last summer. Last month three more people were arrested in Emyvale drug busts. Dean John Fairhurst was charged in that bust. He was on parole after serving a six year sentence for cocaine trafficking. Less statutory release.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outlaws spotted in New Brunswick

(See update) More than a dozen members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang from Ontario, wearing full colors, showed up coming into town from the Trans Canada Hwy into Moncton New Brunswick today. RCMP intercepted the bunch and only got a half dozen of the bikes to pull over (ran names and plates) on Elmwood drive near a club called IROCK but the rest of the OMG bunch took off fast and refused to stop for police. RCMP asked for lots of backup to catch them to run the rest of the names and plates.

Lots of Bacchus together and partying today at the Pollet River Run in Albert County and will be at clubs later tonight. The usual place they Party is the Old Cosmo but the Liquor inspector just shut them down, rumor is they got caught with Beer in the bar from Quebec.

Jeff Gallant, also known as scab face, is the owner of the Old Cosmo (called OC for short). He’s on the dirty and was arrested with two pounds of cocaine. It’s connected to the Knockwood and Keirsteadcase case who were caught with 16 kilos of cocaine in the walls of their trailer in Texas. After the Outlaws appearance word is Jeff and Bacchus have ordered in a new supply of depends. Tell me Jeff isn’t related to Leo. That would break my achy breaky heart.

Perhaps the Outlaws will make it out to the South Shore in Nova Scotia and visit what’s left of the Freedom Riders. The Darksiders are still bullying that same senior couple they assaulted at a local Tim Hortens. The husband is dying of cancer and they are still bullying them. They won’t even let them ride their bikes without colours in peace. The Outlaws don’t bully seniors and don’t stop non 1% MCs from wearing patches. Perhaps a free market is a good thing.

One blog reader reports: Accident right by the Bacchus clubhouse just on scanner, ATV accident, male in 40's. ATV? I guess the Bacchus rejects need training wheels. Police used the term Oscar Mike Golf as in OMG and the street the Buttkiss clubhouse is on. Oscar Mayer Wieners if you ask me. Don't look now, they're asking for breath tech... OK now they're using cell phones.

I didn’t realize the Pollett River Run was a run down the river in a boat. I thought it was a motorcycle run. That looks like a really fun event. Be sure to pack out what you pack in. They even have mud flats like Stake Lake here in BC. Stave Lake mud flats are pretty red neck. It’s wild.

Update: We are getting mixed reports on the outlaw versus Outlaws thing. The same thing happened in a report about Kelowna. Local Bacchus are denying the Outlaws came to town and are claiming the police pulled a bunch of them over and referred to them as outlaws not Outlaws. I’m still trying to get a confirmation from someone local who has actually seen them other than heard what was said on the police scanner.

I'm still working on this. Reports still claim the police were running Ontario plates which means they weren't Bacchus.

Bacon shooters in court

All three accused of shooting Jonathon Bacon and Larry Amero in Kelowna were in court last Thursday on April 25th. Lawyers are still waiting for disclosure and the matter has been put off to June 20th. The trail is in Kelowna and the accused made a video appearance from Surrey Pretrial.

Kelly Hayes is reporting on the matter for Global now. Michael Kerry Hunter Jones of Gibsons; Jason Thomas McBride of North Vancouver; and Surrey resident Jujhar Khun-Khun are each facing one count of murder and four counts of attempted murder. The Daily Courier reported that compared to the two men sitting next to him Thursday, Khun-Khun looked tiny. I still say he's taking the fall for another but won't name names. Let the evidence be presented.

False flag attacks

One for the road before we get back to local gang stuff. I’ll tell you why we have to talk about false flag attacks. A) Hitler used them twice to start the second world war and B) Other administrations have used them in our day. Hitler burned the German parliament building and blamed it on terrorists so he could get the powers of a chancellor. Then he burned a German radio station and blamed it on Poland to justify invading Poland. False flag attacks have been used before.

Someone said to me the other day they watched a show about a conspiracy theory regarding 9/11 and they debunked all of it. No they didn’t. I told the person you can’t debunk Operation Northwoods. That document is a historical fact. He didn’t know what Operation Northwoods was. Exactly. You can’t say the 9/11 truth movement is wrong if you’ve never looked into Operation Northwoods. You can just say you don’t care.

Someone said to me they don’t care about what happened 50 years ago. That is foolish and offensive. That’s like saying you don’t care about the Vietnam War or the holocaust because it happened a long time ago. History repeats itself until we learn from it.

We need to talk about Northwoods over and over again. We need to talk about how that insane plan got so far to make sure it never happens again. We need to talk about how that plan wasn’t just proposed it was actually implemented in Europe as Operation Gladio. No dope smoking hippie made that up.

We need to talk about Northwoods because it was implemented during the Six Day war on the USS Liberty. Instead of shouting remember the Maine which most likely was another false flag attack we need to remember the USS Liberty. We need to remember the fact that President Johnston recalled the air support for the USS Liberty when it was under attack because he wanted that vessel sunk. The only thing that saved them was a Russian spy ship that witnessed the fraud. Recalling the air support was a huge betrayal of the public trust.

There are two issues at the heart of 9/11. The history and the science clearly points to the possibility of it being a false flag attack. The science is very simple. Debunkers argue that the traces of thermite found in the 9/11 ruble could be explained by chalk. No it can’t. The 9/11 commission said the third tower collapsed at freefall speed due to heat and fire. No it didn’t. A steel framed tower doesn’t do that from fire. The only way a steel frame tower can collapse at freefall speed is if the load bearing beams are blown out at the same time. You can claim terrorists must have put explosives in the load bearing beams before the attack and I will have to agree. But you can’t say the towers fell at freefall speed from two and no planes hitting them. That doesn’t fit the science. The Shanghai apartment fire in 2010 was much worse yet it did not collapse at all let alone at freefall speed.

Iraq was a huge mess. It was invaded based on a lie. A premeditated lie MI 6 gave to the media under Operation Mass appeal. Another huge concern about Iraq was the two British SAS agents who were caught with a car loaded with guns and explosives dressed as Arabs who instead of stopping for a police checkpoint, murdered the allies before surrendering. Instead of explaining what secret mission they were on, England leveled the jail they were detained in and broke them out without a trial.

We still need to ask ourselves what on earth were they doing with a car load of weapons and explosives dressed as Arabs? We cannot believe they were on a sting operation trying to catch terrorists. As soon as a real terrorist got close to them they would have recognized the disguise. I submit that there is only one logical explanation as to what they were doing. It fits in with the perpetual use of false flag attacks.

Obviously not every act of terrorism is a false flag attack yet many of them are and that is something we need to discuss. Especially if the are going to throw away the Charter of Rights and take away our civil liberties.

7 Alberta jails locked down after walkout

MSN news is reporting that “Seven Alberta correctional facilities are in lockdown mode today after guards walked out across the province overnight. Guards working there say their concerns about safety inside the facility are being ignored by the Alberta government. They're also protesting the suspension of two union members who sources say have objected to the working conditions.”

Privatizing the prisons is NOT he answer. Funding them is. However, the guards concern here seems to be over the design of a new facility where the pods are open. It puts guards face to face with inmates. I’m not sure what that means. It appears that the cells have doors. I’m not keen on the idea of having no privacy sitting on the toilet. Yet getting a new facility is a good thing.

Although I agree we need prisons and we need to spend money on them, I don’t think prisons are the answer. Although I agree someone should get more than house arrest if caught trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels, I don’t think exceptionally long prison sentences are the answer. They’ll just get another mule.

I think we simply need to dispel the misconceptions we have about drug trafficking and stop letting the dealers sell crack in public. Three months in jail with no drugs for a prolific offender who steals to support his addiction is not excessive. Three months in jail with no early release for selling a small quantity of crack on the street is not excessive. It is however, something and it is our moral obligation to do something to curb this insane plague than is overcoming us.

My father was big on prison alternatives. Rehabilitation isn’t the primary issue, public safety is. Yet rehabilitation is an issue. Obviously everyone would rather spend tax dollars on schools and hospitals than prisons. No one really wishes that on anyone. Prison is in essence, a time out for kids who never grew up. There’s one homeless man in Surrey that repeatedly tries to get caught stealing things so he has a place to stay for the night. Housing, training and addiction treatment not perpetuation are constructive things we should spend money on.


Update: After a five day illegal strike the Union representing prison guards in Alberta has struck a deal with the Province and workers will return to work 7:00 AM Wednesday May 1st. Sheriffs and court services had joined in on the strike and that situation still appears to be a complete mess.

Getting rid of the HST has saved taxpayers millions

Local papers report that getting rid of the HST is costing the City of Surrey $4 million. Which really means, the HST was indeed a tax grab and the city was getting an extra $4 million from it. In reality, it has saved the residents of Surrey well over $4 million in extra taxes. Something Godzilla will quickly want to make up to pay for the furniture in her new Ivory Tower. We knew they wouldn’t spend money on HST adds if it was indeed a reduction in tax like they claimed.

Translink funding has become an election issue. BC Conservative leader John Cummins prophetically said: “The problem with TransLink is that the board is unelected and not accountable to anyone. They extort a fee out of us through the hydro levy, the parking tax and tolls for bridges and tunnels. They have their own police force and they're a secret organization and they have no public input.”

“The Liberal government eliminated the board of elected representatives and replaced it with a board with no track record of fiscal management. There are significant inefficiencies in the way TransLink is run and they need to tighten it up.”

“I think we're taxed enough. TransLink is getting sufficient income to move ahead with some of these projects [such as rapid transit for south of the Fraser River and along Vancouver's Broadway Corridor], without additional money.” Ah yes, the sweet sound of truth and logic. Harry Bains, NDP Transportation critic said: “We need to change the governance mode by bringing the locally elected mayors or councillors back to the board so they can use their expertise and knowledge and plan transit along with land-use planning, because transit and land use go hand in hand.”

Wrong, land use is a factor but the over budget mayors council has created the problem. They want to burn money at taxpayers’ expense and raise taxes to justify their new found jurisdiction. Stop duplication and let the mayors mind their own business. Spending their own money not someone else’s and balancing their own budget. Harry Bains is right about the fact that TransLink is always running out of money shows that bad decisions are being made.

Barrack Gold Shareholders

Barrack Gold is in the news. Shareholders just rejected a $17 million executive pay bonus plan by an 85% vote during a restructure cutting half a billion dollars in operational costs. They only made $923 million last quarter instead of $1.1 billion. Barrick said the main reason for the lower profit was lower gold and copper prices and reduced volumes sold during the quarter. Sounds like price fixing to me.

The vote however was symbolic and the board has the final decision. Barrack CEO Jamie Sokalsky said the board would "carefully consider" shareholder perspectives. “Founder” Peter Munk owns less than 1% of the total equity of Barrack, yet controls the board appointments.

The very unhonorable Brian Mulroney is on the Barrack board of directors along with Nathaniel Rothschild. Lyin Brian is chairman of the International Advisory board. George Bush was on that board during the Bre X scandal but has been replaced by John Ellis Bush. Oh Johnny has been involved in a brave bit of fraud as well. Let’s not forget how Stephen Harper used his government to influence a decision in favor of the conflicted company.

The key point to remember here is that Peter Munk isn’t really the founder. He was the partner of the founder. Munk and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi created Barrack gold and Munk was made Chairman of the board. Adnan Khashoggi distanced himself from Barrack gold after his involvement in Iran contra went public yet he remained a shareholder and many other key players are still involved. In essence, Barrack gold was created by an arms dealer tied to Iran contra. Barrack gold is even tied to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

Matt Taibbi on the banks price fixing.

FIPA is the final nail in Liberty’s coffin

We have learned by sad experience that NAFTA chapter 11 is an insane attack on Canadian taxpayers and their liberty. It has nothing to do with free trade. It is a compensation clause where corporations can sue the government in secret tribunals if the government makes any law protecting the environment or public services that would inhibit a corporation’s ability to make a profit.

We have seen a long list of compensation awards that are not only ludicrous, but are burning tax dollars for nothing and creating a huge financial burden on tax payers for ridiculous reasons. One example is SD Myers Inc. That company received $6 million compensation in tax dollars because it wanted to import PCP toxic waste into Canada and the government created a law banning such. Banning their dumping of PCP in Canada inhibited their ability to make a profit and resulted in a compensation award from one of these insane tribunals.

The same concerns arise with TILMA and now with FIPA, the new free trade agreement with China that has nothing to do with free trade. Stephen Harper even had the audacity to put out a commercial attacking Thomas Mulcair for not supporting the secret attack on our sovereignty by saying he doesn’t support investment or free trade. That offensive lie is what drives Harper’s caucus.

Last year Rick Mercer expressed his concern about the way this dirty deal went down. A secret agreement signed with China in Russia. Mercer pointed out that, while the North American Free Trade Agreement requires six month’s notice to withdraw, the Chinese deal requires 15 years. He claimed “This fetish for secrecy has to stop.”

The Council of Canadians has called the deal a “corporate rights pact” because it would lead to lawsuits that would force Canada to weaken its environmental regulations. It called on Canada to follow Australia’s example and stop negotiating these sorts of clauses into trade agreements.

Don Davies submitted a motion against the insane agreement and Gerald Keddy said Davies doesn’t agree with investment. Not so. Elizabeth May, the beacon of light, has also spoken out against the corrupt agreement. Not only does it remove our sovereignty, it is also an assault on the environment. Elizabeth May supported the NDP motion to stop FIPA on Monday. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and the Harper government did not. Thomas Mulcair 3, Justin Trudeau 0. Stephen Harper - go directly to jail.

Giving Communist China control of our oil was absolutely insane. We are now funding China’s military expansion and helping North Korea become technologically capable of following through with it’s threat to nuke America. Giving Communist China control of our sovereignty with a insane agreement that has nothing to do with free trade is the final nail in Liberty’s coffin. I call heaven and earth to record this day that Stephen Harper is more of a Communist than Pierre Trudeau ever was. Word.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So this is how liberty dies

Sadly, Ottawa passed the controversial terror bill allowing preventative arrests and secret hearings. It gives security agencies “exceptional” powers to probe terror plots. Sadly the Vancouver Province headline reads Bill to help prevent terrorism passes. That is not what this is about.

NDP MP Randall Garrison, the party’s public safety critic, said police have conducted successful terror investigations- including Monday’s break-up of an alleged plot to attack a Toronto-bound train - without the special powers obtained in Bill S-7. Indeed.

Sadly Justin Trudeau’s Liberals supported the bill. Clearly Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are no different that Michael Ignatieff’s. It is so sad to see him burn his father’s sacred Charter of Rights. It’s sad to see anyone piss on a free republic.

The bright side is that the Bloc, the NDP and Elizabeth May all voted against it. It was the Harper government and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals that signed this dirty deed. Thomas Muclair 2, Justin Trudeau 0. Stephen Harper, go directly to jail. Ironically, it was vote number 666. I kid you not.

Alexandre Boulerice, a member of the NDP from Quebec said: “Mr. Speaker, I would like to begin my speech, which will end the day, by pointing out the irony of this situation. We can already hear Conservatives outside the House accusing the NDP of being soft, of not believing that safety is an important issue and of being soft on crime. It is the same old tune. However, this is their bill.”

“Although we might be hearing them outside the House, we are not hearing them much in here. They are not here; they are not talking today. The NDP members are the only ones standing up to say that they care about the safety of Canadians and the Canadian value of respecting rights and freedoms. As the official opposition, we take this issue much more seriously than the Liberals do. They will stand with the Conservatives and vote in favour of a bill that will undermine our civil liberties. We find that particularly disconcerting.”

Here here! Can I have a Je me souviens mon frère? Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Carol Hughes, a member of the NDP from Ontario said: Mr. Speaker, once again, we have to ask ourselves questions when such a bill is presented. As I said, it is surprising that the Liberals are supporting a bill that will really have a negative impact on the rights of Canadians and their Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

When there is a demonstration, in Quebec or elsewhere, they will obviously use such legislation if they do not agree with the demonstration. We therefore have to ask ourselves the following questions: is the legislation necessary? Are current laws sufficient to deal with the problem of terrorism? Does the legislation violate fundamental rights? We quite simply do not believe that Bill S-7 meets these criteria. I think it is obvious that there is no difference between the Conservatives and the Liberals with respect to the protection of our rights: they disagree.

Thank you sister. Thank you for recording your dissent.

Alexandre Boulerice also said: “Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate my colleague from Halifax on her speech. I would like her to comment on the flip-flop by the Liberal Party of Canada. The Liberal Party is the party that most often wraps itself in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which it says is so important in the history of Canada, and we agree with it on that point."

"Why today will the Liberal Party, the party of the Charter Rights and Freedoms, be going against all the country's rights and freedoms advocacy organizations, which tell us that Bill S-7 is a threat to our civil liberties? Why is it joining forces with the Conservative Party, when we know very well that there is a real chance this bill is unconstitutional and violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Even the former director of CSIS said that the measures in this bill were neither appropriate nor necessary."

Je vous remercie du fond de mon cœur.

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party said: "I stand with him in finding, despite my concerns about terrorism, that this current law, Bill S-7, goes too far, and that the existing tools and law in the Criminal Code are more than adequate. I stand with the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Association of University Teachers, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, the international civil liberties organizations, as well as with the concerns expressed at committee by the Canadian Bar Association, in believing that the bill potentially violates our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and will therefore be struck down later."

God bless Elizabeth May.

In the Star Wars saga, Senator Palpatine used a false flag attack to gain sympathy in the senate so he could become Chancellor. Once he got those powers he used a manufactured emergency to do away with the free republic with the stroke of a pen and created a galactic empire.

In response Padmé said “So this is how liberty dies, to the roar of thunderous applause.” This is exactly what has happened here today. This is a sad day for all of us. Let us have a moment of silence for the death of the Canadian Charter of Rights and the death of our Liberty. Once liberty is lost, there’s only one thing that will bring it back.

Prince George Lockdown

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a Boston-style police lockdown closed a Prince George neighbourhood yesterday, trapping residents inside their homes while RCMP pursued a suspect considered "armed and dangerous." Police said it was done for public safety reasons.

“Several residences were evacuated, the area was blocked off and residents were prevented from returning to their properties. Those already inside were asked to stay there. Deanna Holman, trapped inside the cordoned-off area, had a bird's-eye view from the house she was visiting. She saw camouflaged officers in ‘battle gear’ and green-painted faces lying hidden under trees. ‘Police were all over the place,’ she said.”

That is insane. Prince George is a pretty small town. Overkill is an understatement. The suspect faces charges of uttering threats, pointing a firearm and possession of a prohibited weapon, all as a result of an incident on April 3. Lockdown for that? Fatigues and face paint? These guys have completely lost it. They brought in SWAT and or the military three weeks later and all of a sudden it’s an urgent matter of public safety? I think not.

I remember what it was like living in a neigbourhood in West Belfast where the army regularly patrolled. I remember on one occasion a very young girl was outside her home in the early evening talking to a few friends. An army patrol saunters by and this little girl wearing bunny slippers walks up to one of the soldiers grabs a hold of his weapon sideways, looks him in the eye and says wash your face. He too was wearing face paint.

Prince George is not West Belfast. The Vancouver Province also reported that civil libertarians said personal rights issues were raised. No kidding. A few months ago I was driving home after picking my daughter up from work late at night. There were abandoned police cars at the intersection beside where I live which looked like they were warning people of black ice so I slowly drove around and proceeded home.

Several police officers ran up to my car in a complete panic slammed on my hood and started ordering me around. I responded by shouting out this is Canada not Russia. We have the Charter of Rights. One guy in particular was in a complete panic. I was furious. I told them I live here. Finally a female officer who had some composure said there is a police incident and asked me to wait around the corner which I did. They arrest the guy and left, then the female officer said I may proceed home.

Turns out it was just two guys who got in an argument and someone mentioned the gun word. We saw the guy getting cuffed. I thought to myself, I know that guy. Let me talk to him. These police officers running around in a complete panic is embarrassing. It’s very unprofessional. The police are supposed to serve and protect. I think many of them forget that. Part of it is pride, power and ego but part of it is just total fear of dealing with a gun call. If that’s the case, somebody needs a career change. Running around like terrified Gestapo ordering people around just isn’t acceptable.

Surrey Shooting

Another shooting in Surrey last night at 7:00 PM. This time in a Whiterock strip mall. For those of you who aren’t local, Whiterock is in Surrey but it is it’s own community near the beach. People in Whiterock jokingly say living in Whiterock means you never have to say you’re from Surrey.

1130 News is reporting that the 28 year old victim was Craig Widdifield and died on the scene next to a white Mercedes SUV. Police say the shooting was gang related. Fighting over the drug profits we enable by handing our free crack pipes and letting dealers sell crack in public. Isn’t it time we consider the source of all these horrible drugs?

Widdifield was well-known to police but not known to the public. That is another ongoing problem.

Update: Kim Bolan is reporting that the police are finally ready to release names of Gang members to protect public safety. We have been waiting for them to do this for a long time. Since Eileen Mohan made the request years ago. Abbotsford PD said they were going to a long time ago but never did. Perhaps finally this time they will. Every time we hear a shooting victim was known to the police but not known to the public it continues to put public safety at risk.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Iran Contra 101

Since Iran contra keeps coming up and since it’s the basis of the Gary Webb story, I think it’ll be helpful if we very briefly clarify just what Iran contra is for everyone who just tuned in. We all remember Oliver North being on trial for something. The official story was that the CIA was selling Iran arms to get them to release the American hostages but that’s not what it was really about.

It was about selling Iran arms to raise money to fund the contra rebels in Nicaragua. That is what it was about. It had nothing to do with freeing hostages. Unfortunately, that’s not all they did to raise money for the contras. The Gary Webb story confirms they traded arms for cocaine and were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the 1980’s. Brian Mulroney was tied to Iran contra through Trans World Armaments in Quebec and Richard Secord.

Al Martin spelled it out in his book The Conspirators how they also used straight up investment fraud to raise money for Ian contra. I confirmed this in a interview with someone back east who told me exactly how Earl Brian embezzled $50 million for the CIA from Nesbitt Thompson’s clients and went to jail for fraud. Ari Ben-Menashe claims he met Brian several times in Iran contra and that Brian accompanied Robert C. “Bud” McFarlane to Tehran in late February 1980.

The sad / funny thing is, in Wikipedia they rewrote the October Surprise. Earl Brian along with George Bush Sr. and William Casey from the CIA met with Iranians in Paris and bribed them to keep the hostages until after the election so Reagan could get elected. Wikipedia now claims they bribed them to release the hostages. That is not what the October Surprise was. They bribed them to keep the hostages until after the election. That is what the October Surprise was.

So Iran contra was a huge arms dealing drug trafficking organization Oliver North and the CIA were in charge of. Funny thing is, after Iran contra, Oliver North becomes a Fox TV news host and is spewing CIA propaganda on the air. This guy was an arms dealing drug trafficker. Now he’s a Fox TV News host giving us everything the CIA want us to know or at least want us to believe. Just like how Anderson Cooper worked two summers as an intern for the CIA is now a journalist for CNN. Big brother is clearly controlling the media we watch. Back in the day that was called propaganda. Operation Mockingbird is alive and well.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Head of CSIS takes over National Defence

Well this is going from bad to worse. Don’t get me wrong. Fonberg was a traitor but at least he didn’t wear ladies underwear. My concern is putting someone from CSIS in charge of National Defence. It’s hard to take CSIS seriously at first. It wasn’t until 2004 that they finally got rid of their buck tooth beaver in a trench coat logo. I kid you not.

However, today’s article in the Vancouver Province is reporting that Deborah Grey will sit as a member of the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), which oversees CSIS. Well that’s somewhat ironic. We remember that tall tale. Arthur Porter was the chair of that committee.

November 2001 Arthur Porter stepped down as Canada's spy watchdog. April 2013 a warrant was issued for his arrest. April 2012 The Harper government tried to do away with the office that oversees CSIS. A move critics said opens the door to abuses of power by CSIS. The abuse of power, imagine that. They do say power corrupts.

Let’s roll back the reel here. Arthur Porter resigned as Canada's spy watchdog after his financial involvement with a controversial lobbyist named Ari Ben-Menashe based in Montreal came to light.

Ben-Menashe was a former “Israeli government employee”. He was arrested in the United States in 1989 by the FBI and charged with illegally attempting to sell three military transport airplanes to Iran. He went to trial and was acquitted in 1990; a jury believed his account, that he had simply acted on orders from his government in Israel to attempt the aircraft sale. He claimed it was part of Iran contra when the CIA was selling Iran arms not to release hostages but to fund the contra rebels in Nicaragua.

Ben-Menashe wrote a book called Profits of War: Inside the Secret U.S.- Israeli Arms Network. It talks about his involvement in Iran contra. Ben-Menashe is an Iranian-born Israeli businessman who worked for Israeli and US intelligence during Iran contra. Interesting indeed. So here he’s still doing questionable financial transactions with the head of the committee that oversees CSIS who along with SNC-Lavalin senior executives is arrested for fraud. Insert I told ya so here. Let’s not forget that Gwyn Morgan got SNC-Lavalin the contract to build the Evergreen Skytrain line in Vancouver.

So here we have the watchdog of CSIS charged with fraud who was doing business with a professed arms dealer from Iran contra. Does it get any dirtier than that? This is why I keep saying CSIS has a zero security clearance. Everything they know goes directly to the CIA’s drug trafficking network.

So now we’re gonna put someone up to his eyeballs in CIA drug trafficking in charge of National Defence. What’s he gonna do, oversea the military’s involvement with the opium production in Afghanistan? I just have to shake my head and walk away. These are the people that want to be able to spy on citizens without a warrant and arrest people without a charge. Buyer Beware. Military Intelligence has sure changed since a Man called Intreprid.

Monday, April 22, 2013

False Flag comes to Canada

Sorry but this latest news report is absolutely ridiculous. MSN news is reporting “Canadian police say they have arrested two men and thwarted a plot to carry out a major terrorist attack on a Via passenger train in the Greater Toronto Area.” Bullsh*t. It’s like a bunch of kids who start telling a lie then get more and more absurd to try and get people to believe their lie.

This Canadian false flag arrest comes just as Parliament debates a bill that gives police the right to arrest people without a charge. Another Violation of the Charter of Rights I mentioned in my Ebook.

The investigation was part of a cross-border operation involving Canadian law enforcement agencies, (including CSIS) the FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. There ya go. US bullsh*t crossing the border. Operation Northwoods was real. We need to discuss that. The Joint Chiefs of Staff who approved Operation Northwoods went to Europe and implemented the same plan in Operation Gladio. They didn’t just talk about it, they actually did it.

Today’s’ case reminds us of the Toronto 18. No kidding. That was another ridiculous scam of entrapment. At least Canada hasn’t killed innocent civilians yet. They just make up these ridiculous stories the US Homeland security feed them under the watchful eye of the CIA. Who as we know have a long history of drug trafficking.

Vic Toews is the one that said if we don’t support his crime bill we support pedophiles. Then when the media pointed out his crime bill gave the police the authority to put people under surveillance who have not been accused of committing a crime he said he was surprised to find that out. Exactly. He didn’t even read the bill. This is why we need to examine 9/11. If we let them get away with that, there’s no end to the insanity they will keep pulling.

The RCMP send out a press release and the media run with it. What about Richard Barszczewski? He was that high ranking RCMP officer that pulled the plug on pressing charges against the Hells Angels when 2 and 1/2 tons of cocaine were seized in the Western Wind. Julian Sher reported “It would have been a success if not for Richard Barszczewski, says one Canadian police officer, noting it was Barszczewski who pulled the plug not once but twice on the operation.”

Oh yeah, he’s in Whiterock and won the lottery. Says he wants a summer cottage in Halifax with his buddies. Come to think of it, David Giles was the one implicated in that cocaine shipment. He’s from Halifax. Skelletor was in court today to fix a date part of E-Predicate. The Hobo clown still hasn't made bail.

Richard Barszczewski was named in yet another RCMP sexual harassment case. Money talks and the bullsh*t never stops. What about Michael Riconosciuto? Keeping an unlawful secret is unlawful. A Noble Lie The Oklahoma City Bombing

Bo Grits Oklahoma City Bombing

Sadly, Justine Trudeau’s Liberals are actually supporting the bill in defiance of his father’s charter. The NDP are the only ones expressing a concern about the timing of the bill. They still might support it but they are expressing a concern about the timing. Why is it that the socialists in Canada are the only ones concerned about human rights and protecting the charter when the capitalists are not? I guess that’s another misconception. Thomas Mulcair one, Justin Trudeau zero. Stephen Harper – go directly to jail.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Misconceptions: A Free Ebook by Gangsters Out

Several people have asked me about writing a book. I’ve been hesitant because I never indented to make money off this web site or blog. It is strictly volunteer because it is a cause I sincerely believe in. Yet making a free ebook would solve that problem so here it is.

It’s not a novel. It’s more like a booklet or a paper but it is longer than a blog post and it is completely free. To appease the masses it starts off about the Hells Angels. Yet it does get into political corruption and corruption on Wall Street. It even mentions 9/11 so if you have any fears or paranoia about conspiracy theories please don’t read it. It’ll make you go blind. Either that or it will open your eyes for once.

Here's the link. You can download it for free. It’s in pdf so I think every system can read it including my daughters tablet. It’s not much but it’s something that matters to me if no one else. Cheers.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vandu feeds the gang war by drug promotion

The other day the Vancouver Province reported that Vandu, the Vancouver Drug Users Association, was receiving special treatment from City Hall and skipped the requirement to get a building permit. Let me be clear. Vandu has absolutely nothing do do with harm reduction. Their mandate is to promote drug abuse and feed the gang war by creating more addicts.

There is no way they should be exempt from building codes and there is no way they should be getting tax dollars to operate. In February the Vancouver Courier reported that VANDU gets $250,000 from the province and $20,000 from the city hall. The Vancouver Province reported that the month after the Vancouver Courier article Vancouver City Hall gave Vandu another $10,000 to make that $30,000 for the year. Tax dollars.

So once again we see elected officials spending tax dollars on the promotion of drug addiction and the abandonment of the four pillars program. That is the problem. We can talk about the gang war all we want. We can talk about helping stop the violence in the gang wear all we want. As long as we are spending tax dollars on the promotion of drug addiction in the name of harm reduction all those conversations are in vain because we are supporting the gang war with tax dollars.

Harm reduction has failed and it has absolutely nothing to do with the promotion of heath. It does the opposite. It uses tax dollars to help people poison themselves and commit suicide. Harm reduction didn’t save Ashley Machiskinic. Buying addicts free drugs with tax dollars is not the answer either. We might as well cut a cheque directly to the Hells Angels. Oh but wait City Hall already did that.

City Hall bought the Drake hotel from the Hells Angels for social housing and gave them $2 million more than it was worth. How does that relate to Mayor Gregor Robertson's foster son's firearm and cocaine charges? Who was he selling cocaine for? You ask why I write about the Hells Angels control of the drug trade? You ask why I write about corruption in politics? This is why. They are using tax dollars to support gang related violence and organized crime.

Operation Mockingbird

There are two things we need to look at. The recent news of a senor RCMP officer stealing cocaine from an evidence locker doesn’t surprise us. It’s not hard for us to conceive of a corrupt police officer or a corrupt politician. Why then is it so hard to conceive of a corrupt secret service agent? The clowns caught stiffing a prostitute in Columbia were anything but professional.

All this brings us back to Michael Riconosciuto. The RCMP did an investigation of that case and the frustrated investigating officers’ conclusion was that they weren’t allowed to tell the public what they found. It was classified. I can tell you this, if Michael Riconosciuto was guilty and the allegations he made about the CIA were false, the RCMP wouldn’t hesitate saying so. That information wouldn’t be classified as it would support the official version. The only thing that would be classified is if Michael was telling the truth. Yet keeping an unlawful secret is unlawful.

The other thing we need to look at is the agency’s control of the media. Operation Northwoods isn’t all Allan Dulles was famous for. He was also involved with Operation Mockingbird. This was a CIA campaign to influence the media in the /50’s and continues to this day. It involved recruiting leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA's views. Following the shell company model, Operation Mockingbird was a maze of CIA front magazines and cultural groups. They ran leftist papers and attempted to infiltrate leftist organizations.

Which of course brings us to the Obama deception. After graduating from Columbia University, Obama worked for a CIA front company called Business International Corporation (BIC). BIC was a CIA front company that used journalists as non-official cover (NOC) agents around the world. This is crossing the line. Using a journalist as a CIA assets puts all journalists’ safety at risk. It also undermines the credibility of the freedom of the press. It is frighteningly familiar to big brothers control of the media.

We know MI6 were caught red handed giving false information about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction to the media. It was called Operation Mass Appeal. They knowingly gave the media false information to justify an invasion. That means they didn’t just make a mistake. They intentionally sent the media false information to justify the invasion of a sovereign state.

We know someone sent the press release about the third tower falling too soon. BBC reported it falling before it fell. After a huge public outcry BBC said just because they reported the third tower falling before it fell doesn’t mean they were in on the conspiracy. It just meant they made a mistake. Saying something happened when it didn’t happen, that’s a mistake. Reporting a bank robbery before it happened isn’t a mistake, it’s a security breach.

More recently, Anderson Cooper of CNN has been accused of working for the CIA. During college, Cooper spent two summers as an intern at the Central Intelligence Agency. Many find Anderson Cooper’s use of a green screen in the Sandy Hook funeral interview questionable. Weathermen use green screens to show the weather. Movies use green screens to add special effects. In some ways many of our modern news reports seem like a fictional movie made by big brother.

Jesse Ventura brought up a good point. When he was elected Governor of Minnesota he was interrogated by the CIA. They wanted to know how he pulled off the election. Then he had a question for them. The CIA doesn’t have jurisdiction in the United States. That’s the FBI. What are they doing asking him questions on American soil? Indeed. What are they doing controlling the American media as well? That would overstep their mandate.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Merrit RCMP Chief pleads guilty to stealing cocaine

Stuart Seib, the former RCMP commander in Merrit, BC pleaded guilty to stealing and using cocaine from an evidence locker. This is an old story but he recently pleaded guilty in February. His sentencing was supposed to be April 9th in Kelowna but I haven’t seen any news of what happened yet.

As I recall, the disturbing part of this case was that he was caught because he told a subordinate about it. That would imply he thought the subordinate would have been OK with it which he was thankfully not. That leads us to ask how many other subordinates knew about what he was doing and were OK with it. One of the places he previously served in was Prince George.

Boston bombing suspect killed

After releasing more photos of two possible suspects in the Boston bombing the media announced the suspects were on the run and that a Boston suburb was in lockdown. Now after a fire fight we hear one suspect has been killed and one is on the loose. How convenient. Murder without trial in another suspicious attack. They're sure fast in sending press releases out. At least they didn't send that one out before the actual bombing this time. Here’s another view of the suspects.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. I'll get on my knees and pray we don't get fooled again. At least someone of us won’t. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Unfortunately, you can fool some of the people until the end of time.

The suspects Aunt was skeptical and said the picture looked staged. When asked who staged the picture, she told reporters that the tactic of blaming someone else for a tragedy that serves your own purposes reminds her of when she lived in the Soviet Union and had to be constantly wary as an oppressed minority. Imagine that. Just like the Soviet Union where people didn’t have a right to a fair trial.

I’m a lawyer back home. Give me evidence. I participated in court sessions, where I had to prove the guilt of others,” said Maret Tsarnaev from outside her Etobicoke apartment. “Do the same here, show me evidence, give me more than a photo. But to be convinced that my nephews committed to these atrocities, convince me. Then come back and get my reaction and ask me how I feel.”

Excellent point. Oh but wait, he can’t have a fair trial and we can’t see any evidence because they just murdered him without a trial. Again. Alex Jones supports the false flag theory. He spotted a couple of contractors from Craft International, more Blackwater mercenaries operating under a different name at the Boston Marathon. They had backpacks too.

Chechnya is one of the places that Russia has been accused of using false flag attacks themselves. In 1999, the Russian KGB allegedly conducted a wave of bombings in Russia in order to justify war against Chechnya and put Vladimir Putin into power. This was apparently a false flag attack wrongfully blamed on Chechen terrorists.

September 22, 1999, locals in the regional town of Ryazan saw three men emerging from the cellars of a block of flats who later turned out to be FSB officers. When local police checked the cellars they found sacks of high explosive wired up to a detonator. The FSB later attempted to explain away the incident by claiming that the entire operation was a training exercise.

A Noble Lie The Oklahoma City Bombing

Bo Grits Oklahoma City Bombing

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Godzilla says No Referendum

Locally, here on the western front, Godzilla says we don’t need a referendum on how to raise funding for translink. No big surprise there. Christy Clark announced Monday that any potential revenue sources suggested by the mayors, such as tolls on all roads and bridges, would be subject to a referendum during the municipal elections in November 2014. The move, she said, would allow people to have the chance to decide how much transit they want to pay for.

Three cheers. Christy said something that made perfect sense and she doesn’t have to wait for Godzilla’s approval to put the question on the ballot. Just don’t load the referendum question by saying something dumb like How should we get funding for translink: raise property tax, create a regional sales tax or toll every bridge and freeway under the sun. How about none of the above.

The spoilt brat mayors council needs to stop spending money they don’t have and building new lines to Timbuktu. Translink should be self sufficient. They already get an extra billion dollars a year in extra regional gas taxes. That means something is wrong and needs to be fixed before we pour more money into it. We need to put in turnstiles that actually work and stop giving a million free rides a year. We also need to stop building more lines until the system starts to turn a profit. No private business keeps spending money it doesn’t have.

Godzilla doesn’t want a referendum because she knows a real referendum won’t say the same thing her bogus online poll did that claimed the people want her to raises taxes and toll everything.

Speaking of the corrupt mayor’s council and Translink, if the World Bank has just banned SNCL from World Bank projects for the next 10 years, who gave SNCL the contract for the new Evergreen line we don’t need? Even Pee Wee Herman jumped ship. Doesn't he advise Christy Clark and Stephen Harper?

Sarkozy and the Karachi affair

I’ve talked about Nicolas Sarkozy: le chien sale before. How one minute he was trying to convince the world we should trust Gadaffi with nuclear weapons because he wanted to sell him a nuclear reactor and the next minute he was leading the invasion into Libya after Gadaffi decided to buy a reactor from somewhere else.

We even talked about the campaign contributions Gadaffi gave Sarkozy when he was trying to sell Libya French reactors. His latest scandal is being accused of taking advantage of a rich elderly woman in France who has dementia and sucking campaign contributions out of her. Like that comes as any big surprise.

However, since the topic of Pakistan has come up, we really need to talk about his involvement in the Karachi affair. That scandal dates back to 1994 when Sarkozy was budget minister in a government led by his ally and mentor, Prime Minister Édouard Balladur. The Balladur government sealed a deal to sell three Agosta 90 submarines to Pakistan for an estimated $950m. To secure the contract large bribes were allegedly paid to Pakistani politicians and military, as well as commissions to middlemen.

The key issue is whether around €2m of illegal kickbacks from the sale were secretly funneled back to France to fund Balladur's unsuccessful 1995 presidential campaign. As budget minister, Sarkozy would have authorized the financial elements of the submarine sale. At the time he was also treasurer and spokesman for Balladur's campaign.

The initial claim was that France was supposed to pay kickbacks and commissions to Pakistan for the submarines but failed to do so. As a result, “terrorists” bombed French engineers. The pivotal point is that Sarkozy set up a shell company so some of the kickbacks would be funneled back to him. He had his best man carry the cash. So he is the one that would be upset the kickbacks didn’t happen. I’m not saying he bombed the French engineers and blamed it on terrorists but I am saying he had a motive to do so and that is the root of the allegations.

Now, when we look at a dirty scoundrel like Sarkozy, we recognize he is what he is. However, that doesn’t mean we have to go from one extreme to the other. In France Sarkozy represents the Right. As a result of all his many scandals, he was just defeated by the socialist party. Just because one guy is bad, doesn’t mean we have to go from one extreme to the other. Take Cuba.

The Americans supported the Batista government in Cuba. They were bad. They were corrupt and tied to organized crime. This is where the CIA screw up with their insane idea that the end justifies the means. We’ll team up with the Mafia to fight communism. Ah, let’s not. Let’s not support the mafia because one is no better than the other.

Kennedy vetoed Operation Northwoods but he approved Operation Mongoose. In that operation the CIA teamed up with the Mafia in Cuba. September 1960, Allen W. Dulles, the director of the CIA, initiated talks with two leading figures of the Mafia, Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana. Later, other crime bosses such as Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante and Meyer Lansky became involved in this plot against Castro. Bad decision. Allen W. Dulles also supported Operation Northwoods.

It’s like here in Canada. The mayor of Toronto is an abusive drunk. He cries and claims people oppose him because he’s right wing. No, people oppose him because he’s an abusive drunk. Why people like Stephen Harper cozy up to a clown like that is hard to comprehend. The Right needs to make better choices. It’s as though they are trying to push people to the left with all the idiots they choose to represent them.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

I think we are all in shock over the news of two bombs going off at the Boston Marathon yesterday. The Boston Marathon is a world famous nonviolent event. How anyone could mar that with such and act of random violence is very difficult to comprehend. Just as difficult to understand as someone walking into a school or a movie theater and shooting innocent civilians. Incomprehensible.

Acts of terror, as revolting as they may be, supply us with a motive. Someone is angry about some foreign policy and takes out revenge on innocent civilians. Yet the timing of this horrible event is baffling. There is no current aggressive military action. The US have pulled out of Iraq, things are winding down in Afghanistan. Any enemy of the United States knows very well that any kind of terrorist attack on innocent civilians on American soil would outrage the world and result is a swift retaliation. Everyone knows that. So why do it?

I know I’m not the only one thinking it and as treasonous as it may sound, the real treason is to bury our head in the sand and refuse to consider all options. Including the possibility that our greatest enemy currently in the one from within.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Although many conspiracy theories abound over who did it and why, the fact remains that he was indeed assassinated. He was assassinated after he vetoed Operation Northwoods and fired the Director of the CIA, Alan Dulles. Operation Northwoods was a historical fact.

I know many will start to scream in a hysteric frenzy at this point. Let them scream. No one can deny the existence of Operation Northwoods and our failure to examine that text today is treason. The plan, as submitted by the Director of the CIA and signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was a plan to kill American civilians on American soil and blame it on Cuba to gain public support to invade Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis.

This text needs to be discussed and examined because the fact that plan got as far as it did is astounding. What if Kennedy didn’t veto it? They would have implemented that obscene plan. We need to think about that. We need to talk about that. We need to remember that. It is of huge significance.

Four years after Kennedy’s assassination, the USS Liberty was “mistakenly” attacked and President Johnston recalled the air support. That is something we need to think about. That is something we need to discuss. That is something we need to remember. That too has a huge significance in understanding this enemy from within.

The Gary Webb story is real. The drug trafficking the Agency did out of Mena Arkansas though Barry Seal and Chip Tatum was repeated in Operation Fast and Furious. As heart wrenching as the thought is, it’s something we have to face. If the Agency is capable of trafficking drugs, what else is it capable of? If they planned to kill innocent civilians to gain public support for a military action once, could they ever conceivably consider it again?

Michael Moore was astounded that the senators that voted on the Patriot Act hadn’t even read it. One Senator explained to him that they don’t read most of the bills they vote on. Yet the National Defense Authorization Act that was passed under Obama’s watch is even worse. It gave the military power to set up checkpoints and search civilians at will and arrest them with out charge, trial or legal representation as long as they deemed the person to be a domestic terrorist. At the same time England classified everyone in the occupy movement as a domestic terrorist. This act of treason is a violation of the US Constitution and the Bill of rights.

That’s the point. The Constitution now hangs by a thread. The greatest enemy there is at this time who is eroding and violating the US Constitution is this enemy from within. The Karachi affair.

The FBI have released photos of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. How on earth is a kitchen pressure cooker packed with explosives and nails going to fit in either of these two bags?

Obama fooled us. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo bay. The US troops are protecting opium fields in Afghanistan. Operation Fast and Furious happened under his watch. Guess who paid for Obama’s education? After graduating from Columbia University, Obama worked for a CIA front company called Business International Corporation (BIC). Sibel Edmons sums it up well in her boiling frogs blog.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brittney Irving - April 6th 2010

One of Brittney Irving’s friends wrote in and asked me to write about her case since it was the three year anniversary of her murder. This case concerns me. Along with the murder of Geoff Meisner and Dain Philips it was the focus of the Kelowna Summer Jam last year.

It’s yet another heart wrenching tale of a beautiful young woman cut down in her prime. Someone who was addicted to oxy and excited about going into treatment once and for all. Joey Verma, originally from the Independent Soldiers and associated with the Kingpin Crew was charged in her murder. The voir dire is set for June 2013 and the trial is set for September 2013. Finally.

Just prior to her murder, Brittney was arrested after RCMP raided a grow-op at her home. She was selling pot to pay for her oxy addiction. She had decided to go into treatment and was on one last drug deal at the Days Inn hotel. She was last seen by a family member at the Days Inn but left to visit someone about the drug deal in Rutland. We know another tragedy occurred in Rutland. The murder of Dain Philips. Robert Thomas and Norm Cocks have been charged in that murder.

The night before Brittney disappeared one of her friends claim when referring to this last drug deal: "She said, 'I'm going to meet someone that is a real bad person, and I'm scared of doing what I'm going to do. But this is the last time, don't convince me not to.”

If Britney was running a grow op in her home, it was for the Hells Angles. If she wanted to get out of the business she would have had to meet with someone further up the food chain. Leaving the business isn’t something these predators take kindly too. Making up a false report about her being an informant would be a common excuse to kill her. They made the same false report up about Geoff Meisner when they found someone else to do his Vegas run for less money.

If Joey has been charged in her murder, no doubt he could have been involved. Yet this whole theory of him ripping her off and killing her as a drug rip is a bit far fetched. As I said before, if he was acting on his own and ripped her off, he would have left town because he would have been ripping off the Hells Angels. Yet he didn’t. He stayed in town doing business as usual. In fact he even got a VP tattoo for Vice President and was reported to be recruiting for the Kingpin Crew in prison as though it was a sanctioned hit.

So we can use Joey as a scape goat for the murder but the bottom line is that someone further up the food chain had to have called the hit. Richard Goldhammer is the one who was overseeing the Kingpin Crew on behalf of the Hells Angels. At least he was when Geoff Meisner was murdered. Somehow I think these two cases are connected.

The press got a hold of Tammy’s court application to try and get Geoff deemed legally dead so she could sell some assets to feed her kids. In that report she admitted that Geoff was affiliated with the Kingpin Crew and the Hells Angels. That would implicate Dale and Dick. Seeing how Dale was just a low life puppet. Oh I mean low level. My bad. Sounds like things aren’t going too well for him and his crew right now. In fact it would implicate all of the Kelowna Hells Angels. Just like in Quebec where they are all being tried for murder because they contributed part of their drug profits to a fund to murder rival drug dealers.

Brittney’s Ford Explorer was found parked in a pullout on Philpott Road near Highway 33 in Joe Rich. That’s on the way to Big White. I drove past there last month. It’s beautiful out there. Lots of nice scenery Brittney would have enjoyed taking pictures of. Brittney worked as a care aid and would often go in to work on her days off. "Not because she got paid to do it, but rather because she enjoyed the people she worked with." May she rest in peace.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

David Bishop sentenced for drug trafficking in Halifax prison

David Bishop was just sentenced to two and a half years for drug trafficking in Halifax prison. Bishop wore Bacchus clothing to his meetings with a police agent he sold drugs to. During their conversations, he talked about having two jail guards working for him and said he had lost $17,000 when Malcolm Beaton was arrested.

Malcolm Beaton, a former corrections officer, was arrested last October and faces charges of breach of trust, possession of hydromorphone and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in the drugs. It’s the third time in just over three years that a member of the justice system has been charged with trying to sneak drugs into the jail. A lawyer was arrested in July 2009 and a sheriff’s deputy was nabbed in October 2009.

No word on Bacchus getting their butts kicked at the Hells Angels party with the Gate Keepers. Perhaps it’s just another name change since Bacchus has criminal organization charges in the works. That way if the police seize Bacchus clubhouses the Hells Angels can still run Gate Keeper clubhouses. Until they get caught committing criminal acts for the Hells Angels as well.