Saturday, April 13, 2013

Surrey Council re votes Gateway Casino bid

Can’t say we didn’t see the writing on the wall. After Surrey Council choked at the public opposition to the Gateway Casino’s organized crime metropolis they decided to revote it and the dirty politicians approved it for Newton. This after slimeball Barinder gag Rasode bragged about how the Sikh community opposed the Casino and influenced council to vote it down despite the fact that she voted in favor of it.

This is just the perpetuation of dirty politics. Surrey First accepted campaign contributions from Gateway Casinos. Gateway casinos went through a huge debt restructuring because they lost $1.5 billion. No explanation whatsoever as to where that money went. This whole proposal is a clear example of organized crime in politics.


  1. Why are Surrey's Schools so over-crowded...?

    "Surrey parents plan “day of action” to protest school overcrowding."

    "Earl Marriott Secondary was forced to adopt an extended schedule 2 years ago to alleviate the severe overcrowding, but this doesn’t solve all of the problems brought about when a school is over capacity by 500 students,” the school’s parent advisory council (PAC) says in an email."

    “Overcrowded hallways, insufficient locker space, reduced lab time for classes, and difficulties in scheduling club & sports schedules are just a few of the challenges faced every day.”

    "Surrey has more than 7,000 students in 265 portables, the email says." (VSun)

    That's a huge portable number; I tried to study in them & they are no good for anything but kindergarten. You can't heat nor cool them properly. Kids just know this type of classroom is not right.

  2. thats kinda criminal tactic isnt it ?

  3. What voting it down when the public was there then slipping it through later on in quiet? They did the exact same thing in Langley. We have to remember Watts supported it all the way and choked at the last minute when all those people showed up to oppose it. Then she was caught lying in the Surrey Leader claiming she didn’t support it before and the Leader had to print a retraction saying she did. Now they approve it again which is what they intended and why they accepted the $24,500 campaign contribution from Gateway in the first place.

  4. WOW big surprise. So the solution in my mind is surrey gathers when the casino is finished and burn it to the fucking ground. Then go and burn down city hall and then the politicians homes. That would be a great day indeed


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