Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bastards of the Apocalypse

Well, there’s a new version of the trailer park boys in Valley Mills, Texas. They’re in the Misty Valley Mobile Home Park and they call themselves, the Bastards of the Apocalypse motorcycle club. Trailer park boys selling crystal meth in the southern States. Go figure.


  1. "Trailer park boys..."

    Yes, I've seen the very funny comedy show.

    But I wish people would not continually stigmatize folks who choose to buy a mobile home. It's a prejudice for no reason, in Canada at least.

    Do you know how nice modern homes like this are? They now have real roof trusses. Proper construction methods. Fully insulated. Some have whirlpools, and every comfort you'd find in any home. They're real nice, and can easily cost over one hundred thousand.

    They make sense often for younger, or single foresters, or loggers, or miners; we may have to move/re-assigned.

  2. Land is outrageously expense. There is absolutely nothing wring with living in a mobile home. I was just saying that these hillbillies that are terrorizing the trailer park are what people refer to as trailer trash. Their name admits it.

  3. "Decoded BlackBerry messages show Quebec playboy accused of pot smuggling has $2M ‘assassination fund’: prosecutors."

    "A Quebec man accused of supplying potent Canadian marijuana to much of the U.S. eastern seaboard set aside $2-million to finance the murder of anyone who rats on him, New York prosecutors allege."

    "Further, Jimmy Cournoyer, 33, of Laval, built his $1-billion drug empire by “gaining control over ports and customs checkpoints through a combination of covert operations and outright political corruption” and abusing “sovereign tribal lands” on First Nations’ reserves “that are almost impossible to police,” prosecutors claim." (NatPost)


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